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In this episode, Tai arrives in the real world, which has a higher animation budget, better shading and a creepy little sister that knows way too much. The creepy jump cut from Kari playing with Koromon to Tai feeling Kari's head felt like a fever dream in its own right. Feel free to send questions anytime you would like, but please check to see what other services are available at the moment before you request them.
Alf is reeling after Martha's announcement that she has signed the farm over to him and she's leaving the Bay, with or without Hugo. As anyone who's seen the show knows, it really is a completely different anime from here on out.
After the frenetic pace of the last episode, this one moves gracefully, often cutting away to random Odaiba landmarks or a detailed calendar in the Kamiya household. After Kari accepts that he must leave, Tai gently floats up and away from his little sister.
And of all things he doesn't want the crime of “making a little girl cry” on his rap sheet?
One with incredible shading and the ability to make a little girl on the street seem like an alien creature.
There's a couple transition episodes that feel familiar, but then the show goes to a whole new level, much of it in the real world. Here we have this dead-eyed little sister home alone and barely concerned that her brother arrived from camp early and carrying a talking pink soccer ball.

This was directed by mamoru hosoda and he had privelege due to starting the whole anime with the first movie (simply titled digimon adventure), which this episode is supposed to remind us of (which is why people claiming that Kari was shoehorned it clearly have no idea what they are talking about.Also, is it just me or isn't Tamers style very reminiscent of the aesthetic of this episode and said first movie?
Rachel consults Craig the counsellor, who agrees Aden should stay away from Belle.As Rachel and Tony return from honeymoon, Miles holds a barbeque and Pippa encourages Leah to talk to Roman, but it's awkward. Martha arrives and tells Hugo he has 24 hours to decide whether she's going with him - after that she's gone anyway.Detective Eaves arrives from the city to investigate Killer and take him back to the city.
Given the bright skies and endless yellow desert of the Digital World, this subdued tone does feel like a different world. After running out in response to a quickly dissipating Tyrannomon, Tai finds a very real Ogremon, which at least gets his digivice working again. Roman cracks enough jokes at his own expense to put everyone at ease, but then has a sudden flashback to the accident. Listening in the other room, Hugo recognises his voice as the guy he paid off when he was people smuggling. As much fun as the Digital World can be sometimes, there's a stronger dramatic element back home.
Is he home free and able to enjoy the luxury of a soft couch, air conditioning and daytime TV? Heck, compared to the suspect animation two episodes ago it's a completely different anime. Whether it's due to the added impact of seeing actual people and landmarks in harm's way or all the surrounding characters and familial angst that the real world supplies, it's no secret that there's significance in having at least part of the story in our world.
Ruby confronts him, confessing that she does have feelings for Liam, but nothing's going on.

For a franchise built around this parallel world, only Frontier fails to bring the action home.
In this episode, although he looks zombified, Izzy's voice and tone seems more to his normal voice and he sounds genuinely concerned with what happened to Tai.
Rachel tells Leah Roman's blindness is caused by psychological issues that he's not ready to deal with. He couldn't care less and breaks up with her.Elijah tries to warn Leah about all the ways his mother will try to trap her.
Plus, she heard Roman say he wants to remain single.Belle's not ready to expose her feelings in group therapy, despite another patient, Zoe, revealing how she threw her life away and hurt loved ones.
In episode 24, he still has the zombified look but his voice and tone are different and he no longer has the headset.
We also get strong foreshadowing to future events: who Kari is and what her role will be, where Izzy and the rest ended up while Tai was gone, how the flow of time is different between both worlds, and what anomalies the distortions of the Digital World will cause to manifest into the human world and how that effects things in it.
And the episode's dark and mysterious feel mirrors the Digimon Adventure pilot movie, which is just perfect considering the three characters involved. Also agreed on what was said about the conflict coming to the real world - it really raises the stakes and turns the show into something other than what you initially thought you'd signed up for.

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