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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A downrod is a ceiling fan accessory needed for customers that have higher than normal ceilings. Again the above suggestion is for a person that wants the fan to work as well during the winter and they do during the summer. A longer downrod can be added to any ceiling fan as long as the fan was packaged with a short downrod in the box. Most fan companies suggest dropping a fan on long enough downrod to get it back to an 8' height from the floor.

If you only plan on using your fan during the summer then you should drop you fan as low as possible.
A flush mount ceiling fan cannot be extended from a ceiling fan downrod, so be sure if you have tall ceilings you do not purchase a flush mounted ceiling fan.
This is fine if you only care about the fan for cooling purposes, but on high ceilings a ceiling fan can be as beneficial in bringing warm air down from the ceiling during the winter months as it is at circulating cool air during the summer months.
If you plan on using your fan only during the winter to bring trapped heat back down to the living level then you need to keep you fan as close to the ceiling as possible. As a general guide the higher you leave the fan the better it will work during the winter, and the lower you drop the fan the better job it will do for keeping you cool during the summer.

To get the fan at the perfect height for year round usage subtract your ceiling height by 8 feet, then divide that number by 2 and that number will tell you exactly the length downrod you should use.
Because a standard ceiling height is 8' this will put your fan right in the middle of where it should be in height for perfect year round use. For example, a person having a 20' ceiling will subtract 8' from their 20', leaving them with 12'.

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