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This modern range also includes versions with green, white or orange insides as an alternative. Payment & Security Payment can be made online by any credit or debit card, Paypal, or by Google Checkout. Our site uses the latest 128 bit SSL security, complying with and exceeding all necessary security requirements to protect your details.
SSL encrypts your order online to avoid any decoding of that information of anyone other than the necessary processing parties. If you decide to cancel and return the goods, then you should put this in writing, either by letter (proof of posting or recorded delivery is advisable) or you can fax or email. Fitting energy saving bulbs into your existing fitting will give you a more energy efficient fitting. Compact fluorescent Available with built-in ballast with ES or BC fitmentfor replacement of GLS bulbs. PL Lamps G24d-1, G24d-2, G24d-3 (d=duo=2pin) G24q-1, G24q-2 (q=quattro=4 pin) Available 10-26W Requires special fittings with built in ballasts. 2D GR8 = 2 pin = 16W GR10q = 4 pin = 28, 38W Requires special fittings with built in ballasts.
Dedicated Low Energy: The fittings marked with green or blue text throughout the catalogue are suitable for dedicated low energy lamps. Retro Fit Low Energy (Self ballasted lamps): This type of lamp is available to suit many of the common lampholder types (BC, ES, SES, GU10) and is suitable for use in many fittings. The type of light will vary dependant on the ‘colour temperature’ of the lamp - a lamp marked 827 (or 2700k) will produce a warm light, similar in appearance to a conventional GLS whilst an 835 (3500k) will produce a cooler light which may be more suitable for some contemporary fittings. Energy Saving Halogen: Whilst he energy saving is not as great as with the fluorescent lamps, the appearance of the lamp is very similar to those it is designed to replace. Low Voltage: These lamps operate on 12V which means a transformer has to be fitted either in the light fitting itself or remotely. Mains voltage: This type of lamp offers the light colour advantage of halogen without the need to house a transformer. Incandescent These are the traditional style bulbs used around the home, available in a variety of sizes and colours.
Bayonet cap (BC or B22), Small Bayonet cap (SBC or B15), Edison screw (ES or E27) and small Edison Screw (SES or E14).
Pearl is an all over frosting which diffuses the light and is best used in a light fitting with shades.

Clear bulbs are more attractive when used in fittings where the bulb is visible or a sparkle is required such as crystal chandeliers.
Reflector bulbs have a silvered surface to direct the light in a certain direction and are usually intended for directional fittings such as spot lights. Next day delivery is available for orders placed before 8pm Monday to Friday and 5pm Sunday (GMT). For hygiene reasons we cannot exchange or refund duvets, pillows, underwear, personal grooming products, food and drink items, toiletries or jewellery unless they are defective. We guarantee to refund any item you are not completely happy with when you return it to us within 1 month of receipt. I was unsure how this would hang in the hair upstairs which hangs down a great length but has the WOW factor I have been looking for over a year for something to stand out, the photo does not do it justice !! To check the security of your connection, look at the status bar of your browser window after accessing the server. Faulty returns must be sent back for inspection using our correct postal address (as below). The fittings themselves contain control gear which is designed to operate ‘pin based’ fluorescent lamps. It is a fluorescent lamp, similar in operation and energy saving to the dedicated low energy lamps but with the control gear housed within the lamp itself.
Typically the Osram ”Halogen Classic” range will consume around 30% less power to produce the same amount of light. They are more efficient than incandescent bulbs using only half the energy to produce the same light output and last twice as long. The advantages of the lower power are that the safer voltage enables manufacturers to produce interesting and slim designs without the need to protect against danger from higher voltages.
The reflector type bulbs are known as GU10 or GZ10 and the small envelope non-reflector halogens are known as G9. If you see an unbroken key or a closed lock then, depending upon your browser, SSL is active. These lamps have unique lampholder types which are only suitable for the type of lamp detailed in the specification.
This allows them to be fitted in fittings designed for use with conventional filament lamps. A 28W candle of this lamp type gives the same light output as a conventional 40W candle lamp and lasts around twice as long.

They are suitable for areas where directional lights are required such as kitchens and bathrooms, but are also suitable for other rooms. You can also double check by looking at the URL line of your browser - while accessing a secure server the first characters of the address will change from HTTP to HTTPS. These are strongly suited to fittings where the lamp is exposed and is very effective for fittings with crystal. Generally they are small lamps which generate a lot of heat so they can only be used in light fittings designed to cope with higher temperatures.
The newer electronic transformers are more energy efficient and smaller but more expensive than the conventional wire wound type. They consume around 20% of the energy used by a conventional incandescent lamp and have a life of between 10 & 15 times longer (dependant on the specific lamp).
These lamps are instant start and suitable for dimming and can be applied as a direct replacement for a comparable lamp type for any product. Electronic transformers can be damaged by voltage ‘spikes’ in the mains supply (sometimes referred to as ‘dirty mains’). The picture doesn't show the plate at the top - it's a large round, 2cm deep stainless steel plate. All information regarding your purchase was sent to the email address you supplied whilst placing your order.
They are available in a wide range of types including, GLS, Candle, G9, R75, Gy6.35 (low voltage lamp). These spikes can be caused by fluorescent lights, older motors, fridges, lift shaft motors etc.
It needs assembly, which takes a bit of time as there are 12 glasses, but it's relatively straightforward. Philips Lighting also offer a comparable solution with their Master Classic Halogen Eco Boost range. Please ensure you ask for a certificate of posting from the Post Office as proof you have sent the package.

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