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Climate control and separation specialist Biddle has launched a sectional version of its Forceflow fan convector. A lack of ventilation compromises comfort causing headaches, nausea and a generally stale and stuffy atmosphere. Fan convectors have for many years been acknowledged to be one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of heating a room quickly. Available in 19 styles as standard, and many more variants when requested, the Forceflow 900 series incorporates a non-handed casing and increased internal space for speedier installation.

The advantages of energy efficient condensing boilers are well documented, but traditional fan convectors do not perform well with condensing boiler water temperatures.
Sill-Line Perimeter Heating was originally part of the varied range of heating products of Myson Copperad operating from Wolverton near Milton Keynes. Two years later the company acquired the Warmline Perimeter Heating business from Biddle Air Systems based in Nuneaton and in 2002 Sill-Line Perimeter Heating Ltd acquired the natural convector business of Lennox Industries.
Sill-Line Perimeter Heating Ltd is the only UK Company to focus exclusively on the sales, production and development of perimeter wall mounted, pedestal and trench heating systems.
Since commencing trading Sill-Line Perimeter Heating Ltd has supplied over 250 km of heating systems and is justly recognised as the leading specialist company in the sector.
Conventional means of introducing fresh air into buildings are usually uncontrolled and very wasteful of energy. With minimal maintenance requirements fan convectors rapidly distribute heat throughout a room whilst occupying much less wall space than a radiator of equivalent output.

20 years ago a separate company was formed exclusively for the manufacture of perimeter heating products and the business was moved to new facilities in Daventry. The company is uniquely able to draw upon the great heritage of the product lines established by Myson, Biddle, Copperad and Lennox. We believe that our trench heating grilles are the best in the business. Wherever possible Sill-Line Perimeter Heating Ltd prides itself at offering a solution that meets the exact needs of each installation and where necessary provides a custom built product to meet individual design requirements. As a result of these benefits, they are usually replaced like-for-like, but it is sometimes difficult for school estates managers to source a fan convector that is the same as the unit being replaced, which could be 20 or 30 years old.Biddle recently launched an innovative sectional version of its Forceflow fan convector to ensure simple replacement. In 2006 the Spiral Wound Tubing business of Gunning Engineering was added to include heavy duty steel heat emitters in the already comprehensive range of natural convector heating products.

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