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Inspect the existing electrical box to determine if a fan brace box will be needed to hang the ceiling fan from. With the fan motor housing sitting on the floor, install the correct size of down rod to the top of the fan.
To install the down rod first remove the ball that is attached to the rod by removing the screw located on the side. Slide any covers that may have been included with your fan to hide the down rod mounting junction. At this point I like to remove the blades and blade arms and affix the blades to the blade arms using the supplied screws, this is for installation later.
Install the fan motor housing by setting the ball inside the cradle of the hanging bracket.
If your ceiling fan is supplied with a remote control you may have a canopy mounted receiver that would need to be installed at this point.
Once the fan is properly wired make sure all wires are pushed up inside of the electrical box. Sign up today for our FREE e-mail newsletters and get helpful tips and timely article links delivered to your e-mail inbox.
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Be the first to know about This Old House contests, sweepstakes, and events and receive special offers and promotions from your favorite home improvement brands. Make sure electricity to circuit is turned off and carefully remove the glass shade or globe from the old light fixture.Unscrew the retaining nut or screws that hold the fixture to the ceiling.
When you buy a ceiling fan kit, be sure to read the installation instructions before attempting to install the fan.
Place a clean sheet on the floor under where you will be dropping things like tools, parts and screws. In addition to providing cool air during warm weather, reversible fans can help funnel heat which has risen to the top of the room. Before I give you the full tutorial for installing a ceiling fan, we need to talk about prep work and safety.
Next, if you are replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan, you MUST make sure that the junction box is attached to a support.
Finally, you need to have a Sturdy A-Frame Step LadderA tall enough to reach 1-2 feet below the fanA during installation. Locate the hanging bracket and secure it to the stud that holds the junction box, or secure it to the junction box if it is bolted to a ceiling fan brace. Wiring with the receiver is a little more work because you are creating moreA connections, but it’s just as easy to do. Next, attach the white neutral wire from the ceiling box to the white wire from the receiver.
Installing the fan blades on the Caneel Bay are a little tricky, but once you get one blade assembly screw and nut attached it moves quickly. How To Replace or Install a Ceiling Fan – Watch how easy it is to replace a ceiling fan in nearly any room in your home. The popularity of ceiling fans continues to grow as more and more homeowners discover dramatic, year-round energy savings. The bedroom I would like to install a ceiling fan with light fixture has no wiring in the ceiling.
How to Install Ceiling Fans, A ceiling fan improves cooling in summer and heating in winter.
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You don't have to be a “Casablanca” aficionado to appreciate the elegance a ceiling fan can bring to your home.

Ceiling fans (technically called “paddle fans”) used to be frustrating to install, to say the least.
In this article, we'll illustrate crystal-clear instructions that go beyond the basic set included with the fan.
In addition to the fan, you can buy accessories like electronic controls, fancy light packages and furniture-grade paddles. If everything goes well, you can put up a ceiling fan in a couple of hours, including cleanup. Most of the time, the wires that fed a previous ceiling light fixture are adequate for hooking up a new fan.
Follow the photo series for basic installation steps that apply to more than 95 percent of all fans.
Angled ceilings require that you install “downrods” (also called extension tubes or downtubes) that will lower the motor and fan blades so they'll clear a sloped ceiling surface. If you have a more decorative fan please consult your installation instructions included with the fan. If you don’t have an existing fixture with an electrical box please contact an electrician to have one installed.
Lower the fixture and disconnect the wires by twisting off the plastic connectors from the ends of the wires. If home electrical work is not part of your expertise, or if you live in an ole house, make sure you use an electrician.
The sheet will protect the floor and let you find what you have dropped due to the white background the items that fell will be easy to find. Enlist the help of a patient friend who has had experience with the installation procedure in the past.
Be certain that the power to the entire house is completely shut off before beginning the task. Once you have installed you ceiling fan make sure you know how to effectively clean your ceiling fan.
They also provide “white noise” which makes some people sleep better.  They add gracious charm to any room and can help reduce heating bills year round. First, do not attempt any electrical projects until you have turned off the power to the fixture you are working on.
And having an assistant who can hand you the motor when it’s time to hang the fan is definitely a bonus. If you are working on a porch with slats, lay down a blanket under the ladder to catch them. All ceiling fans are different, but most require removing the light kit before you can get access to the fan blades and motor.
You will want to attach the wires together with a wire nut and then wrap part of the bare wire around the ground screw attached to the mounting bracket. And finally, attach the additional power wire (usually red, but can be black or striped) to the blue wire (this color may vary) from the fan. It is good practice to put the white neutral wires on the opposite side of the box as the red and black power wires.
Attach the white wires first, then the black and finally attach the two blue wires together with aA wire nut.
Connecting them is super easy, just line up the colors and snap the wiring harness together and make sure it is secured.
We have switched outlets in most rooms and no overhead lights, but I’d like to install ceiling fans in a couple bedrooms.
I think this is the first fan installation article in I’ve seen with this much detail.
I think those of us that live in warmer climates know that we just can’t live without ceiling fans. And you can enjoy a fan all year long as it creates a welcome breeze in the summer and circulates warm air in the winter. Most of the time you had to wing it because specialty hanging systems were poorly developed or nonexistent. We'll also show you how to avoid common pitfalls like putting on parts in the wrong order and forgetting to slip shrouds on ahead of time.

If you have a wiring arrangement that's different from ours and you are unfamiliar with wiring techniques, consult an electrician or building inspector for help. There may be small variations, particularly when it comes to the light and blade mountings, so you'll still need to consult the instructions provided with your fan. Install the pin that was removed previously and slide the ball back up the rod so that the pin seats inside the ball.
For this reason, I was truly excited when Casablanca contacted me and asked if I wanted one of their new ceiling fans. I like to turn on the fan and light (they are often on two different power lines) and then shut off the power.
Or in the case of the Casablanca fan, attach the green and yellow striped wire (from the hanging bracket) to the green wire from the fan and the ground wire from your ceiling box. Regardless, now is your chance to enter to win the Casablanca ceiling fan of your choice + have your room repainted! We have plans later on down the road to put one in our living room and maybe another bedroom too. And installing them yourself is much easier, thanks to new, strong hanging systems and electronic controls. Nowadays, most manufacturers have designed versatile mounting systems that take the hassle out of installation. As with any other electrical work, you may need an electrical permit from your local building department before starting the job.
The fan will have more air to draw from, and you'll feel more air movement because the blades are closer to you. If your ceiling's less than 8 ft., you'll need to remove the rod provided and flush-mount the fan.
Usually black is for the motor, blue is for a light kit if you have one, white is neutral, green is ground. With the many models available today, they are an excellent DIY project for a rainy weekend! I knew it was a great opportunity to put together a tutorial for you so you couldA see that installing a ceiling fan isA not a difficult DIY project! This is the standard installation for a ceiling fan that doesn’t have a remote and a receiver.
Use a wire nut to attach the wires together, then wrap part of the bare wire around the ground screw attached to the mounting bracket.
When you add in the improved, stronger ceiling boxes, you'll find that just about any ceiling fan can go up quick and easy on any ceiling, sloped or flat. If you plan on using pull chains on the ceiling fan to control the light kit and fan speeds you will combine the blue and black from the fan and connect to the power from the ceiling.
Feed the wiring from the light kit through the hole in the cap and screw the light kit to the hub. Plus, we had Casablanca fans in our previous house and they are well made and will last a long time.
Or in the case of the Casablanca fan, attach the green and yellow striped wire (from the hanging bracket) to the green wire from the receiverA and the ground wire from your ceiling box. See the chart below to determine the minimum downrod length for the blade diameter you'd like.
Use the supplied safety bolt to slide through the housing, through the down rod, and secure with the pin on the other side. Yes, I was excited, especially because Casablanca hasA so many beautiful options for stylish fans. You also need to use a reputable electrician who is licensed and versed on your local permits. And I know, they have ceiling fans that will surely have the designers changing their tune. Slide hub back on to the motor housing and secure using the screws that were removed previously.

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