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If you find this type of plug in you home it is time to call in an electricianThis is the electrical version of Beta vs VHS. Plug individual appliances into the generator using heavy duty, outdoor rated cords with a wire gauge adequate for the appliance load. If connecting to the house wiring is necessary to operate a well pump, sump pump, furnace or other hard-wired equipment, have a qualified electrician install a manual transfer switch to prevent backfeed into our lines. A typical (1) portable generator connection transfers power through heavy duty cable plugged into a (2) power inlet box which acts as a weathertight connection to the (3) manual transfer switch that powers selected circuits of the (4) main distribution panel. This question is from Ceiling Fan Light Switch 3 answers Will this switch work with a Hunter fan? Yes, cut the connector off of the old switch and use a butt splice or wire nut to connect it to the new switch or you can remove the connector completely and use wire nuts to connect the new switch.
The house I moved into had a ceiling fan in the bedroom that was hooked up to a dimmer light switch.
What I'd like to do is split it so the fan motor is toggled by the normal switch, and have the lights controlled separately on the dimmer. I'm a complete beginner at this type of stuff, so I took some pictures and drew up a basic diagram. I assume I need to split the black wires, and possibly use the orange one to power the other switch after I split them?
Also if anyone is up for explaining, I'd love to know why those 4 wires are crimped into that little connection.. Your choice in combination switches was once limited to a switch and a receptacle or switch and a switch. When you replace a light with a ceiling fan, the old switch will still turn the fan off and on. This hardwired switch lets you adjust up to four fans and their lights from a single switch. A combination switch like this is handy at places like the top of the stairs, where the single-pole switch can control a hall light, and the three-way switch works in conjunction with a downstairs switch to control the light above the stairs.
Hundreds of questions have been answered switches, outlets, circuit breakers, 3-way switches, GFCI outlets and more.

The switch protects our workers and the public from getting injured by your power supply, and it prevents damage to your generator, wiring and appliances when power is restored. Only operate a generator outdoors in a well-ventilated, dry area, away from air intakes to the home, and protected from direct exposure to rain and snow, preferably under a canopy, open shed, or carport. This bathroom has two wall sconces but they are up high and cannot cast enough light down to the vanity's surface. Replacing the fan light switch is an easy and cost-effective alternative to buying a new fan. If you are looking to control the speeds on the fan, you will need a ceiling fan speed switch. Most of the wires are black and they're all joined into a weird little connection (see the picture). To be sure that rebent wires do not break, cut and restrip the wire ends before you connect them.
These days, you have many more possibilities: Remote controls, switch and dimmer, fan and light controls to name a few. Make a white pigtail and connect it to a chrome terminal on the side of the device that doesn't have a connecting tab. To control speed and light levels without significant rewiring, however, you can use a remote switch. Because GFCIs don't work if they're switched on and off, the switch on these units is meant to control other things, such as lights or exhaust fans in areas that require a GFCI. The old lights were flourescent and cast a poor yellow light that did not do a good job of showing off the counter tops.
You need to check with your ceiling fan manufacturer on the exact replacement switch for your fan.
Since both the light and fan work fine on one switch, it would seem everything needed is already in that wall box, so can you explain why I may need to run another wire to the light? Combination switches are always installed with through-switch wiring and never with end-line wiring.
A wall-mounted remote looks like a normal switch but lets you adjust both fan speed and light level without rewiring.

The switch and module allow you to adjust fan speed and dim lights without having to run new wires from the fan to the switch. The switches are available in a wide variety of styles, including a device with two switches and a GFCI.
Traditional double switches cut the space consumed in half, but triple switches are even better. Is the on-at-dusk light going to come on at dusk or did you accidentally flip the cutoff switch?
The un-grounded type like you would find on a lamp can still operate in an outlet like this. The wall sconces produce a softer light that casts off the wall and is much better for applying make-up or shaving. It comes with a pull chain for easy operation and is both UL Recognized Component certified and CSA listed.
For now, I disconnected the dimmer switch and put everything on the normal switch so that the fan works properly.
Attach the black wire from the switched fixture to the brass terminal with no connecting tab. Attach the black feed wire to the brass terminal that is not attached to the connecting tab. There is a purple wire coming down from the ceiling that goes into the other connection on the switch. Attach the outgoing black wire to one of the black terminal screws next to the connecting tab. It should be replaced.Image via WikipediaNow, that we know some of the history of this style of plug.

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