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It’s extremely common to find stained ceilings around bathroom exhaust fans while conducting home inspections in cold climates, such as Minnesota. While the knee-jerk reaction from most homeowners is to call a roofer, this type of staining isn’t the result of a roof leak.
Reuben Saltzman works for Structure Tech, a Minneapolis home inspection company that has been in business since 1987.
There are a few things you can do to help narrow down your choices and to insure you buy a fan that accommodates your needs.
Odors in bathrooms tend to hang around a bit longer than we’d like and a timer is a neat function that allows the fan to run for a measured block of time after the person has left the room before it stops. The humidistat is a sensor that will automatically be activated once the moisture in the bathroom reaches a certain level.  These additional features will offer a convenience to you and your family for many years to come. Low-Profile Housing for Smaller Ceiling CavitiesDo you have 2" x 6" joists in your ceiling? If you’re shopping for a bathroom ceiling fan for your home you’ll only find them in two sizes, four or six inches.
When moist air is carried through a duct that passes through a very cold attic space, moisture will condense inside the duct.

For most bathrooms a four inch fan will suffice but if bathroom in question has very poor ventilation you may need to upgrade to the six inch fan to help better condense steam accumulation. When enough condensate accumulates, it will drain to the bottom, leak throught the fan, and stain the ceiling. Designed to fit 2" x 6" joists or larger, this low-profile fan doesn't sacrifice performance for size.
An optional 3" duct adaptor is also included for those areas where a smaller duct is necessary. An optional 3" duct adaptor is also included for those areas where a smaller duct is necessary.Add Some Overhead Light to Your RoomThis unit not only ventilates the air in your room, but provides overhead lighting as well. To prevent these stains from occurring, take these steps to help prevent condensation inside the duct.
Two 18-watt compact fluorescent lamps will provide plenty of overhead lighting while the convenient, 4-watt nightlight will help you find your way through the room in the dark.So Quiet You Might Not Know it's OnThis WhisperFit-Lite™ fan features a totally enclosed condenser motor and a large, double suction blower wheel to quietly move air.
A small wheel turning very fast will create more noise than a large wheel turning more slowly for a given airflow.
The blower wheel is also designed to draw air in from both sides, which helps keep the noise down, as there is more area for the air to enter the wheel.

In fact, it is quiet enough that you might not even know it's on.Continuous, Trouble-free Operation for Many YearsThis fan is designed to give you continuous, trouble-free operation for many years thanks in part to its high-quality components and permanently lubricated motors which wear at a slower pace.
Also, since heat is always detrimental to motor life (the cooler the environment, the longer the motor will last), we designed the electrical configuration of this model's condenser motor to allow it to operate at lower temperatures, increasing the life of the motor and bearings. This model also features a double-hanger bar system for ideal positioning.Energy Star® Qualified for Energy SavingsEnergy Star qualified products feature super-quiet operation and high CFM-to-Watt efficiency. The Energy Star program was created to help consumers identify products that can save them money and protect the environment by saving energy. As an Energy Star partner, all our fans are Energy Star qualified and labeled accordingly.Tired of Cold Air Coming Through Your Ventilation Fan?This Panasonic fan has a built-in damper to prevent backdraft, which helps to prevent outside air from coming through the fan.
Loose fill or batt insulation can be placed directly over the fan housing to prevent heat from escaping.

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