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So if your ceiling height is 12 feet, for example, you’ll need a 3-foot downrod to position the fan at 8 feet from the floor (the formula allows for additional space that the fan takes up).
You might want to go with two fans instead of one to keep air flowing and the room feeling just right.
If you can drill a few holes, install some screws, connect wires and lift at least 35 pounds, you can install a ceiling fan—all by yourself. Ask yourself whether you want your fan to provide direct lighting (for accomplishing tasks) or more ambient lighting (for establishing a certain mood or tone in the room).

Fans made for wet or damp locations are built with all-weather blades, moisture-resistant motors and other special features.
Pretty fun to do from the comfort of your favorite chair (or wherever you are from up to 40 feet away from the fan). Dust-resistant technology has made ceiling fan maintenance practically a thing of the past. Even if an outdoor area seems safely covered, humidity can negatively impact the motor and the blades.

Remote control kits include a handheld transmitter for sending commands to the fan and a receiver you’ll either conceal inside the fan canopy or mount just beneath the ceiling. Instead, run it clockwise to push warm air down and gently recirculate it without creating a cooling effect.

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