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I still have pull chains to turn on and off the light, and a chain to reverse the direction. I may replace the pullchain in the future, but for the time being, is it possible to shut off the fan somehow without the chain?
To control the fan speed without the switch, you’d have to apply current to the proper wires to get the speed you want.
If even a small bit of the chain is left, you may be able to pull it using needle nose pliers. If you like to tinker; and have a bit of knowledge about this stuff, you could take the fan apart and replace the switch. If there are any exposed wired or apparent electrical parts exposed, test with a non-contact tester to make sure they are not live (hot).

You will probably have to remove (lower) the light fixture section of the unit to get to the fan section. Check to see if the switch for your brand is available from either a home center store or the manufacturer. 14 – Bananas and Tips: are they classified as terminals, connectors, both or neither? Twin and earth wiring is required for all installations except those using a double wall control.
However, If in doubt with any part of the installation procedure then please contact a qualified electrician. Since this is likely a mechanical device (not electronic), the only way to change the setting is to physically move the switch to another position.

It’s probably a good idea to have the old switch in-hand, when you make your trip to the hardware store for a replacement.
There is often a small bolt or nut in the center bottom or small screws holding the bottom cover on. If you do, you may be able to remove the remaining piece and replace it with a new chain or attach a new chain to the stub of the old. A bonus is many come with hand-held remote controls for fan speed, light dimming, etc., which I know your mother-in-law will appreciate.

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