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The bottle follows in the footsteps of the iconic Fendi handbags that are created with subtle dualities of colour and texture, and reveals a unique chromatic contrast based on a palette of powder and tangy pinks. The transparency of the glass reveals a delicate pink fragrance that invites us to remove the translucent cap, inspired by the iconic Peekaboo bag’s clasp. Beauty, fashion and lifestyle : My Fashion World is the personal blog of a French girl living in the US. In January 2014 the collection Fan di Fendi receives a new fragrance for men named Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto which complements men's collection which includes the following fragrances so far: Fan di Fendi Pour Homme from 2012 and Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Aqua from 2013. The new fragrance is announced as very intense, ferocious, impulsive, sophisticated, elite! Top notes of Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto open fiercely, with spices – blend of cardamom from Guatemala and strong pink pepper. Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto arrives in characteristic flacon form, just like previous editions of Fan di Fendi collection in the amount of 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette. I enjoy this frag, it can sometime feel like I am offending others, but other times I get great compliments. As close to the long lost Gucci Pour Homme as could be hoped after years of EU busybodies protecting us from microscopic amounts of lemon zest, cinnamon, rosewater and other cupcake ingredients. I just secured a bottle of Fendi Fan di Fendi PH Assoluto - it's lovely - all the subtle leather of the original with a bit o' somethin' somethin' extra - stronger cardamom and some of that ubiquitous oud - no matter, still smells great.
It is pretty distinct but projects quite subtly actually - is it the kiss of death to say it makes a great office scent? And I have just noticed that LVMH will be discontinuing Fendi - what a great pity - some really lovely scents at reasonable prices and from a name that should be revived.
I was given the opportunity to have a whiff of this juice on my arm, and I litteraly yelled "yuk, gross!" when I put it on.
When an EDT cologne is pitched as one with balsamic accords, expect dramatic interplay of top notes, middle and basenotes.
There are some things to enjoy about this fragrance but overall I just feel it smells too dry. I feel a touch fruity (orange) spicy since opening and along the drying appear nuances of oud, but discreet, and feel leather, suede which really enhances and eases this synthetic touch. Later appears a beautiful touch of tonka, sweet as and joins with something a little spicy balsamic, well done without doubts.
Sillage is Modest, Longevity is very long, still strong and sweet Tonka, with that medicinal tobacco vibe after a long day at work. I was given a spray on the arm with this fragrance in a Champs Elysees perfume house in Paris two days ago.

Right off the bat, you could smell a smoky and lightly sweetened oud not with some kind of pepper. I would not really recommend this, unless you enjoy smelling like a dusty pile of coal and burnt wood.
I am not to familiar with the original Fan Di Fendi but I have smelled it before, and I thought it was pleasant but it did not grab my attention..
I like a lot because it is different from the mainstream of the perfumes that are going out I wonder me only because has gone out in March and not in winter?for me is a mix ok M7,ENCRE NOIR AND TERRE D'HERMES EDP. I would put this into the same vein as Bonds Manhattan I would bet a blind sniff would have one guessing niche vs designer for sure. I like this version , I got a bottle at Macys it very deeper and spicer with a deep oud note. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Fendi Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information. America's Largest Fragrance Retailer Perfumania specialized in the sale of genuine designer fragrances, bath and body, cosmetics, skin care products and related gifts and accessories for men, women and children. The scent is very fresh and feminine but unfortunately its longevity isn’t very long on my skin. The ferocity of the composition of the new fragrance is emphasized by warm orange accents and orange glass of the bottle as a perfect contrast to the black "armor" in the form of the characteristic logo of the house - double F. The heart adds a union of sage from France, oud wood accords, vetiver and patchouli from Indonesia, while the base is warmed with opoponax resins accompanied by tonka absolute and citrus absolute. Not outright oudy and just enough spice to make you feel nice and warm during the colder temps. And soon to be almost as collectible for purposes of comparison now the market's taste level has been reduced to the spiritually poisonous, soul destroying sameness it so eminently deserves. I had no chance to wash it off until hours later so when I finally got rid of the balsamic and fecal smell on my arm it was a relief. Having bought Fendi Pour Homme (curiously) in January, 2015, and I have not ceased to revel in its projection and longevity, I'm also curious about how this would pan out (especially with oud, patchouli and vetiver notes imbedded at the heart)! I have not been acquainted with the other fragrances that this has been compared to, except Jean Paul Gaultier's Kokorica, which is debatable.
Trademarks and logos belong to respected companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify products and companies. I was in Macys when a pleasant SA got my attention and was spraying fragrances on the tester strips for me but none of them appealed to me..

If you have more information about Fendi Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto, you can expand it by adding a personal perfume review. Constantly comparing all fragrances which contain oud to M7 makes no sense as they are all completely different fragrances that just happen to share one note in common.. Than she said "I think you should give this one a try but I am going to give you a warning"..
Fragrantica has a unique user-driven classification system and you may classify Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto by Fendi. This fragrance was meant to smell like an intense version of the original Fan Di Fendi, not M7 and it did that very well.. Wait around until the citrus and some sweetness shine thru and you'll get a really nice wearable well-round oud for everyday use. Click on the appropriate options on the fragrance classification form below the perfume picture. After she sprayed it she began to tell me about the notes and how this Fan Di Fendi Assoluto contains oud.. The notes here on Fragrantica looks really appealing, but the reality is a true horror scene. We do not make guarantees nor accept responsibility for what you might find as a result of these links, or for any future consequences including but not limited to money loss.
User reviews of Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto by Fendi represent the views of the credited authors alone and do not reflect Fragrantica's views. I believe the patchouli and vetiver may contribute to the longevity but honestly nothing I could identify on my own. After a minute or two this fragrance begins to warm up and loads of oud begins to show itself along with some sage and vetiver.. In the drydown there is some opoponax and tonka which give the fragrance a hint of sweetness and there is a citrus note in the base that is there from beginning to end along with the oud..
Assoluto smells a lot like the original Fan Di Fendi but it is much more warm, rich, and unique.. I really like this fragrance and now I will definately check it out some more and I will also check out the original..

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