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Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. The installation manual states to connect both Blue and Black ceiling fan wires to the Black outlet box wire.
If you want the fan and light to operate separately, then connecting the wires as you described is the way to go. As for the green grounding wire, simply attach it to the green grounding wire in the ceiling.
Assuming your new fan has a pull chain control and your house wiring is wired conventionally, and you want the same function as before, your assessment of connections is correct. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged electrical wiring ceiling ceiling-fan or ask your own question. Here is a quick thing that any homeowner can do to greatly improve the look of any room with recessed lights. If you find this type of plug in you home it is time to call in an electrician This is the electrical version of Beta vs VHS . A longer down rod is needed maintain proper blade clearance when installing on a steep, sloped ceiling. You may need a longer down rod to maintain proper blade clearance when installing on a steep, sloped ceiling. To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community.
Note: if you do not own the apartment and are not a licensed electrician you can not do this even with the owners permission.
By deduction, it would appear that the black wire bundle is not being connected to any part of the fan unit?
If that is not what it appears to be, then the fan's ground wires should be connected to the metal, fan-rated box in the ceiling. As Ray said earlier,if you do not own the apartment and are not a licensed electrician you can not do this even with the owners permission.
As it turns out, there was a directional switch for the fan tucked away on top of the unit. This perfect storm of coincidences lead me to assume that the issue was something far more complicated than it turned out to be. Before I give you the full tutorial for installing a ceiling fan, we need to talk about prep work and safety.
Next, if you are replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan, you MUST make sure that the junction box is attached to a support. Finally, you need to have a Sturdy A-Frame Step LadderA tall enough to reach 1-2 feet below the fanA during installation.
Locate the hanging bracket and secure it to the stud that holds the junction box, or secure it to the junction box if it is bolted to a ceiling fan brace. Wiring with the receiver is a little more work because you are creating moreA connections, but it’s just as easy to do. Next, attach the white neutral wire from the ceiling box to the white wire from the receiver.

Installing the fan blades on the Caneel Bay are a little tricky, but once you get one blade assembly screw and nut attached it moves quickly. White ceiling fan swag kit - The casa deville™ pretty in pink light kit ceiling fan has a beautiful, antique style design. The previous fan's light was controlled by the switch and the fan controlled by the pull chain. You should use an appropriately sized ring or fork terminal, to connect the ground under the same screw as the ground from the ceiling. The fan's green ground connects to the green wire at the outlet that is bonded to the hanger plate. Hundreds of questions have been answered switches, outlets, circuit breakers, 3-way switches, GFCI outlets and more. This is to make sure that sure that you fan is not being controlled by someone else with the same fan. The bowl-style light kit has a brushed nickel ring with frosted white glass that ties the fan together. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Red Accents 1 answer Can I replace the light bowl with a non-frosted glass? My wife has poor vision and we don't want to put a floor lamp in the living room because our infant daughter will mess with it. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Black Accents 0 answers Can I use a remote with this fan and does the remote come with it? Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Red Accents 2 answers Can this unit be installed on an angled ceiling?
Not sure if having both the dimmer switch and the fan remote is as adding an extra level of complexity. I moved in with just the wires sticking out of the ceiling, so no other information is available. If this is a multi-family building a licensed electrician may be required to do the job, no exceptions.
If the box in the ceiling is not a fan-rated box, then you need to replace it with one that is. First, do not attempt any electrical projects until you have turned off the power to the fixture you are working on. And having an assistant who can hand you the motor when it’s time to hang the fan is definitely a bonus.
If you are working on a porch with slats, lay down a blanket under the ladder to catch them. All ceiling fans are different, but most require removing the light kit before you can get access to the fan blades and motor. You will want to attach the wires together with a wire nut and then wrap part of the bare wire around the ground screw attached to the mounting bracket.
And finally, attach the additional power wire (usually red, but can be black or striped) to the blue wire (this color may vary) from the fan. It is good practice to put the white neutral wires on the opposite side of the box as the red and black power wires.

Attach the white wires first, then the black and finally attach the two blue wires together with aA wire nut. Connecting them is super easy, just line up the colors and snap the wiring harness together and make sure it is secured. We have switched outlets in most rooms and no overhead lights, but I’d like to install ceiling fans in a couple bedrooms.
I think this is the first fan installation article in I’ve seen with this much detail.
I think those of us that live in warmer climates know that we just can’t live without ceiling fans.
Am I understanding correctly that this green wire should be connected to the green wire from the fan motor? It has 1 bare ground wire,  1 white neutral wire 1 black hot wire and 1 red switched wire.
In an effort to improve the brightness from this fan I was hoping to replace the frosted light bowl with a clear one. For this reason, I was truly excited when Casablanca contacted me and asked if I wanted one of their new ceiling fans.
I like to turn on the fan and light (they are often on two different power lines) and then shut off the power. Or in the case of the Casablanca fan, attach the green and yellow striped wire (from the hanging bracket) to the green wire from the fan and the ground wire from your ceiling box. Regardless, now is your chance to enter to win the Casablanca ceiling fan of your choice + have your room repainted! We have plans later on down the road to put one in our living room and maybe another bedroom too. I knew it was a great opportunity to put together a tutorial for you so you couldA see that installing a ceiling fan isA not a difficult DIY project! This is the standard installation for a ceiling fan that doesn’t have a remote and a receiver. Use a wire nut to attach the wires together, then wrap part of the bare wire around the ground screw attached to the mounting bracket. Plus, we had Casablanca fans in our previous house and they are well made and will last a long time. Or in the case of the Casablanca fan, attach the green and yellow striped wire (from the hanging bracket) to the green wire from the receiverA and the ground wire from your ceiling box.
Yes, I was excited, especially because Casablanca hasA so many beautiful options for stylish fans.
You also need to use a reputable electrician who is licensed and versed on your local permits. And I know, they have ceiling fans that will surely have the designers changing their tune.

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