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My husband, Todd, and I had already examined the bulb and the light switch for faults, and found none.

It was time, we realized, to rewire and change the sockets of our brass lighting fixture, one of many that was beginning to fail in our circa-1900 house.The lighting fixtures in our Colonial Revival-style home in Staten Island, New York, were installed when the house was converted from gas to electricity in 1920.
Scroll down for Find product information, ratings and reviews for a 3-Bulb Mini Chandelier – Black. Flicker Bulbs Serving the United States of America Chesterfield NH 603-363-8300 CLICK to DUCK into our store for Flicker Bulbs . A few of the fixtures had been rewired some 30 years ago, but most still had the original wiring. In addition, almost all of the sockets were original—and most of them were starting to fail.Because we had some experience with electrical work—we had run wiring, installed light switches, and hung fixtures during our years of home restoration—my husband and I decided to rewire the fixtures ourselves. Our fixture was installed onto a now-defunct gas pipe by a nipple that was threaded on two sides. To expose the wires for our ceiling fixture, we had to unscrew the cap and chain at the top, then separate the top pan of the fixture’s main body by gently loosening it with a screwdriver [C].

Once the wires have been removed, some socket housings may be connected mainly by the wires, and can detach (ours did).
The socket in our fixture was brass with a cardboard lining and a turnkey screwed into place, but some sockets may have retaining rings to hold them in place. Our chandelier has five arms, so each socket would be able to handle a 100-watt bulb, more than sufficient for our needs. E D G FTo connect the wires to the socket, examine the lamp cord, looking for the wire that feels rough or has a raised stripe or a mark (ours had a black dotted line); this is the neutral wire.
The hot wire should feel smooth or be devoid of markings; it gets attached to the brass screw on the socket.

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