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Find out which basement ceiling options is ideal for your budget by checking the information with popular ideas for suspended, drop, drywall, bamboo and more.
Basement Ceiling tiles, Decorative Ceilings, Ceiling Ideas, Ceiling Designs, matching Grid or Grid Covers. Shop 100s of varieties of ceiling tiles including plastic, tin, plaster, acoustic, designer, translucent, polyurethane and scenic tiles. Basements are popular remodeling projects, especially when the ceiling is beam work and a bottom view of the floor to the room above. Finishing a basement ceiling has two goals: to conceal ductwork and other obstructions and to cap your lower-level spaces in style. If you have an exposed basement ceiling and want to cover it, you do have a few simple and cheap options. Achieve the look of a custom-crafted three dimensional, grid ceiling at a practical price with WoodTrac ceiling system.
Made from recycled cardboard and designed to ship flat and be folded at the installation site, the lightweight two by two foot modules are a cost effective and dramatic solution for spaces that require suspended ceilings. Install fiber optic star ceiling kits, tiles and domes into your living areas and children’s bedrooms. Instead of drywall or drop ceiling, paint it all with an Airless Sprayer in white to make it uniform but blend in and bright. Basement ceiling idea could be really cool if there was tube lights or led’s shining through from behind it.
Tented Ceiling Playroom in basement created by stapling fabric panels to exposed floor joists. Ceiling art fits easily into your dropped ceiling or suspended ceiling grid and provides not only easy access to pipes and wires overhead but creates a larger than life appearance for the overall space.

When it comes to finishing your basement, one of the most important things to consider is what you are going to do with the ceiling. Using a little creativity and some inexpensive supplies, a basement ceiling can be transformed from an ignored area to a functional and attractive focal point. When choosing the right basement ceiling ideas, you have to consider your personal taste and your budget.If you are worried about your budget and want to find the most affordable idea for covering your basement ceiling, you have many options for this.
Make a home theater in your A basement, or if you are an exercise type of person turn the basement into a gym. You can use faux wood paneling, bead board and even heavy-grade fabric to create architectural detail to your plain ceiling.
Why use the basement to fill it with some old stuff that you don’t really need or use.
However, those items will only useful in a short term, so you can use it temporarily until you can afford a long term solution. If you want to have a better ceiling covering, there are still many basement ceiling ideas you can use. The most expensive option, drywall can give your basement ceiling a finish look and allow you to paint the ceiling.
You need to be experienced with taping and joint filling using drywall compound to be able to install it properly. There are more than a few basement lighting ideas to tell you again that how useful and lively the basement will be.
If you are not really patient, you will get frustrated during the installation since even you make only minor imperfections, they will still noticeable. This is one of the trickiest tasks to enhance the upshot of decoration of the basement with the existence of lights.

Of course a cheap project with effective result is more preferable.calm home basement lighting planNatural Daylight Basement Lighting PlanTo optimize the lightning options for basement, first of all, you must clear your basement of bushes and tidiness completely to obtain the most quantity of natural daylight.
One more benefit from drop ceiling is that you can easier repair or upgrade the ceiling since it made from ceiling tile. Even if it is much more expensive than minor windows, it saves your funds in terms of using non-natural basement lighting design. So, you just need to remove the ceiling tiles if you want to repair or upgrade your ceiling covering.So, you have some options of basement ceiling ideas that you can choose to suite your price range. Now you can have an opportunity to cover your plain basement ceiling with the most appropriate one. Wooden basement doors are commonly used by they are not cool and can’t let the sunlight in. Therefore, you can change them with glass doors.Think about the site and upcoming use of your basement to make a decision of basement ceiling and lighting idea.
A dark and gloomy basement is truly not appropriate for children to play and do all activities. Muted switches with this lighting aid you in generating a perfect home theater.Many families also like to use the basement as a library or room to study.
The most suitable way and time to mount the tracking light is when the basement is being built.

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