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Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. One in-line centrifugal fan can be mounted in the attic to exhaust the moisture from two bathrooms.
If you have two bathrooms that are close together and one has an exhaust fan and the other doesn't, you might be wondering if you can tie a new exhaust duct into the existing one. Hi im about to finish my attic remodel and i have read several posts on the chatroom about venting . Ideally you want the pipe short and go from the fan to the exterior as quickly as possible. Bottom line, if you don't know how to vent your bathroom fan to the exterior have a qualified contractor do the work. The good news is all you need to do is correct the ventulation piping and wash down the active mold. When inspecting a house I will determine the amount and type of insulation in attics, as well as walls, where possible. This house in Thamesville shows an earth-floor crawl space requiring a plastic moisture barrier covering.

There is potentially hazardous vermiculite insulation in this attic – could contain asbestos. A vermin problem is evident from urine stains and feces (squirrels) on this attic hatch in a very high-end Chatham home. Serving SW Ontario: Chatham-Kent, Wallaceburg, Blenheim, Ridgetown, Merlin, Thamesville, Bothwell, Newbury, Glencoe, Sombra, Sarnia, Dutton, West Lorne, Dresden, Rodney, Port Stanley. But you can install one fan in your attic for both bathrooms, and make your bathroom quieter, too. I dont want to go thru my roof and ive read not to do that because of moisture coming back into bathroom. Nice photos and detailed explanation of the problem the buyers were lucky to have hired you. I will determine if attic spaces have proper ventilation and if attic hatches fit properly. Typical crawl spaces not only have insulation issues, but could have ventilation and moisture issues that cause wood members to rot. You'd often blow air from one bathroom into the other, and local building inspectors wouldn't approve it.

Ive also read not to vent thru my soffit cause it can cause damage to the roof plus mold and moisture issue under eave .
Going out the side may not get moisture away from the house, esp if you are near the eaves. When in the attic I look for improper venting of bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans and evidence of mold on attic ceilings. I will also look for vermiculite insulation that may contain asbestos as well as UFFI that is not desired by some. An exhaust directly through an exterior wall is also acceptable, but in attics it has to be directly vertical and out through the roof.

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