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Buying instagram followers and likes is similar to buying twitter followers or facebook likes. We determine the quality of the follower by many things, but most importantly: are they a human?
A decent quality account is one that is of a real person, but hasn’t been used in a long time. An excellent quality account is one gained naturally through the website and someone who is very active on the site, has many pictures and they are continually sharing and commenting on your pictures. Retention means how many followers will stay with you after the guarantee (if they even have one) the provider gives to you.
Every provider is different, but some examples are Bot Nets, Neural Networks and Reward Networks.
Since you won’t be spamming anything and you can not control who follows you, your account is usually very safe.
We test, review and rate the top services for Instagram Followers offers by companies around the web.
Buying Instagram followers and likes is the secret to Instagram success – didn’t you get the memo? ABOUT USBuycheapsocialfollower is a great website which provide cheap and quality follower to people.
The quality of those followers, if they will interact with you and their engagement with you make the difference between a 1 star provider and a 5 star provider.
Using paypal as a payment system and making sure you are on a secure website will ensure that your financial information is safe, as well as using google chrome to ensure you are on a non-malicous website.

Many providers will give auto-follow accounts that have little to no interaction, no profile, no comments, no images nothing. They probably won’t be engaging with you in conversation, but they have a real profile, images and comments of their own and may have followers themselves. They will comment on your photos, share them with their followers and generally be an assist to your account. We wait until after the guarantee has expired and see if any of the purchased followers unfollow or get deleted. The best quality followers are paid humans that actually get micro-transactions for every like and follow they give to the provider, who then sells those back to you. If the followers are delivered to you in an unnatural fashion or too fast then they may be deleted from your account, but generally your profile is safe. The best providers followers were not part of that deletion, which is why we mentioned it in our review. There are thousands of places to purchase followers for Instagram, so before you buy the first one that pops up, check out our in-depth reviews as well as user reviews submitted by thousands of people that have already bought followers.
One of the biggest concerns users have with buying Instagram Followers is the possibility of losing them.
Everyone who wants to get more followers or likes in their social account, we can help you.
There are several factors to consider when purchasing instagram followers and we have rated these followers based on all relevant information and our personal experience with them. You’ll then provide them with your Username or link to your photo (never give away your password).

From the order process and turnaround time, to the quality and reliability of followers, to the customer support and company policies. Even if you have the best pictures in the world uploaded to instagram, if no one interacts with it, then you are not meeting your goals. Millions of people on Instagram have done it, from celebrities to local businesses, but very few admit to it. We want to make sure that anyone that buying Instagram followers does it right and doesn’t leave empty handed or with a bad taste in their mouth. And if you want to buy more than 100 instagram followers, you can change the quantity in the right of the page. Or you can choose the package above. Remember, the more active and current followers do have a tendency to have less retention as they are real people that no one can control.
While most companies may have issues on a weekly basis with losing followers (these are the low-quality companies), the top companies do an exceptional job at managing high-quality, long-term followers. If you’re concerned with losing followers, be sure to stick to the top companies mentioned above.
Every company is different and use they’re own set of techniques and methods to deliver followers and likes.

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