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Facebook recently started providing blue checkmarks next to pages of celebrities and official Facebook pages, much like Twitter does. According to Facebook, they will be automatically verifying all pages “at risk for duplication.” At this time, there isn’t any set of step you can do to verify your fan page. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive VIP contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. Before you can decide if you need a fan page let’s go over some basics of facebook profiles and fan pages. The facebook profile is the normal thing you see where you have a wall on your profile tab and you see your friends updates in the newsfeed on the home tab.
This is where we all talk about our cats and dogs and what we had for breakfast and the world is a better place as a result. A fan page is a facebook page for businesses, institutions, organizations and people that have fans, ie public figures, writers, musicians, artists, etc.
As you can see from the photo above the fan page looks pretty much just like a profile page.
You can create a discussion board on a fan page and you can create events (like facebook groups). One bummer is that when people comment on a fan page it does not appear in the notification feed.
Mostly I use my profile to build a community to support me in my day to life adventures as an artist and a software engineer.
Some of this off topic stuff some my art fans love to read and some people not so much, as they just want to see the art and read about art. In this way I have something for everyone: Become my friend to see the whole me, become my fan to enjoy my art.
Now with a fanpage people can enjoy my art without having to read about my efforts to go 21 days with eating refined sugar (which I completed today – it was super easy).
And finally, here’s a little tidbit in the fine print of the facebook terms of service that might help you decide if you want to create a fan page. All personal site features, such as friending and messaging, are also for personal use only and may not be used for professional promotion.
Technically, if you sell art from your regular user profile, or even promote it, you could be in violation of these facebook rules, which they seem to take rather serious.
Coming soon will be a tutorial on creating a fanpage (I recommend you click on artist or other public figure on that first page) and how to find it from your profile. This entry was posted in The Internet and tagged facebook, fan page, marketing by Lisa Call. Zachary – thanks for sharing your link for us to check out and see how you are using your fan page. Really interesting concept, another facet of marketing your work and gaining a following, I like the idea and look forward to the next article on how to create a Fan Page.
I too struggled with the fan page issue, but created one a few days ago and I have over a 100 fans- some are family, friends and students.
Also, how do you let people know you have a fan page after you’ve invited your friends.
How To Change Your Existing Facebook Fan Page Vanity or Custom URL You are using an outdated browser.
Facebook Covers InformationFacebook Quotes Cover - Rules Are Made To Be Broken made by our users. MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears..

Before we get into details, let’s talk a little bit about why you would even want to use GIFs on your Facebook page.
Just make sure you take out the URL after the GIF loads – the same as with a regular URL to a blog post or article. I love a “Treat Yo’ Self” GIF as much as the next person, but using only funny GIFs all the time will wear off the novelty pretty quickly. We all know how finicky Facebook is when it comes to posting similar content too many times in a row. Now that you know the rules of posting your GIFs, let’s get on to how you can make them yourself!
If you want to make something like the JanSport GIF, take several photos of different products and string them together to make a stop-motion looking GIF.
If the Starbucks sparkler really caught your eye, upload 5-10 seconds of video (easily shot on a smartphone) and the site will create a continuous video loop – and voila! In both instances, make sure to save your URL somewhere that you can easily find it in the future! The Ultimate Guide to Getting Social ROI Year after year, social marketing has strong growth. 4 Posts that Drive Facebook Engagement Like most things in life, Facebook only rewards effort so much. Mary Mallard is the founder of OmSocial, a boutique social media marketing consultancy focusing on businesses in the yoga, fitness and wellness space. Ok, so I really hate the term fan page but I could not change it so I guess I am stuck with it. Please join the Mommy Niri Facebook Fan Page as I would love to hear from you, in fact nothing would make me happier than to see everyone  active on it. Statistics show that there are now over 1 billion users on Facebook, and many of them are using it to connect with businesses. It’s important to note that it is actually against the Facebook rules to advertise your business on personal profile pages. They’re not indexed by search engines – which means people can’t find your page easily in a Google search. Fan Pages, on the other hand, are managed through your personal account and are specifically designed for businesses. They have tabs and can by analyzed with Facebook Insights – this feature allows you to dig into your analytics such as your reach, the demographics of your fans and the number of times each of your Page tabs were viewed, among other page data collected.
Facebook Fan Pages offer different features for businesses, public figures, brands and organizations. We agree that ii is frustrating that not all of your fans on your business fan page see every post… but not all of the friends on your profile see every post either. Here are directions on how to verify a Facebook fan page and add the blue checkmark to your account. In the coming days, we will automatically verify the largest Pages on Facebook that are at the greatest risk of duplication. At this time we cannot accept verification requests for all Pages. When they get the first, major wave of verification done, they’ll likely open the process up to smaller pages.
This means you can pay money to have your fan page appear in facebook ads, targeted to your selected demographic. If you add a user as a friend, for example, this person will be invited to be a friend of your profile and not your Page.
I am seriously thinking of making a fan page now, even thought it creates more work, updating, blogs, facebooks, etc., arg! We’ll go over how to properly post a GIF on Facebook, what types of GIFs can work for different for different types of marketing messages, and a few easy tools for making your own GIFs.

There are thousands (maybe even millions) of GIFs floating around and you can find one for almost every mood or reaction. We’ll take a look at some really great examples of different ways to use them for different purposes later in this post. To avoid this, try working GIFs into your regular content calendar, and avoid posting them fast and furious as soon as you finish reading this article (although I know you’ll want to!).
In her 9-5 life, she is the Social Media and Community Specialist at Grasshopper, and is also a certified yoga instructor, teaching classes in her "spare" time! A common mistake business owners make is using their personal page for their business marketing. Facebook profiles are typically for individuals to connect with their friends and share daily updates about their lives. You can change the settings or add other Admins to the page without creating a whole new account. And since Fan Pages are indexed by search engines, everything that is posted publicly there will also be indexed, drawing more eyes to your business.
If you’d like to communicate with your audience on a day-to-day basis, enhance your reach with applications or track your page engagement data, then creating a Fan Page is the way to go. We litterally have thousands of facebook covers for you to browse and hundreds of my profile my rules.
If your Page is not automatically verified, please visit the Help Center to see how to resolve common duplication issues. Using personal site features for professional promotion, or creating unauthorized Pages, may result in your account being warned or disabled.
Since I’m just starting to try and figure FB out, and am building a page as I type, this was helpful.
But since I’ve made my Facebook entirely personal (even stopped putting in my e-mail sig line) I need to do this!
I may be biased – I often like to say I have a Master’s degree in GIFs and memes, but that’s another post for another day. A word of warning here, though – often GIFs that have someone saying a line will have the captioned text at the bottom which might contain foul language. It’s a great way to break up your message and can bring attention to your products or services in a new way. Their latest commercials are good examples of how people don’t really know what they do – and they do a LOT. Now that you’re confident about adding them into your content calendar, have fun using them – and making them!
The term fan for some reason concocts an image of a superstar of sorts and I hate anything that bears resemblance to creating levels or classes. Facebook profiles are specifically for personal use, and if Facebook discovers that your profile is not of a real person, they will terminate the profile.
If my business didn’t have numbers in the title I WOULD have a profile page instead of a fan page.
But, paying for posts is not the only way to get more people to see your posts (in fact, we rarely recommend it). This can drown out your message completely, which the opposite of what you want to be doing! Being consistent with posting, and creating relevant, share-able content can also help you get more visibility in the newsfeed.
Make sure to view them all and check back often as we always are adding facebook covers for your facebook timeline.

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