Design Phased-Array Antennas for MIMO Applications

John Dunn, AWR Group, NI

This workshop explores basic phased-array theory and the design considerations behind next-generation phased-array antenna systems. It also examines the new capabilities recently added to electronic design automation (EDA) software such as the NI AWR Design Environment platform that provides a design flow for developing the RF front-end hardware supporting these new antenna systems, which must be optimized for performance, reliability, compactness, and cost. To design such a system and the underlying components, engineers need a comprehensive design flow that manages the data pertaining to the behavior of the various blocks that make up the array and its feed structure and enables them to accurately predict how these blocks work together as a whole to produce the desired performance across scan region, frequency range, and other operational requirements. This flow should also provide a pathway to physical realization of the individual components, including the antenna array itself.   

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