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Ceiling fans are commonly linked with warm weather therefore many people don’t realize that ceiling fans can also help warm up a room in the winter months. There are some exceptions that you should keep in mind when it comes to ceiling fan direction.  If your ceiling fan is installed in a room with a high ceiling you still put the ceiling fan direction on clockwise or reverse motion in the winter although you should put the speed on medium or high. Our house is open concept 3 level plan, and at most times of the year it is 2-3 degrees cooler upstairs (bedroom) than down (family room). If our airconditioner ducts are at the top of the wall facing the fan hanging from the ceiling, which way should the fan turn (when looking up at the blades)? Thank you Mark, When I first heard about reversing the fan in the wintertime I didn’t believe it would work also but since I tried it I do it every winter now. Is the direction of the fan determined when looking up at the fan or as if I were looking down from the ceiling?? The best way to determine if your ceiling fan is rotating in the correct direction is to stand under the fan and if you feel a cool breeze them it is rotating in the correct direction for the Summer. Another trick sent in by one of our readers is to spray lysol or some form of spray under the fan and if the spray goes straight down then the fan is in Summer mode but if the spray just hangs there then the fan is in Winter mode. The direction of the fan is determined by standing under the fan and looking up at the rotating blades. The remote has a ruberized finishe that quite frankly is nasty- any suggestiona about what can we use to clean it? Hello Mike, I talked to someone in customer service with Casablanca and they would only recommend wiping down the controls with a damp cloth and warm water.
Hello Karen, typically during the winter you would set your ceiling fan so the blades turn forward in a clockwise motion. Hello Lynne, yes… you will want to have your fan blades rotating counter-clockwise in the summer to create a breeze, and clockwise in the winter to pull the hot air from the ceiling down towards the ground.
Hello Gretchen, if you set your blades to rotate in a clockwise (reverse) motion, that should take the hot air from your upstairs loft and push it towards the ground floor while pulling the cool air up. Hello Kevin, there are a lot of things that could contribute to the air flow that you get in a room.
Between bouts of plastering on strawberry lip-balm, winding the waist of my school skirt upwards to display my bum-cheeks and buying Funny Feet lollies from the ice-cream van, I have sobbed and squealed over the mere notion of Duran Duran. By operating ceiling fans properly you can cool off or warm up your home and save money at the same time by cutting down the use of air conditioning and heating units.
With higher ceilings it takes more than low speed to help re-circulate the warm air down to floor level. By having the ceiling fan direction in reverse on a higher speed you will still get the wind chill effect that helps cool you off but will save you from a cold dinner or papers flying all over the place.
Are celing fans going to provide any air movement are should I be looking for a floor fan or mister?
Since it is an opened patio you should also make sure that you get a UL Wet Rated ceiling fan which will endure the outdoor elements.

Does the fan help bring that cooled air down, or am I better off with the windchill effect? A ceiling fan rotating counter clockwise will push the cool air down and will also create a windchill effect as well. If you feel a cool breeze then the fan is pushing the air down which is the proper Summer mode for your specific fan. They suggested perhaps using a little rubbing alcohol on the buttons to break down any built up on the control. In the summer, it’s very cool in the basement, and stuffy upstairs in the loft bedroom. Typically in the winter, you would have your fan in reverse on a low setting so you do not create a wind chill effect. Not real-life Duran Duran, just the idea of them, resplendent in tartan box jackets, pouting under the voluminousness of their bouffants. The thermostat won’t actually change but the room will seem several degrees cooler due to the wind chill factor.
Warm air rises and gets trapped near the ceiling so when the ceiling fan direction is in reverse mode it circulates the warm air from the ceiling to the floor helping take the chill out of the air.
I used this website to proof that what direction should ceiling fans rotate during Summer and Winter time ane it helped me big time. My fan has a wall plate remote, and when I have it going forward, the blades are rotating clockwise. If this is not the case contact the manufacturer because there may be a problem with the ceiling fan. If your ceiling is really high, you can still put your fan in a reverse mode, but you should operate it on a medium or high speed. I am not sure what size room you are working with, but your fan could be too small for the room and you may need something larger, or even two fans… depending on room size.
Without a ceiling Fan the warm air would continue to be trapped near the ceiling and the floor level would continue to stay cold. Googled ceiling fan direction and your site came up- we reversed all the directions on all the fans and it’s a lot cooler now! The blade position is higher on the left side of the blade, and lower on the right, moving clockwise. With higher ceilings it takes more than a low speed to help re-circulate the warm air down to the floor level. During the summer, you want the blades to rotate in a counter-clockwise motion to create a breeze in the room.
Well, to my girlish mind, anyway.And the “Save a Prayer” video where they're all simmering and emotional and vulnerable looking? The circulating air accelerates the evaporation of perspiration on your skin, making you feel cooler. Is this correct for the summer, or do I need to put it in reverse, which would rotate the blades counterclockwise?

You could try setting the downstairs fan to have the blades rotate clockwise to push hot air down, and the cool air up.
If you are looking for a good amount of air circulation when you purchase you next ceiling fan, make sure you look at the CFM. If only I could touch them, in some way – I didn't know what way – not a sexual way, just as a friend; that's it, a really great platonic friend of the band who they would arrive to see in their helicopter and invite me to appear in their next video dancing moodily in a khaki headband and legwarmers and all the other Duranies would be so jealous. If you have the fan on a higher speed you will create a wind chill effect that you don’t want since it is already cold. This is the airflow that the ceiling fan will produce which is measured in cubic feet per minute.
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And in the winter if you reverse the direction of the ceiling fans it will push the warmer air trapped near the ceiling down to floor level. Obviously not so tiny as to manage to download YouTube clips of themselves threatening to pour bleach into Taylor Swift's throat, but certainly too tiny to have enough pocket money to afford the Domestos. Towards the bottom of the ceiling fan ratings page, there is an airflow rating section that will give you the optimum CFM you should look for depending on which size fan you choose. Oh, don't fret, it was just one of those semi-serious on-line death rants little girls enjoy these days. It's her freedom of speech, after all.Other Directioners like Becky, 19, were frankly old enough to know better. Becky had been branded a “stalker” by Harry Styles parents who objected to her sitting outside their home. I'm not sure I'd want to argue with her.The documentary also showed several sweet, kind non-terrifying young girls who didn't express a venomous urge to kill or maim, although it could be said that the 18 hours per day they spent incessantly monitoring the vast One Direction Twitter and Instagram network was making them rather bedroom-bound and anxious. I felt glad to grow up in a time when superfans knew relatively nothing about their pop obsession, aside from a tour date schedule, a Smash Hits profile and whatever Mike Read squeezed out of them during their Saturday Superstore appearance.Today's Directioners can monitor the moment-by-moment movements of Harry Styles and his chums, working like a sinister trainer-bra-clad MI5.
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