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Justin Drew Bieber es un cantante de pop canadiense nacido el 1 de Marzo de 1994 en Stratford, Ontario, Canada.
En el verano de 2009 publico su sencillo debut «One Time», que se posiciono en las primeras treinta posiciones de las listas de exitos en mas de diez paises. El 11 de Febrero del 2011, Justin Bieber estreno su propio documental, Never Say Never, dirigido por Jon M. Su primer album navideno, Under The Mistletoe, fue lanzado mundialmente el 1 de Noviembre del 2011 y cuenta con colaboraciones con grandes artistas como Mariah Carey, Boyz 2 Men, Usher, etc. A little while ago, we explained a few reasons why Nickelback doesn’t deserve the hate they get. One of the criticisms thrown at the Biebster (we can call him that, we’re homies) is that he has no talent. Which again, is perfectly true, but having the dedication to teach yourself to play them to a level way above that of the average person is something you have to at least admire.
Of course, because this is a Justin Bieber video on the Internet, the comments are all people saying that they could solve it quicker, and that Bieber is wicked slow at Rubik’s Cube. Regardless of whether or not you like his music, one thing is clear; Bieber dominates the top of the charts. Along with having the most followers of any single person on Twitter, Justin Bieber is also one of the first artists in history to utilize the power of the Internet and social media to fan the flames of their fame. You may or may not know (depending on how much JB you love in your life,) that Biebz is a devout Christian. However, when she went and prayed, and asked the members of her church for advice, they told her to go for it, thus kick-starting young Justin’s career. A lot of flak is aimed at Justin for his prima donna attitude, and how he acts like a spoiled petulant child, because obviously all of us would be paragons of virtue and civility if we became multi-millionaires fresh out of high-school. Yet, in interviews and cases where he’s able to actually meet one-on-one with fans, Jezza is perhaps one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.
The list of charities Justin supports reads like a Who’s Who of the worst things to ever plague mankind. The pocket-sized teen has played a number of pranks on his fans over the years, but we’d like to share just one of them and we feel safe saying that this is perhaps one of the greatest things ever done by a celebrity. We also feel it’s safe to say that most people reading this hates the celebrity-stalking website TMZ more than they hate Justin Bieber, because at least Bieber only takes photos of himself with his shirt off.
On April 1st, 2013, Bieber decided that he’d had just about enough of TMZ, so he posted the number for their tip line as his own number on Twitter, inviting his fans to call it for a chance to speak to him.
Karl is in charge of updating a new section of TopTenz, every day he’ll be updating it with a new awesome fact or story from the news, history or pop culture. I am no Jesus follower or praise the lord every day kind of guy, but I am pretty sure the bible says that we’re all born sinners and that the lord forgives and accepts man for his true form. And about the Anne Frank thing, Why is everyone assuming he wanted to draw attention to himself? You think you’re actually proving a point but you’re just trying to say most musicians are not that awesome not just justin bieber and making it seem like what they do is not special at all like everyone know how to do them but tell me again what have you accomplish? El lanzamiento fue seguido por el de su album debut My World, el 17 de noviembre, el cual recibio criticas positivas y una certificacion de platino por la RIAA. No tenemos contacto con Justin, ni con su familia o sus managers; pero si con Universal Music Group. Since that list was so well-received, and since we hate to disappoint our fans, we thought we’d go one step further, and offer up 10 reasons you should, at the very least, give pint-size superstar Justin Bieber a break. We know our readers and, sadly, will likely have to hammer this point home a lot before we’re done.
Go onto any YouTube video featuring virtually any band ever and you’ll see someone in the comments saying “this is real music, not like that s****y stuff Justin Bieber sings, LOL”.

The young star can not only play the guitar, drums, keyboard and trumpet, he can also play a guitar like a drum, because he seemingly saw into the future and wanted to upload something to YouTube that would shut all his critics the hell up. That whiney, auto-tuned voice of his feels like someone shoved a knife made of salt into your ear, right? The kid has trended on Twitter almost every day for the past 3 years; Twitter actually has racks of servers dedicated solely to handling the massive traffic his tweets generate. However, if someone told you that there is a person out there able to literally make or break online careers with a single sentence, direct 5 million people to a single place on the Internet with a single word, then you’d think that person was cool as Hell. Here he is offering some kind words (and a fat stack of cash) to a little girl busking where he used to perform. Imagine if literally everywhere you went, you were being constantly hounded by the press and fans (Justin has been chased by his fans in boats before.
Half of the people reading this would struggle supporting two pet dogs, let alone the weight of 30 million fans, a busy schedule, and dozens of charity events. Many pop stars are forwarded music by various songwriters, however, a small minority of pop stars actually start out with a demo tape of their own music before they become successful. Many pop stars are forwarded music by various songwriters, however, a small minority of pop stars actually start out with a demo tape of their own shit before they become successful. Hating him is a trend and idiots think that if they point out just how much they hate him, others will think they are cultured and smart. He knew who she was and he had hoped that she would enjoy his music if she were alive today. Sold out Madison Square Garden at the age of 16, broke records, wasn’t a product of Disney or any other machine.
Un dia os hablamos de un ranking que hicieron sobre el heavy metal muy bueno, y hoy os traemos un especial recopilatorio. Bieber se convirtio en el primer artista en tener siete sencillos de un album debut en la Billboard Hot 100.
El filme alcanzo las primeras posiciones de la taquilla estadounidense y recaudo alrededor de $30.3 millones tan solo durante le primer fin de semana.
Todo el contenido de la pagina es propiedad de sus propietarios, a menos que se indique lo contrario. Here he is busting out a drum solo after singing and dancing for 10 minutes straight, and here he is playing a piano piece he wrote.
But bear in mind, this is yet another skill he possesses that 99% of the general public couldn’t emulate if asked to. The last time a male as young as Bieber made it to the top of the charts on their own was Stevie Wonder.
This has resulted in Justin being considered one of the single most powerful people on the entire Internet.
The fact that that person happens to be Justin Bieber, however, has left many people failing to see that he’s basically an Internet God. When the young star was first discovered, his mother was initially hesitant to trust the well-being of her son to a Jew. Hey, it happens. BOATS!) and that you were being sent millions of messages a day through every piece of social media you had access to.
There are a lot of multiinstrumentalists out there but its not proven he is very good at any of those instruments. And with the amount of money he’s made for making terrible music he better well be giving to charity. He’s just a another dumb pop star who will fade to obscurity in a few years like the rest of his kind.
Like noone would actually give a crap about what I said here, why should we give a crap about this so-called “Internet God”?

Also, I have NO RESPECT for people who think that slapping children and making fun of the elderly makes them look cool. Como dice una de las protagonistas, porque parece que las fans de Espana no son menos que las de cualquier otro pais, ahi os va este especial. Su primer album de estudio completo, My World 2.0, fue publicado el 23 de marzo de 2010 y fue precedido por el exito internacional «Baby». And even if they could, the odds that they could also bust out a sick drum solo are so minuscule it’d rival the Like bar on one of his videos. How long would it take for you to stop answering your messages, signing autographs and posing with people screaming through tears that they love you? Because that was totally the same as Justin posting a number they openly advertise and invite people to call on their own website. Like Marieke said above, at least Bieber wasn’t a terrible father to his child and a wife-beater like John Lennon.
Does he really need DAT computer generated pop-maker sound otherwise he’s not the same Bieber?
Some of the songs are actually really beautiful songs and, if it wasn’t for such a beautiful voice to make it happen, we probably never would have heard them.
No solo las redes sociales lo dicen, sino las kilometricas colas para ver sus conciertos, que hasta duran 20 dias, y donde llegan a actuar ataviados de los ?disfraces? En el verano de 2010 se embarco en su primera gira, My World Tour, que posteriormente le llevo a ofrecer dos conciertos en nuestro pais. We’re just going to go out on a limb and say that anyone who can put up with screaming teenagers everywhere they go and only punches a guy with a camera is a borderline saint. Again, I am pretty sure the bible encourages man to enjoy the pleasures of life… one being love. Afterwards, can you bust out a spectacular vocal performance that blows the minds of millions of people?
Porque en su dia no habia ni Jonas Brothers, ni Justin Bieber, ni siquiera los Backstreet Boys. Hoy solo queda Robbie Williams y sus magufadas, y alguna gira de reunion para rememorar tiempos mejores, pero ya no provocan esto afortunadamente. O que parezca que no va a ser cosa de poco tiempo y se alargue a la vida adulta, o hasta los periodistas le dan demasiada importancia y pierden todo tipo de etica y moral:Finalmente, el famoso Homo APM (colaborador del programa) se mete un poco con dichas fans mientras esperan por el con ironia. Enrique Iglesias puede que tampoco levante pasiones como antano, aunque siga siendo un chico guapisimo, pero mirad, en su dia conquistaba a pequenas adolescentes y no tan pequenas ni adolescentes.
Bisbalin cuando no se dedica a tuitear cosas que son malinterpretadas, se dedica a cantar (y bastante bien, todo sea dicho). Mirad a Raphael, que aun sin cantar Maldito duende y conquistar a teatros enteros, emociona a mas de uno y, sobre todo, mas de una.Y hasta aqui nuestro pequeno recopilatorio de videos de fans en APM?.
Dejadlo para los profesionales de gran calidad (nosotros no, por supuesto) y ya les robaremos un dia las ideas a ellos para el segundo volumen. Diariamente me inyecto mi dosis de Metallica y normalmente escucho mas metal que otra cosa. Eso si, puedo escuchar desde el indie mas actual, hasta el death mas bruto, pasando por la electronica, hard rock, hip-hop e incluso merengues.
Tambien podeis echarle un ojo a una entrevista que me hicieron en redaccion en este enlace.

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