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I remember seeing one of these things at my local Tuesday Morning, as well.The remote is Hunter, I have one of them and its receiver.
Thanks Rick, like I said, not all it's cracked up to be, but I want to make it better with the right parts. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! I was browsing the clearance section of Tuesday Morning earlier, and came across a nice looking ceiling fan (I found a good picture of it here). I don't know a thing about fan blade sizes, is 50" a good size for a 10' by 20' roughly with 20' vaulted ceiling living room space? FYI, I went to Costco after visiting Tuesday Morning and they had a 54" Hunter with remote control for $100. I did end up getting a Klein tape measurer for $4 and a storage cabinate that was $129 marked down to $43 since it has some damage on the side that where I'm putting it no one will ever see anyway.
Our story of building and living in an earth-friendly, energy-efficient, universally-designed home. The first light to catch my eye for the foyer and hallway was the Portfolio 17"W Chrome Pendant Light with Chrome Shade from Lowes. One big consideration for us in choosing lights is the brightness and amount of light they give.
Our main consideration for our great room light was the ability to use LED lights, so we shouldn't ever have to figure out how to get up 14.5 feet to change the bulbs.
We also have two cans in the command center, which is hidden in an alcove to the right in the picture above. Under the cabinets and in the two frosted glass cabinets, we chose Kichler Design Pro Black 3.5W LED Disc Lights, aka puck lights from Lighting by Design.
For these utilities areas, we decided to go with a bright yet economical flush mount light from Lighting by Design. As we get to the end and the bills are coming in hand over fist, we decided to look for some bargains.
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Got in NIB at Tuesday Morning because it was already reduced after being on the shelves for only a few weeks.
If it had a smaller motor I was going to take it back, I can hide the switch housing (which doesn't look half bad either once you get used to the idea) and get a Hang-Tru, but I would not stand for a smaller motor.
Looks like it came out from the Next Generation line-up with that canopy, blades and cheap remote.
I was looking for something for my living room and I had heard Casblanca made good quality fans.

Casablanca apparently has little to do with the actual fan, they have it manufactured and ship it to Tuesday Mornings and that's that.
The price tag showed that it was marked down from $169 to $139, so I decided to give it a shot. One of our projects for the weekend is to go through and move all the lights, fans and mirrors from the garage to the appropriate room.
I really liked the modern look of the mesh design over the pendant, and thought the silver would look nice with the gray paint in the foyer.
We're repurposing a light fixture that Niels brought over with him from his house in Belgium.
I feel in love with it after seeing it on an episode of HGTV's "Bang for Your Buck." I had to negotiate hard with Niels, but once he saw it in person, it was a done deal. I am so excited to see it go up, although our dinette will be green, not gray as we were thinking when we bought the light. We wanted LED lights that would be bright and cool, and really wanted to avoid florescent lights which can trigger my vertigo--not a good idea when I have a knife in my hand! There isn't a window in the in-law bathroom, so we wanted to make sure there was a lot of light. We thought he had buy a white fan, but in a happy surprise, we found out that Home Depot had the Hunter Ashlyn fan in brushed nickel.
I found lot of bargains on housewares and would browse there occasionally to get ideas for the new house and projects. The Claremont also comes with a Direct Drive motor that provides unparalleled power, silent performance, and reliability over decades of daily use.
This was the only brushed nickel one there that was reduced right now (actually, the only Claremont at all reduced right now (there were three ORB ones all full price)), and I really wanted to have it, so:Here it is folks. Once you get the Hang-Tru system and a set of actual blades (non-laminated) the fan is as good as the others mainstream models.
It's better then most newer Hunters, they just cut down a few features that are exclusive to Casablanca to keep costs low. One of the Hunter fans I have is from very early 1990's and seems to be much better quality than the newer one I bought 3 years ago.
Like Clay said, if you want info on the comparable model that Casablanca themselves market, you'll want to look at the Concentra. Would like to replace the ceiling fan in my living room with one that has a diffused glass bowl (no clue what the proper term is) over the lights. This might normally be done by the builder, but we bought most of our own lights to save money, so we're the ones who know where everything goes! My practical husband convinced me that the three light was better functionally the pretty two light, but when we went to pick up two lights tonight, not only was Lowes out of stock, but they didn't even have an signage for it.
We opted for the Allen + Roth Seagrass fan below because it was in stock and we liked the style better than the other options.

We love the ET2 collection and thought this vanity from the Bloc collection was really cool. We also have a door bell and some lights on the stairs, but for the most part, these are all the lights in our finished level. Current fans lights point right at my eyes when I'm sitting on the couch and tends to annoy the crap out of me and make days when I have a headache way worse. We did notice that the one to the right of our front door is cracked, so we'll have to figure out what happened with that. I found this especially odd because the Lowes by our apartment had two of the lights earlier in the afternoon.
It may be overkill, but at the time we made the decision, I had a raging headache (that took three months and three days intensive treatment with my neuro to break up) and my vision was at a low point. There are also straight lines that are similar to the lines in the glass of the backsplash. But, a few months ago, something caught my eye, and I realized that they often have larger housewares and appliances on the upper shelves.
It doesn't have a lot of light, but we don't really need a lot of light in our bedroom, and Niels deserved to be able to pick one of the lights! Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed.
I'd love to find a Hang-Tru canopy for it sometime, would make it look that much better to me.
I went to the Casablanca website and could not find any information about this model (Claremont).
Since we really didn't want to be driving around all night, we opted for financial functionality, and chose my original favorite and saved a bit of money. Really moves good air, as it should considering it's got the same motor and pitch as a Concentra. I could not find any information about it on any other website that sells Casablanca fans, either.Makes me wonder if it is a special model made just for certain stores like Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club, etc. It has a remote, and seems to be pretty quiet (the only time I can hear it over my air purifier is on the highest setting). Their website is pretty challenging to navigate if you're looking for a specific light, so we linked to a different site above. However, if you're in the area, Kelly at Lighting by Design is very helpful and we were happy to work with her. Anyways, the pics:The box, and the little cardboard insert dealie that's right under the box flaps.

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