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Dual MotorsSet 1 fan to intake and 1 fan to exhaust, the Lasko 2138 8 inch reversible fan has two motors to make this possible.
Snap-On FeetThe Lasko 2138 8" reversible twin window fan transforms into a tabletop fan or a floor fan with 2 snap-on feet. Adjustable ThermostatThe Lasko 2138 8 inch twin fan has an adjustable thermostat to provide automatic comfort control. 3 Adjustable SpeedsThe Honeywell HW-305 reversible twin window fan features 3 adjustable speeds to keep you comfortable in any conditions.
Air Reverse OptionThe HW-305 reversible twin window fan includes an air reverse option that allows you to remove air from a room. Adjustable ThermostatThis reversible twin window fan maintains cooling levels with an adjustable thermostat.
Rain-Resistant MotorThe Honeywell HW-305 features a motor that's rain-resistant to prevent damages due to weather. 2 Speed SettingsThe Holmes HAWF2021 offers two quiet speed settings that are perfect for nighttime use!

Circulates More AirThe HAWF2021 moves more air through your window, cooling you down more quickly and efficiently.
Removes OdorsOnce turned around, this window fan removes stale odors and fumes from your home and pushes them out the window. Individual Fan SpeedsYou can adjust the speed setting for each individual fan with its speed adjustment knob. Fits Most WindowsWith the adjustable extender panels, the Holmes HAWF2041 is perfect for windows measuring 24 to 37 inches wide!
Operates QuietlyThis window exhaust fan operates quietly - making it perfect for nighttime use.
This 9" twin window fan optimizes customization by letting you choose between the options of air intake, exhaust, and air exchange with the switch of a button! This fan *is* quiet on both speeds, but, even on high, it doesn't seem to be very powerful -- with regard to moving air in and out. I'm sure this means my energy use is a bit high for fans in my bedroom, but I haven't gotten an electric bill since I started using it.

ALSO -- if you have a wide window, as I do, note that the expander sides do not go out as far as the description said (35 inches). I cannot get the pull-out sections to stay open all the way (small screws are supposed to secure them open), so there's an 8-inch gap on one side of the fan.The Lasko 2138 8" reversible twin window fan fits into a windowsill to cool down rooms of any size. The Lasko window fan has slide-out, E-Z click panels that are used to adapt the unit to window openings between 25" - 35" wide.
Made of durable white plastic, the Lasko 2138 reversible window fan has two fans that are 8 inches wide with 2 speed levels.

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