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The fan pictured in this gallery is one of a pair that was restored for a client's Nebraskan log home. In this month's featured restoration we are honored to spot light one of our client's historic home that is featured in the JUNE 2008 issue of THIS OLD HOUSE magazine. Don't listen to these other guys, Yvette, when it comes to ridding yourself of an old, dusty fan that you can't use. You know, being that my collection is lacking in Ceiling fans, you should send me that out of date, ornate and gaudy looking old chunk of cast iron. I have almost no information about ceiling fans but I did find a very similar ceiling fan here in Cairo.
He confirmed it was a Diehl and donated it to the fan museum but after full restoration.So I suspect that he too is looking for the same part. I could repair the hub by casting a new arm from a mould of one of the good arms and then either fixing it temporarily to the existing hub and have the whole complete hub cast in brass as a replacement.
The ulterior motive of course is that I can cast several more blade hubs (they will costs very little extra) and they will be available to Steve for the fan restoration and any other AFCA member who needs them. In terms of finish, a re-finish will not hurt the value if the original is what would be considered 'less than normal' or 'undesirable'.
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Diehl's introduction of this model was a step toward smoother lines and less ornamentation that had been the norm a mere decade prior. Though this model was 20s modern, Diehl still believed in offering an outstanding product by incorporating a hardened steel shaft in this model's design.

Diehl 52" ceiling fan shown in this gallery was restored for a weekend home near Wimberly, Texas. Diehl's introduction of this model was a step towards smoother lines and less ornamentation that had been the norm a mere decade prior.
This 1900-01 Texas Queen Anne style home was originally built by the daughter of a veteran of the Texas War for Independence (Remember the Alamo!). Diehl's introduction of this model was a step toward smoother lines and less ornamentation that had been the norm a mere decade prior. Please give us the rest of the information on the tag, or better yet, a clearly discernible picture of the fan. As for that broken blade hub, you would probably be better off trying to find that part off a donor fan. The same as above but brazing the brass arm onto the cast iron hub to keep it as original as possible. We can borrow a complete cast hub from another willing member and have a casting made here. Diehl 52" antique ceiling fan was nearing completion, the fan assumed the role of one of the possessions of Fitzgerald's famous character Jay Gatsby.
This antique Diehl ceiling fan featured the original blades, something we strive to supply when they are available and in recyclable condition. The 32” ceiling fan originally came with stamped aluminum blades that incorporated the bracket in the design.
The problem is there will be a cast of a cast of a cast so there will be some inevitable deterioration in quality of the decoration.

Those pre 1900 ceiling fans are very highly sought after so even in its present condition its worth quite a bit.
No not in a movie, but it just looked the part as it was prepared for our photo shoot before shipment to its new mahogany adorned poolhouse installation in Connecticutt.
The home underwent an extensive renovation that allowed it to once again shine in all of its historic glory. It is also a little difficult to be certain the arm is brazed in exactly the right position but doable. Besides that, who knows how many people already have one and are just waiting for someone to do the casting? The other model was identical to yours but had an ornate band around the sides of the motor. This model is actually the most proportioned by scale, of all small ceiling fans and actually is the only model that we consider a miniature ceiling fan. Our congratulations go out to our clients for having been asked by THIS OLD HOUSE magazine to feature their gem.
We also applaud their efforts in saving our history by restoring a beautiful home that was truly built to last, just as the original ceiling fan is that was installed there 90 years ago.

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