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The real cause of the selloff is that investors who had been riding high on a bull market and short squeeze last year don’t want to get caught holding the bag on BBY stock. Because Best Buy still sucks, still faces revenue challenges and still can’t grow profits fast enough. Anyway, those folks who misinterpreted the short squeeze at Best Buy last year as signs of a turnaround have now started to realize that it’s all built on thin air. BBY earnings in February are sure to say the same thing, too, and investors don’t want to stick around for the horror show.
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Hey, you guys changed the links for the first & last but not the second last one (9th background) Please check to change all of them for the ones that are different. Best BuyEnlarge PhotoAs any gadget geek will tell you, the electronics retailer Best Buy is a great place to get everything from the latest windscreen televisions and kitchen appliances through to electric bicycles and even in select stores, the 2011 Brammo Enertia.
My friend Marc Bastow recently told me he went into a BBY location and had a great experience — the place was clean, the people were friendly and the layout was organized and convenient.
So think about that — BBY stock was making more in sales during the Great Recession than it is right now. BBY earnings in February are sure to say the same thing, too, and investors don't want to stick around for the horror show.
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And investors didn’t seem to care a whit about those trends in 2013, as the stock  skyrocketed more than 260% despite continued revenue declines.

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