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If you want yet another example as an Aston Villa supporter of how ridiculous things have got, just check out the ?55 you are expected to fork out if you want to see Villa play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. We already reported how Liverpool away ticket prices penalise teenagers turning from 16-years-old to 17. The revenue of gate receipts is increasingly negligible to clubs in the context of the money they reap through TV rights deals. That just shows you the greed that mainlines through the game, as supporters, the original heartbeat of the sport are increasingly overlooked and dismissed. Already with so much money in the game, it has become it corporatised to such an extent that the resulting institutionalisation has made the English game a soulless laughing-stock to football fans abroad. But English football fans have let it happen, by not standing up to the business men running the game.
All Premier League clubs this summer received a bonus payment of ?1.2m due to Norwich City not qualifying for a parachute payment since they were instantly promoted.
If you agree, that this money should be put towards levelling off all away ticket prices to ?20, please vote so in the below poll. Be a proper football supporter and not a consumer who just haplessly spends their money without realising the consequences. I am sick of these prices, I go to 95% of away games with my boys and have done for the past 5 seasons. While many point the finger at 'big clubs' following Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and the rest was vastly more expensive - the likelihood was you'd be charged well over A?40 wherever you played.
Fan pressure over the past few seasons has helped secure the discount in away tickets from 2016-17However, much of this seemed to be a token gesture. There has been growing unrest at the cost of attending Premier League matches in recent seasonsHowever, their abrupt turnaround will be well received by those for whom the spiralling cost of football was getting away from.
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John Brooksa€™ comments after Manchester Citya€™s win at Arsenal were a reaction to pressure.When youa€™re in that cauldron for 80 minutes or so after the sending off, you can say things without thinking.
Scudamore was asked whether, in the light of record TV revenue, ticket prices should be lowered at all clubs. There has also been discussion in recent months about the possible provision of safe standing areas at grounds. Ticket prices at Stamford Bridge vary depending on the competition, the opposition and the area of the stadium you wish to sit. Supporters can download a copy of the Seating Plan and the Barclays Premier League match prices.
For those who can shell out, anyone believed to be a€?persistently standinga€™ risks ejection from over-zealous stewards and letters threatening the removal of their season ticket. FOOTBALL fans across the country are to stage a protest against the cost of away-match ticket prices. ARSENE WENGER had vowed to “make the impossible, possible” but Barca’s golden trio were having none of it.
VINCENT KOMPANY'S latest injury set-back could see him leave Manchester City in the summer. That’s more than some Villa fans paid for their FA Cup semi-final and final tickets at Wembley. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Funds were not ring-fenced for a reduction in ticket prices - meaning that whilst a number of different initiatives such as travel subsidies were introduced, tickets continued to rise.It wasn't until the latest huge TV deal was announced that pressure began to mount on the Premier League and its clubs.
My away season ticket will cost me A?540 at the most.When discussing the prices with another Chelsea fan at the start of the season, they commented that I was happy enough to pay A?140 for a jumper, so why wouldn't I pay A?50 for a football ticket?That completely misses the point.
No cauldron of noise has ever been created by fans being forced to sit down.The travelling Chelsea support is far more vocal.

The Premier League could make all tickets free and clubs would be not worse off than they were a couple of seasons ago, such has been the hike in TV revenue, and next season the increase will be even more. It’s not pie in the sky either, Swansea City have this season subsidised away tickets to ?22 for every away game for Swans fans. Football shouldna€™t be the most expensive thing in my life, it should be accessible to everyonea€¦ and that was a really nice jumper.Thankfully I wona€™t have to choose next season. Youa€™re so focussed on your job, youa€™re not thinking straight about other things.To give you an idea of such pressure, I had a family member reduced to tears at Arsenal in August 2000 due to the abuse directed at me and focus on me.
Away games attract a younger crowd, with a high concentration of people who want to stand and sing. I am seriously considering boycotting all matches where the main ticket price is more than ?30.00. In SW6 those people are dotted all around the ground, making it hard to get an atmosphere going.Ita€™s a great shame, because when the mood is right Stamford Bridge can really rock, with the crowd so close to the pitch. Yesterday Sky Sportsa€™ microphone picked it up but referee Mike Dean, who was standing next to Brooks had no idea what his assistant had said.Leicestershire official Brooks is relatively new, his Emiratesa€™ appointment was only his 14th Barclays Premier League match. It is time for the clubs to start treating us in a different manner, we don’t have a bottomless pit of disposable income. Hea€™ll be looking to avoid attention at West Brom tomorrow night for the FA Cup third round replay against QPR.Rangers fans will note that Brooks was the official that incorrectly allowed Mikel Arteta's winner to stand at the Emirates in October when the Spaniard was clearly offside. Unless there is a change of attitude the working man will be lost from the game forever and match day will become boring and lifeless.

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