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I was always wondering how I could use the below ceiling space to store some stuff since our apartment is rather small with high ceilings.
I consider this a project for more advanced crafters as there are special tools to manage, but if you feel a great need for those under ceiling slides in your house, ask someone who is more experienced to help you with the most difficult parts. All in all, if you manage to complete it, all your problems with too many stuff in not enough space will be solved.
You can vent through the soffit, but with the WI climate I'd be more inclined to recommend venting through the roof. Quote:Originally posted by weirdhellokitty What about running it along the floor of the attic to the wall at the back of the house? Quote:Originally posted by weirdhellokittyHowever, we plan on finishing the attic to become livable space. Doesn't the new 2006 IRC require bathroom vents (such as this) to actually vent outside and does not allow these to vent just at the soffit? Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments.

One in-line centrifugal fan can be mounted in the attic to exhaust the moisture from two bathrooms.
If you have two bathrooms that are close together and one has an exhaust fan and the other doesn't, you might be wondering if you can tie a new exhaust duct into the existing one. This space is so wide that actually we could create sleeping areas there, hung swings for kids, and still there would be enough space to store something.
The ceiling level is above the roof level, so we have to vent through the soffit or through the roof. When properly installed a rain cap designed specifically to vent a bath fan through the plane of the roof will not leak.
Except, you need to insulate the duct so air won't cool to dewpoint and condense inside, you should not use corrugated ducting and the duct needs to not have any dips in it that could end up pooling water.
Exhaust air from bathroomsand toilet rooms shall not be recirculated within a residence orto another dwelling unit and shall be exhausted directly to theoutdoors. But you can install one fan in your attic for both bathrooms, and make your bathroom quieter, too.

There is no need to "patch" the roof perfectly, because the cap flange is integrated into the roof shingles. You'd often blow air from one bathroom into the other, and local building inspectors wouldn't approve it. Although it is originally made for garage, in my opinion you can use the idea for the home too. We have a nice Panasonic WhisperFit Fan, and one electrician said that venting through a soffit was no problem, since the fan comes with a damper which will reduce the backdraft. I've never personally seen vents that exhaust out the side of a house cause any attic issues, but others who've posted here have posted pictures of some serious moisture-related issues involving vents that discharge outside of sidewalls beneath the eaves.OT - OF!!!M.

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