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One morning, as I shambled sleepy-eyed into my toilet to brush my teeth, I half-realised that the fluorescent light bulb above my basin was blinking intermittently. This cycle of procrastination persisted; days became weeks and soon enough I forgot all about the light bulb (which was already dead by then). It took my sister (who shares the same toilet as me) to prod me into getting the light bulb replaced. The Singaporean’s life seems to be in a state of perpetual haste — do this, do that, come here, go there. As we carry on brushing the Holy Spirit off, the filth in our souls pile up — sin festers and apathy grows — and crystallises a crust around our hearts, such that we barely notice that the once erratic light bulb does not flicker anymore. The Holy Spirit’s voice is like that flickering light bulb — it gently calls me to action, demands some effort and inconvenience, yet when I ignore it long enough, I stop noticing the bursts of light, and eventually I get used to a life without it. Just as it is best to fix a perishing light bulb as soon as you see it, it is best to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit immediately.

Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! I was in a rush (as usual) so I casually let the thought of changing the light bulb slip and went on my way. In the hustle and bustle of activity, sometimes we ignore the small, seemingly unimportant whispers in our spirit.
The poverty of our spirit becomes chronic and the barrenness of our soul spreads like a cancerous tumour. He connects with God while playing the piano and is frequently in awe of His creation—sunsets, sea breezes, and tropical downpours. As I was preparing to take a shower after getting home at 10 pm, the flickering light bulb caught my attention, again. Brushing my teeth, combing my hair, shaving my facial hair, and showering were all done without any inconvenience.
It was perfectly fine to me that only two of the three lightbulbs in my toilet were working.

Joyce Meyer shares that “prompt obedience to God is the shortcut to a great life.” If the light bulb in your toilet has been flickering for days now, maybe it is time for you to deal with it.
Changing the light bulb would be too leychey — I had to grab a ladder, dismantle the casing, find out the correct model for the light bulb, check if I’ve got a spare one or go buy a new one, grab the ladder again, dismantle the casing again, only to finally fix in the new bulb. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is akin to a “gentle whisper” or a “still small voice” (1 Kings 19:11).
Is there something that God has been repeatedly asking you to do, or someone God has been impressing on your heart to bless? Check out Envato StudioAdd motion graphics to your projects: Animations, lower thirds templates, transitions, background loops and more. The benefit to this is that we will not only be able to control the light's intensity, but the attenuation and material settings as well.

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