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It seems no show or book series has been speculated on more so than HBO’s Game of Thrones. Of course, the biggest ado with Thrones (which may be about nothing) is the fate of Jon Snow.
Fans have assumed that Snow will return (in some capacity) for season 6 of Thrones, a pretty logical guess given that Snow’s actor, Kit Harington, was seen with the Game Of Thrones cast in Belgium recently. Among one of the more intriguing theories mulled over by Thrones fans is the real origins of a certain dwarf-man. This Game of Thrones theory does seem to hold some water, primarily because there appeared to be tensions between Joanna’s husband, Tywin, and the Mad King before Aerys died. However, there are signs suggesting that Thrones fans may not be entirely done seeing the Starks running things in the North. HBOTheories and predictions have been part of the fanaticism for "Game of Thrones" since before it premiered on HBO. What will the producers come up with for season six when it arrives April 24?A There are very few indications of where they're going next.
So fans have been combining what they know to be true from the show with what hasn't appeared yet from the books, then piecing together what actors have been saying in interviews, photos from the set, and comparing everythingA against the newly released season-six trailer. Headey was nominated for an Emmy for her fifth season performance as Cersei Lannister in the show.

The Thrones theories range from a hidden hostility between Tywin Lannister and the former King Aerys Targaryen, to Jon Snow being a secret member of House Targaryen’s almost-dead bloodline.
We do know from the Throne novels that as she lay dying, Lyanna made her brother promise her something, but we are not told what that promise was. Fan theories suggest Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark may be the parents of Jon Snow, which if true would make Snow one of the three heads of the dragon.
Fans will only partially be able to lean on what they'veA read in the books as the showA surpasses George R.R. After dropping her initial tweet, fans begged for more information, and she then proceeded to tease them some more. Now, Game of Thrones fans are sharing their top theories about what they think will happen in Thrones’ sixth season, which is based off the upcoming novel The Winds of Winter. Characters on Thrones have had some radical personality changes, sometimes changing identities or even being reanimated as the fearsome wights. When fans last saw him in season 4, Bran was still on his journey towards the Wall with Mira and Jojen Reed to find the Three-Eyed Raven. Headey is acting much like Cersei by pushing out these tweets and subjecting fans to such manipulating information. It’s possible that fans are meant to take this at face value, even though the context seems to suggest Tywin is disowning Tyrion rather than literally implying Tyrion is not his flesh and blood.

It has inspired so many people in creating fan fictions, wedding themes, poems, blogs and many others.
By following the map, fans are able to work out and pay tribute to their favorite House.You might do not believe it. If you want to know the progress of Run of Thrones, you can see it in Lu’s Tumbler account.
Certainly, you are able to look at subsequent routs and the cities that have completed running map. When you have some chances to visit those cities, do not forget to follow the running maps. As fans of Game of Thrones, you might feel the excitement and enthusiasm because you have your very own running map based on favorite Household.How did Lu get the idea for Run of Thrones?
Instead, he was very proud when he tried the very first run routes based on the Game of Thrones.Lu tried the next map based on Game of Thrones’ map when he was in Minneapolis.
For future projects, there are some maps as House Greyjoy – New York, House Tully – New York; House Baratheon – New York.

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