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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Consume less electricity but provide a greater cooling effect as compared to a ceiling fan. How about a bigger and quieter wall mounted fan, that’s just right when you catch up with some late night gossip over the phone?
I am annoyed wondering where is all that air coming from while I drip in sweat, even with the fans running at top speed.
But when the room has a very high ceiling or is quite wide, ceiling fans may not be enough for sufficient air circulation, especially in this summer.

Orient’s 450 mm sweep Tornado Wall is rated at 85 watts and it pumps out a staggering 6030 cu.
In a frantic attempt to find a solution for my ventilation woes, I landed up with the idea of wall mounted fans.
For rooms with a false ceiling or a single large chamber having multiple small rooms and cubicles or for your kitchen store room where it is impossible to fit a ceiling fan, wall mounted fans come in handy. Place two or more of these on the ceiling in a small space and you won’t miss a ceiling fan. The cross section of the blades is engineered specially to enhance their aerodynamic properties, thus giving a better air delivery.

I think they have a good utility and are definitely better for cooling a room than just a ceiling fan.

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