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5 best low profile ceiling fans must have couple of extraordinary features which are not generally found in basic fans. Hunter 20803 has been upgraded by attaching 5 blades to make it a complete portable fan for the room with lower ceiling. Westinghouse Lighting 7216100 Solana is an indoor ceiling fan with highly attractive two blades to circulate air. Westinghouse 7861500 Contempra Trio is one of the 5 best low profile ceiling fans to warm and cool the indoor ambience without pollution. Consult with experienced mechanics and try to install this portable ceiling fan independently to save money. This entry was posted in Ceiling Fans and tagged Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans, Low Profile Ceiling Fans on August 21, 2013 by longer.
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Ceiling fans are the most common electronic appliances found in every house, whether in Rural or Urban region of the country. Here’s the top 10 ceiling fans with low power consumption according to the data from BEE and the technical details from the companies.
Superfan, a new emerging Indian ceiling fan company,has given the best efficient and powerful fan. Technix is an energy saving ceiling fan from USHA, the home appliances giant of our nation.
Orient launched two model to provide an energy saving ceiling fan that consumes less power, and both the models have got 5 star from BEE for Energy saving. Khaitan, one of the famous and leading fan brand in India, have given a splendid product HS – 50.
Havells, a well-known electrical equipment manufacturing company entered the fan business in the year 2003 and have found huge success.

Orison Fans are manufactured by Mamta Products, who are leading manufacturer of lighting systems for domestic and industrial usage. Crompton Greaves, known for its energy efficient light bulbs, are also very famous for its energy efficient ceiling fans. Havells Spark High Speed 1200 mm Ceiling Fan would keep you cool and refreshing in hot summers. Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes. Hunter 20803 forces upper layer of air to go downward and vice versa quickly for room refreshment.
The 48” flat body of this fan has no technical snarl to convert air for eco-friendly atmosphere.
Hugger type setting is favorable to persons who are accustomed to live under low profile roof.
With rising demand for power (Electricity), it is advised and recommended that we use electronic appliances that consume less electricity when calculated annually.
Adding crown to their business, the 3 energy saving fans from their company have acquired the BEE 5 Star rating. With almost 19 fans added to their energy efficient fans collection, they are the country’s largest in terms of energy efficient fans.
The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website.
For small shops, cabins and low ceilings a fan with 600 mm sweep is enough and For large halls, auditoriums, offices fan with 1500 mm sweep . Glass insulated base of the low profile ceiling fan has a groove for holding a bulb to spread soft light in the room.
Many people don’t realize that ceiling fans consume more electricity than light bulb, also ceiling fans are used during both daytime and night time, unlike light bulbs that are needed only during night.

X1 and X7 and two different models with same features but X1 comes with a wireless remote to control it while X7 doesn’t.
This model is considered as the best seller in the Energy Saving Model from Crompton Greaves and is available around for Rs.1965 with an option to choose from two color variant. The small room with low a roof is stuffed with odor, heat and dust particles if a caretaker is not responsible to clean the room everyday. Whisper Wind technology has been borrowed to tune up this ceiling fan which suppresses the vibration.
This fan is ISI certified and has won 2 awards during 2010-11 period for Energy Conservation.
During summer and winter seasons, the small compartments become the dens to give shelter to mildew, allergens, dander, critters and insects to pollute the air. Comparing to large fans, this model concentrates on the limited diameter of the interior space. Through the transparent glass screen, the eye-soothing beam emerges to create majestic ambience. Taking this as concern BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India started rating ceiling fans of 1200mm sweep (average sized), which made manufactures to come up with efficient products and even acquire 5 star BEE rating.
USHA has 9 models that got 5 star rating but Technix is the only model that runs with less power consumption compared to rest.
This rust resistant low profile fan is adjustable to the small kitchen with 18 by 20 feet high ceiling.
There are three categories of ceiling fans namely; Regular fan, BEE 5 Star Rated fan and Super-Efficient fan.

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