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The FangWing aircraft is the first manned personal jet that uses large rotation fans embedded in its wings for lift and propulsion.
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Inside of the wings are actually long cylindrical turbines, rotated by engines forcing air over the top of the wing for the lift and forwarding move. Notice the ornately ribbed "pie crust" cast iron base and large brass wing nuts that allows the motor to swivel up and down.
The machine can become unstable when driving on slopes or at high speeds with front attachment raised or removed. The upper part is the ring, the lower part of the fan is cylindrical and has a variable speed control switch on it.
This quiet, cheap and easy to navigate design allows nearly vertical lift and at the same time has efficiency of traditional airplanes.

The first human sized FanWing aircraft will have a “first hop” in January 2013, than test flights throughout June followed by a first public demo at the Oshkosh EAA AirVenture event in July, 2013.

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