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This football trophy measures 16 inches high by 6.5 inches in width by 6.5 inches in depth! You can also upgrade this football trophy with additional detail plates, up to 12 more plates can be added, turning this into an 18 year perpetual football trophy! We engrave according to your instructions, so please permit 3 to 4 days for this trophy to ship. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and don't miss seeing all of our amazing Fantasy Football Trophies, Loser Trophies, and Football Keeper Awards!
The quick answer to that question is: a fantasy football trophy that can be used year after year. Engraving isn’t that expensive but it can be a burden to find a place that will do it, drop it off, and then pick it up later. Below is a chart that has 20 of the most popular perpetual fantasy football trophies on the market.
You may notice that some of the trophies are for the league champion, and others are for the league goat.
Stop Losing and Learn to Play Fantasy Football from the Best!Stop Losing and Start Dominating!
50 YEAR Fantasy Football TrophiesSculpture Alley is proud to introduce yet another spectacular Championship Fantasy Football Trophy, The Don! This trophy features a full size football sculpture in a two tone finish of copper and gold.
Also included in the purchase price of this trophy is a free title plate with your choice of text!

This type of trophy is modeled after the Stanley Cup from the NHL, where it is engraved with the most recent champion every season. If you forget to send the information the seller will assume that you don’t want the plates engraved. This means that if you purchased two multi-season trophies today you would be prepared for years into the future. Your league mates will lay awake at night trying to figure out how to WIN The Don, and other Fantasy Football Leagues will hide their trophies in shame. Some trophies, such as the one pictured above will include one unique plate that can be used for the league name and the year it was founded. They said that if you purchase their trophy they will engrave a new plate each season at no charge.
That is the best part about perpetual trophies, you only need to purchase them once and more than likely you are set for years.
Most companies will offer free engraving on the plates when you purchase a trophy from them. This spectacular trophy will make your league mates salivate with envy, and let the bragging rights begin for whoever wins The Vince at the end of the season!This fantasy football trophy measures an impressive 16 inches tall by 7 inches wide and weighs 5.5 pounds!
The Don demands respect.The Don is a true work of art; a mix of Old World style with New World football Bling!
What trophy is best for your league should probably be left to a league vote but why not keep in mind how much cooler the Stanley Cup is than a Super Bowl trophy. The Super Bowl Replica Trophy picture to the right is one of the coolest trophies that they currently have for sale.

Finished in rich shining silver tones, please note, this is NOT a mirror, chrome finish, it is a more shiny silver! The base is a luxurious ebony stained wood, meticulously finished with an interesting buttress styling in the corners. Although, there are a couple things that you should consider before picking a perpetual trophy up. The football is a full scale, regulation size football made of durable resin in a brushed pewter finish with black accents!
This means that either you have all 16 plates engraved right away, or just the main one and the inaugural champion’s plate.
The seller rating is also included, along with the amount of seasons the seller claimed the trophy was built for. Made of HydroStone, The Vince itself measures 10.5 inches tall, and the football is 6 inches from tip to tip.The Vince Fantasy Football Trophy includes a FREE engraved title plate with your choice of text and 6 blank silver mounted detail plates for honoring the winners in your league, all the past, present and future champions! The base of this trophy is literally festooned with detail plates, there are 50 mounted silver detail plates in all, representing a half century of past, present and future winners that can be honored on this fantasy football trophy!As with all Sculpture Alley perpetual trophies, the engraving of the title plate is included with the purchase of this trophy, so please let us know what you want!The Don championship trophy measures a whopping 18.5 inches tall by 13 inches wide by 13 inches deep and weighs 10 pounds! Please note that The Don ships in an oversize box.We engrave according to your instructions, so please allow 3 to 4 days for this trophy to ship.Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and don't miss seeing all of our amazing Fantasy Football Trophies, Loser Trophies and Football Keeper Awards!

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