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The switches also work (I think) and here's why: I can hold a voltage tester up to the ground and the white wire, and pulling the chain switches for the fan, the tester will light up for the three speeds, but will not light up for the fourth pull, aka OFF.
I doubt that the fan motor or speed relay is the problem, because the lights are also not turning on. There should be voltage on ground-white when the fan switch is turned on, just like any normal light switch or direct connection. There should be 120 volts between the black wire (the hot) and the neutral, and 120 volts between the black wire and the ground wire, whether or not the switch is in the open or closed position.
Looks to me like you possible tapped into a switch loop.We need to know the connection at the other end of the cable feeding the switch. Typically with Hampton Bay ceiling fans, the SKU number is written on top of the fan motor housing on a sticker. As to find out where the receiver is located, it is typically found inside the light kit housing. As for purchasing a new receiver, Hampton Bay and The Home Depot have set up a replacement parts phone number, in the pic below you will find the troubleshooting line.
The key to this though is in finding the SKU number that should be written on top of your motor housing, inside the canopy housing, or sometimes in the light kit itself.
After checking that, check back with us and see if it is still not functioning, if not, replace the receiver located inside the fan, but again, let us know if you have any further questions.
I would say the problem could be the fan switch or even the capacitor, as Christine showed above in her last post on this thread. Once you replace those two items, and you don't have a remote control on the fan, then your fan should be up and running again! Depending on what your fan is will determine how the receiver or if other parts can be replaced. While you can just replace the receiver, it may also be a capacitor to blame for your fan having one speed as it is now.

If you still can't find it you can always call the Hampton Bay Customer Service line and order it from them.
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So I have dual fan lights and trying to wire 2 3-way switches; one for light ant the other for fan. You need another traveler between your two light switches, and you need another traveler between your two fan switches.
I was thinking about this on the way into work this morning, and I think I figured it out (won't be able to verify until tonight). If it is the hot wire, as sometimes happens wiring three way switches, it should be painted black on the end. After turning off the breaker feeding the ceiling fan, carefully unscrew the side screws located on the side of the light kit. With the right number, we can get you the right receiver and owner's manual to troubleshoot anything else further down the line. A The remote light turns red when pressing either button but nothing happens with the fan or light, A  A I wanted to verify that both dip switches on remote and receiver are set to the same but when I looked at the canopy hanger bracket it did not have the receiver in it. For your wireless remote, did the remote control suddenly stop turning the lights and fan off? Lots of Hampton Bay fans can have their receiver replaced via our instock replacement remotes.
Assuming your white wire is actually supposed to be the neutral, the voltage on the neutral wire when the switch is on should be very close to zero, since the neutral is directly connected to the neutral bus at the panel, and the neutral bus is bonded to the ground at the panel. It maybe a various number of reasons as stated by our experts in this post eariler, you can check those out, and one that maybe the culprit is possibly the receiver unit that is inside the fan.
Therefore there should be very close to zero voltage difference between the neutral and the independent equipment ground wire.

A My next homework assignment was to research as to where I can get replacement parts - so thanks for the help on that - you saved me some time! Hampton Bay fans, to my knowledge, only have receivers in that area, or in the canopy hanger area. A Unfortunately, he did not leave the instruction manual and I have been looking online on where to download a PDF of this but have had no luck! This can be replaced, but make sure all of your electrical connections are in good order first. The fact that you are measuring voltage between the white wire and the ground wire when the switch is closed suggests you have a neutral problem, as has already been suggested. A So without being able to read a manual, I am just wondering where the receiver is located for this fan since it is not in the canopy hanger bracket?
I do not know if the controls forA your fan are in the body of the fan, or in the canopy of the fan? You can bring them with you so that if the Associate needs to look them up it will make it a lot easier. Choose a replacement unit, drop the canopy cover off the fan, after turning off the power to the fan!
Then follow the instructions and swap out the controls, wire for wire, then replace the cover.

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