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Many ceiling fans are equipped with two electrical switches — one to control the fan and one to turn on the lights attached to the fan housing.
Hampton Bay Ceiling fan AC-552 won't spin but light works I bought 2 light kits for our lightless ceiling fans and neither will work. I just installed a new ceiling fan that has both the light and fan controlled from a dual wall switch. To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. I just bought my first home and tried to replace an existing flourescent light fixture with a new fixture purchased from Lowes. I believe I fried it because when I connected the red wire from the ceiling with the black from the fixture, I was not able to turn the power switch on the main braker completely, and the bulb flicked from on to off. There is one change that I missed when describing my scenario, and I apologize for wasting everyone's time.
Originally the BLACK wires were capped, not the RED as I mistakenly stated on the first post.
When i capped the blacks and connected fixture black with red ceiling, that's when my bulb fried.
Then turn on the switch that has the hot lead from the panel & see what else gets hot, whether it's the other switch or a wire in the ceiling. If for some strange reason both switches are hot when in the off position, that would mean that there are two separate sources of current.
In other words, we are trying to determine what wires, in the ceiling get hot when each of the switches is on. So when both switches are off, the black wire in the ceiling is hot & when switch 1 is on, the red wire in the ceiling is hot. This actually aligns with my initial scenario when I hooked the black of the fixture with the black of the ceiling, I got power but could not turn off the power.
Hello, I have read other posts from people with similar issues, but everyone's wiring setup seems to be slightly different than mine. There are no cable assemblies made with only one conductor, and none made with two black wires in the same assembly. Are you replacing a ceiling fan or installing one to replace an existing light fixture, or is this a new location where there wasn't either a fan or a light fixture before?
I see what appears to be two white wires spliced together, with the splice protected by a wire nut. Why this is confusing: Individual wires not part of a cable must be part of a complete circuit in conduit.
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The switches also work (I think) and here's why: I can hold a voltage tester up to the ground and the white wire, and pulling the chain switches for the fan, the tester will light up for the three speeds, but will not light up for the fourth pull, aka OFF.
I doubt that the fan motor or speed relay is the problem, because the lights are also not turning on. There should be voltage on ground-white when the fan switch is turned on, just like any normal light switch or direct connection.
There should be 120 volts between the black wire (the hot) and the neutral, and 120 volts between the black wire and the ground wire, whether or not the switch is in the open or closed position. Looks to me like you possible tapped into a switch loop.We need to know the connection at the other end of the cable feeding the switch. The switch is twisted to blue and white wires coming out of the fan and another blue wire. You should have all whites together, the red and the fan (blue Problem with Hampton Bay 54 In. Look around the house, maybe you shut it off and didn't realize it,GL Does the fan work?
Typically, there is a Active Question My Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is acting like a strobe light. You do need to check voltage at the box it comes in at and if that isn't at the fan then at the fan also but the most likely cause is a bad capacitor. I did try to read existing tips on other similar threads, but none contained the wire configuration i have. If so forget the red wire leave it capped as before,reconnect the black to black and be sure all the connections are tight,replace the bulb.what made you think you fried the bulb? There is very seldom a green insulated grounding conductor in a cable assembly, but there are exceptions.
They are fine.We need to see the ceiling box from a different angle to see if you have conduit.
The point is that there should not be a single wire outside of a raceway* (sheath, conduit, tray). Plug In Timers Motion Sensors Motion Sensor Light Switch X10 Lamp Dimmers Lutron Dimmers Photocells Timer Switch Ceiling Fan Controls. A timer function can shut the fan off The HDC100T Centrifugal Ceiling Extract unit is specifically designed for small to medium air exhaust requirements. It runs the fan in your bathroom or toilet for a fixed time after you turn it on and has two modes of operation.

If it is the hot wire, as sometimes happens wiring three way switches, it should be painted black on the end.
If so sometimes a switch gets stuck in the halfway We inherited a Hampton Bay fan when we bought our house about 10 years ago. Is this on a I've got a typical ceiling fan, and I go to turn it on and the lights work fine, but the fan has a problem. Non metallic boxes can't be used with metallic conduit and most residential conduit is metallic. Could be a bad switch you could eliminate the switch by first shutting the power off and removing the 2 black wires from the switch and wire nutting them together and see if the fan works then, if so replace the switch. The fans are ideally suited for domestic bathrooms Ceiling Fans from Westside Wholesale are the perfect solution for your Heating Cooling needs. By John Clarke Digital Timer Fan Control Manufacturers Digital Timer Fan Control Suppliers Directory high quality ceiling fans Suppliers. Greenwood Airvac D125TW – 125mm Discreet bathroom extractor fan with plain decorative cover and adjustable timer from 2 to 30 mins. Assuming your white wire is actually supposed to be the neutral, the voltage on the neutral wire when the switch is on should be very close to zero, since the neutral is directly connected to the neutral bus at the panel, and the neutral bus is bonded to the ground at the panel.
I hate to ask but if you could disconnect the fan and let us see just the box and the wires coming into it. If it is conduit there must be at least a hot and neutral in the conduit but you don't have that.
Therefore there should be very close to zero voltage difference between the neutral and the independent equipment ground wire. Okay so I had 2 out of 5 bulbs out on my ceiling fan set alight I bought the new Energy Saver bulbs to replace them.
We were thinking maybe it was the power switch as both fans are doing it but we've changed that out and it still is only making the humming noise.
It appears someone ran individual wires outside of a raceway (conduit or sheath) and that is a code violation. IP Greenwood Airvac Affresco Solar D125LTG Ceiling Extractor Fan with Timer Light at an amazingly low, internet only price.
The fact that you are measuring voltage between the white wire and the ground wire when the switch is closed suggests you have a neutral problem, as has already been suggested.

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