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Shipping per item is determined by the cost to ship each item and thus cannot be determined until your order is complete. ITEMS THAT ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR SHIPPING OWING TO SIZE OR WEIGHT ARE CLEARLY MARKED IN THEIR LISTINGS. Cash is preferred, but payment may also be accomplished through Square (for a nominal fee). Fanimation Windpointe 5 Blade Custom Ceiling Fan MA7500OB-ISP1 in Oil-Rubbed Bronze - Guaranteed Lowest Price.
Shown in Picture: Fanimation Windpointe 5 Blade Custom Ceiling Fan Model MA7500OB in Oil-Rubbed Bronze.
This label is required by the FTC to be publishedby any company selling this fan on the Internet. If you cannot find what you need to make this fan work in your room, please give us a call so we can check to see if there are any further alternatives.
Building codes require ceiling fans to be installed with the blades no lower than 7 feet from the floor in residential applications (industrial fans may require more distnace). Any light fixture you choose to add to this fan is allowed to be less than 7 feet from the floor, so just make sure you have enough headroom to walk under it if need be.
The downrod included with the Fanimation Windpointe 5 Blade Custom ceiling fan is 6", which puts the blades 14.5" from the ceiling. This fan will hange from flat ceilings and ceilings angled up to 30 degrees using the hardware that comes in the box.
To measure the rise of your ceiling: Hold a 12" ruler ruler horizontally (using a level) with one corner touching the ceiling.
The Fanimation Windpointe 5 Blade Custom is UL Listed for Indoor use only, so it is not designed to be exposed to moisture or harsh elements.
With a Quality Rating of 5, the Fanimation Windpointe 5 Blade Custom is among the finest quality ceiling fans made. Aside from Quality, which accounts for smooth quiet operation and durability, the amount of wind-chill a fan can provide to cool you off is the most important consideration. 3468 CFM far less than the average ceiling fan, so don't expect to feel much of a breeze from this fan unless you are are directly beneath it. Use the calculator below to estimate just how much it will cost to operate this fan in "Your home". Ceiling fans cool you off by creating a wind-chill effect, so the more wind speed a fan generates, the cooler it will make you feel. Comparison shop for harbor breeze 52 inches aged bronze ceiling fan Ceiling Fans in Home Garden. Harbor Breeze is the official ceiling fan house brand for the Lowe's chain of warehouse department stores, Hunter Fan 23289 H 52 Riazzi Ceiling Fan Kit Harbor Breeze 52 Inch Queensland Ceiling Fan. The brand name of Harbor Breeze is Lowe’s in-house brand, available only from your local Lowe’s home store.
The Harbor Breeze Paradiso is very exotic and features a natural style which is off the beaten path. What’s interesting about the Maricopa fan is that it has two individually powered fans on a single picture. However, even if purchasing a ceiling fan with a light seems like a no-brainer, it can still be difficult to decide on an item. If you like the look of a metallic ceiling fan but are in search of something ultra-modern, the Fanimation Jennix Metro Gray will not disappoint. The Casa Vieja brushed nickel ceiling fan provides you with a contemporary style that is still traditional enough for most homeowners. If you are a lover of rustic home décor,, or are looking for a ceiling fan to outfit your country home or cabin, then the Monte Carlo Durango Ceiling Fan and Light Kit may be just the item that you have been searching for.
The Westinghouse Turbo Swirl ceiling fan is a great option if you are in need of a smaller ceiling fan for your living space but you still want the power of a larger model.
The Casablanca Tercera is yet another ultra-modern ceiling fan, with three simple blades that can circulate a lot more air through your living area than you might expect.
The Minka Aire Slipstream offers one of the broadest spans of any ceiling fan on the market. Taking a different design cue than others on the market, the Harbor Breeze Southlake has an almost vintage style, with delicate palm-leaf styled blades that have a touch of Old-World flair. The need for a ceiling fan that offers a luxurious and elegant style has finally been met with the Westinghouse Xavier II.. The Minka Aire Concept II is a simple but elegant ceiling fan that despite its contemporary design will still look great when paired with most types of room décor.

Though most kits will come with everything that you need for installation, it can be a good idea to check the listing of the product and determine if anything else is necessary.
In some cases, a product might be sold with damaged blades, or you may not like the blades that come with the kit. Fan Width: The size of the fan you need may be just as important as whether or not it comes with a light.
Features: In addition to indicating that you would like a ceiling fan with a light, you can also indicate that you would like a ceiling fan with a remote control. Conclusion Buying a ceiling fan with a light on eBay might be a simpler process than you think. You can hear the motor working but the blades won't move.LOCAL PICK UP ONLY!I WILL NOT SHIP THIS ITEM. Pay particular attention to the "Breeze Rating" and "MPH or Wind Speed Factor" which give you the best idea of how much cooling effect you might expect from this fan. If your ceiling is lower than 98.5" then you may need to add a flushmount adapter or close to ceiling dowrod if one is available for the fan (see below). The closer you are to the fan blades, the more cooling effect you will feel, so 7 feet is the optimal distance from the floor for most residential ceiling fans to get the most benefit. If your ceiling is over 30 degrees, you can by an Angled Ceiling Adapter that will allow you to install the fan on a ceiling angled up to 45.
Since we already know the horizontal measurement is 12", we only need you to enter in the vertical rise to make the calculation. We only recommended the Fanimation Windpointe 5 Blade Custom for small rooms or areas where very little airflow is needed. Ceiling fans can save you a lot on your energy bills if you use them properly to reduce your use of central air.
The cooler your ceiling fan can make you feel, the higher you can raise your AC thermostat to conserve energy without sacrificing your level of comfort.
Candelabra lights within the stained glass create beautiful soft colors while lighting the room at the same time. It offers you everything from the ability to cool your home down at a low energy cost in the hot summer months to the ability to circulate warm air throughout a room during the cooler winter months, in addition to providing your living space with the light you need without purchasing additional lamps. There are many different styles available with many different features at many different price points. It features three geometric blades that are shaped with soft curves to provide superior air circulation in your living space, and a domed downlight that uses halogen bulbs. The classic design and smooth satin finish of the 5 silver fan blades are not only stylish, but also easy to keep clean. It features a classic but stylized design with five rich dark wood blades and a domed light kit with a wood pattern around the edge that matches the leafed pattern on the casing of the fan's mount. Its six blades are only 30", but they are angled at an 18-degree blade pitch to provide the maximum amount of air circulation possible. It is designed to be stylish but unobtrusive, and the integrated downlight fits seamlessly in with the rest of the package. The five blades have been colored a deep yellow that complements the dark wood of the fan body, further increasing that vintage look. This ceiling fan features a nickel body with blades that have been lacquered-black on one side and are a weathered maple on the other. Even the four shades of the lighting kit are frosted a pure white, which will help provide your living space with soft white light, even if you equip it with LED or CFL candelabra-style bulbs. It sits flush with the ceiling without any need for a downrod, and is perfect for rooms with low ceilings. Ceiling fan blades are relatively affordable and can be an easy way to customize your ceiling fan's look.
The hardest part is determining exactly what you need, from the style to the options it may come with. Unless you specify otherwise, all shipping will occur via USPS with tracking number provided.
Ceilings angled more than 45 will require a box framed into the ceiling to flatten the surface where the fan is to be installed. For example: Palm style and carved wood leaf shaped blades can reduce performance by as much as 50%! This fan may not allow you to raise your thermostat, so do not expect to save much on your cooling bills (if you have AC). Raising your thermostat by 10 degrees can save you up to 40% on your cooling bills, but you cannot raise your thermostat by 10 degrees if you focus only on ceiling fans that use less energy rather than ones that generate higher wind speed.

The most expensive item at the Harbor Breeze fan company is the Harbor Breeze 52" Brass Paradiso Ceiling Fan for $ 219. Comes with 5 blades with walnut finish, integrated light kit Get Harbor Breeze 52" Paradiso Caribbean Brass Ceiling Fan On Sale today at your local !
Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Questions and Reviews: Answers 1 to 30 of 446 Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Questions They come in 42, 52, and 54 inch designs with oak blades. Every part of the fan including the blades, light covers, and metal housing is detailed and custom. There is a ceiling fan for everyone, whether you are shopping on a budget, looking for something high-end, or you are simply looking for a very specific style to fit into your living space. One of the key features of this ceiling fan is that the motor is designed to use far less energy than other models, and can provide you with 70 percent energy savings over other ceiling fans of comparable size. It comes with a standard pull chain operation and three speeds, and the light of this ceiling fan is enclosed in a frosted glass dome that will provide you with even, warm light for your living space. The blades are made of a light Maple wood with exposed satin-finish chrome bolts that match the body of the fan, for a look that leans toward contemporary without being overpowering to those with traditional sensibilities.
The blades of this fan are reversible, with one side offering a light Walnut color and the other offering a dark espresso brown.
It is rated for both indoor and outdoor use, and can even withstand a little moisture, so you can be reassured if you are looking for a ceiling fan with a light for an outdoor living space it will provide you with everything you need. However, do not let the style of this ceiling fan fool you as it still offers an impressive high-speed airflow along with a reverse function and increased efficiency. However, the thing that stands out about this kit is not the ceiling fan, but the integrated lighting kit. It is designed to operate silently and without vibration, using Hunter's WhisperWind technology, and it uses only 87 watts of power for its operation. The domed light is integrated with the body of the ceiling fan, which is entirely encased in a dark polished nickel. Remember that larger fan widths are better for larger rooms and outdoor spaces, while smaller fan widths are better for enclosed spaces. However, once you know what you want, it only takes a few clicks to find several items that will meet those needs.
Each length will put the fan blades 7 feet from the floor, so if you want your fan blades higher than 7 feet, choose a shorter downrod to fit your needs. To put this in perspective: A typical central air system uses about 3500 Watts when it is running, so if a ceiling fan that uses 100 watts allows you to raise your thermostat a couple degrees higher than a more "efficient" fan that uses only 50 watts, the savings you will get by raising your AC therestat a couple degrees higher is far more than the difference of 50 watts between the two fans. It comes with additional extra-long downrods for mounting in living spaces with high ceilings, as well as a remote control for easy operation. This offers you a range of options when it comes to decorating with this fan, and will even allow you to change up your style in the future if you so desire. Its stylish design features eight elongated blades in a dark brown, with a domed center light in frosted glass.
There is no remote or wall control option, but it is rated for both indoor and outdoor use.
Rather than a dome, it features a bar with three halogen spotlights that can be twisted and turned to provide light where it is needed most. One of the most impressive things about this 3-blade ceiling fan is that it is Energy Star certified, and though it provides a high amount of air efficiency, it manages to do so while using a very low amount of energy.
With that said, a ceiling fan that uses less watts yet produces higher wind speed is a win-win. The ensemble is built on a deep bronze finish which dark color provides an excellent contrast to the light glass.
This kit comes with a wall control switch that will allow you to operate the fan without the use of the pull cords. It has an impressive amount of air circulation and anti-vibration technology that makes it much quieter than other fans on the market, making it the perfect ceiling fan for a reading room or bedroom.
It also comes with a remote control and a metal cover, which can be used to replace the light if that option is no longer desired in the future.

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