Flame Princess (FP) is chasing around some animals and looking for fuel. As she sees you her flames ruffle a little.\n\nFP: Hey um, what are you doing here?\nYou: Hey FP! It's kind of a long story, but I need some black dye. I was thinking you could make some charcoal for me, since it's black and all.\nFP: Sure, I could do that. \n\nFP grabs a slab of wood and rubs it between her hands, where it quickly turns into charcoal. \n\nFP: Here you go!\n\nYou now have a SLAB OF CHARCOAL. You can view it in your [[Inventory]].\n<<set $hasdye=true>><<set $dyequestdone=true>>\nNow you can return to [[Princess Bubblegum|looking for Princess Bubblegum]]! Or [[go back|head back]].\n\n
In this game you are a giant flying gas-breathing dragon. You have a weak spot on your soft underbelly. The final boss appears to be a mouse.\n\nYou: Okay Ice King, what have you already tried?\nIce King: Well I tried burning him, but he's flame resistant. And if you fly above him he knocks you out with his flying squirrel attack.\nYou: Do you have a resistance to flying squirrels potion? \nIce King: Of course, but that won't do any good. It's a mouse!\n\n[[Combine resistance to flying squirrels potion with Rodent Rooter]]\n\n[[Cast Imbue Poison into Gas on Rodent Rooter]]
You catch an almost-candy-Peep and take a bite. Tastes like chicken! Sweet, sweet chicken. It tastes so good that you eat the whole thing, which isn't hard since it's about the size of your hand.\n\nNow do you want to [[impale one with a stick]] or [[disseminate half-truths]]? Or you could go [[find the Princess|looking for Princess Bubblegum]].
It's the candy kingdom. Are you [[looking for Princess Bubblegum]], or do you just want to [[mess around with some candy peeps]]?
You caught a vampire berry! What will you name it?\n\n[[Necrocuttle|name]]\n[[Vitaluum|name]]\n[[Batshot|name]]
You eat the flaming lava monster. Your dragon transforms into a FIRE-BREATHING dragon! Just in time for Dragon Breath 10. The credits are rolling.\n\nIce King: Whoa that was awesome! I had no idea you could just EAT enemies.\nYou: Me neither! But what else could I do?\nIce King: You didn't exactly have a choice at that point. \n<<if not $haswand>>\nWell I guess you can borrow my ice wand now. \n<<set $haswand=true>>\nYou received the ICE WAND. \nYou can view it in your [[Inventory]]. \n<<endif>>\n<<set $dragonbeat=true>><<endif>>\nNow you can [[go back|head back]].
You: We could hang out I guess.\nIce King: Oh... REALLY?\n\nHe seems surprised, and pleased. He starts running around mumbling to himself. \n\nIce King: Well what shall we do first? We could make snowmen, but then I'd have to get the snow machine out of storage, oh, or we could watch a movie! Wait, I know, we should go cruising for hot chicks yes...\n\nDo you [[stay]] or [[flee in fear|head back]]?
It's a fine morning in the land of Ooo. You and Jake have been digging for crystals so you can rebuild your crystal sword that got shattered in your last run-in with the Ice King. Suddenly, Jake starts sneezing all over the place! \n\nJake: I don't *sneeze* think I can go on *sneeze* much longer!\nYou: Awww seriously? Wait there's got to be a cure or something.\nJake (he is still sneezing AND talking. Jake is a talented dog.): Let me call Tree Trunks on BMO to see if she knows what to do. I had the Sneezles before but I can't remember what I did to make them go away.\n\nBack inside, Jake gets Tree Trunks on BMO. \nTree Trunks: Jake, you should stay home and get some rest while your friend searches for a cure. \n\nYou: I am so on this!!\n\nYou go outside your tree fort in the land of Ooo. Which direction will you go?\n\n[[North]] towards ice land,\n[[East]] towards the mountains,\n[[South]] back to the tree fort, or\n[[West]] into the candy kingdom?\n\nYou can always use your browser's back button to come back, and various points will let you return to this location.\n
Gerald takes you to the store room and it's chock full of cans of cheesebacon! He hands you one CAN OF CHEESEBACON.\n<<set $foundcheese=true>>\n<<set $metG=true>>\nYou should have it in your [[Inventory]] now. Now to [[go back to the hub of all the action|head back]].
HSP takes you to a small spring. \n\nHSP: As you can see, the hot temperature of the spring kills most insects that have the misfortune of falling in them. Spiders can't eat them, because they'd die in the hot water too. So we must clean them by hand, with a strainer. It doesn't take long, but it's a bit unpleasant.\n\n[[Start straining hot springs.]]\n[[Use the ice wand on the hot springs.]]
<<if $foundcheese>>\nCAN OF CHEESEBACON\n<<endif>>\n<<if $haswand>>\nICE WAND\n<<endif>>\n<<if $hasdye>>\nSLAB OF CHARCOAL\n<<endif>>\n<<if $hasglasses>>\nDARK GLASSES\n<<endif>>\n\n[[Go to Location Hub|head back]].\n
You: Hey Jake want some cheesebacon? I heard it might cure your cold!\nJake: Cheesebacon!? I didn't think there was any left anywhere! YES, I would love some! Where did you find it?\nYou: The naked mole dogs have a huge stash!\n\nJake looks with wide eyes at the can. He's still sneezing a lot, so just imagine that going on the whole time.\nJake: Man I need a can opener!\nYou: Just transform your teeth man!\nJake: I can transform my teeth? Whaddya know!\n\nJake transforms his teeth into a can-opening blade. Then he wolfs down the whole thing in one bite. Well, more like dogs down the whole thing, since he's not a wolf.\n\nJake: I feel slightly better! But I don't think cheesebacon alone will cure the Sneezles.\n<<set $foundcheese=false>>\n<<set $gavecheese=true>>\n[[Go back|head back]] or [[return to Jake|South]].
You approach the naked mole dog with caution. It has trapped itself between a rock and a tree. It could escape on its own, but then it would have to give up the tasty can of [[cheesebacon]] it has discovered. \n\n[[Get the cheesebacon for the naked mole dog.]]
There are mountains everywhere. You're in the foothills now.\n<<if not $metG>>\nA nearby hairless mole dog is whining. Do you want to [[help the dog]] or [[move on]]?\n<<endif>>\n<<if $metG>>\nYou should [[move on]] or [[go back|head back]]\n<<endif>>\n
Now your gas attack is also rodent poison! You beat the mouse... but then its corpse turns into a zombie mouse! You are surrounded by lava.\n\n[[Corner zombie mouse into the lava, then breathe gas onto it.]]\n[[Grab onto zombie mouse and drop it into the lava.]]
You're back outside the tree fort. Which direction will you go?\n[[North]] towards ice land,\n[[East]] towards the mountains,\n[[South]] back to the tree fort, or\n[[West]] into the candy kingdom?\n\n<<if $dyequest and not $dyequestdone>>\nYou can also [[go looking for black dye]].\n<<endif>>\n<<if $gavecheese and $gaveice and $gaveglasses>>\nYou should probably check on Jake one last time. HINT HINT.\n<<endif>>
Ice King: What are you doing here?\n<<if not $haswand>>\nYou: I'm looking for a cure for the Sneezles, and I thought some ice would help, but it would melt by the time I got there. Do you have an ice wand or something I could borrow?\nIce King: I //might// have something like that lying around here //somewhere//... but what's in it for me?\n<<endif>>\n<<if $haswand>>\nYou: I'm just checking up on you.\n<<endif>>\n<<if not $dragonbeat>>\nDo you [[offer generic help]]?\n<<endif>>\n<<if not $hungout>>\nDo you [[offer to hang out]]?\n<<endif>>\n<<if $dragonbeat and $hungout>>\nYou can [[go back now|head back]].\n<<endif>>\n
It's freezing cold. Flying manticores are crying ice tears (they're not salty). Do you want to [[visit the ice king]] or [[head back]]?
You: You guys, I heard that the Princess's parents are still alive somewhere. That's why she's a princess and not a queen!\n\nThe almost-Peeps stare at you.\n\nYou: So she's not your ruler, technically! You don't have to listen to what she says!\n\nIt appears these are candy animals, not candy people.\n\nNow do you want to [[impale one with a stick]] or [[take a bite]]? Or you could go [[find the Princess|looking for Princess Bubblegum]].
A snail slowly crosses your path. Come to think of it he looks kind of familiar... \n<<if not $haswand>>\nThe mountains sure are hot this time of year. The only thing here is a bunch of hot springs so you decide to go back and [[help the dog]].\n<<endif>>\n<<if $haswand and not $springdone>>\nHot springs princess (HSP) is here near the hot springs. She's wearing a yukata. She likes to pretend she's a ghost, especially if anyone is relaxing in the springs.\n\nHSP: Hello and welcome! I didn't expect to see you here. Is there anything I can help you with?\nYou: I'm looking for a cure for Jake's Sneezles. Maybe I could bring him to the hot springs?\nHSP: Hot springs are usually a good treatment for most illnesses, but we don't allow frequent sneezers in our hot springs. It's not hygienic.\nYou: Aw, subtractional. \nHSP: Since you came all the way out here, would you like to help me clean the hot springs?\n\n[[Help HSP clean the hot springs]]\n[[Politely decline and go back|head back]] \n<<endif>>\n<<if $springdone>>\nHot springs princess (HSP) is here near the hot springs. You already helped her, but she can't really help you. Sometimes you just help for the sake of helping.\n\nYou can [[head back]].\n<<endif>>\n
You: Jake let me turn your nose into ice!\nJake: Okay anything to stop the Sneezles!\n\nYou bust out the ice wand, which looks like a smooth clear orb, with a directional hollow in one side. You point the hollow towards Jake's nose and think really hard about ice!\n\nIce everywhere! Freezing cold! Delicious cold drink! A frozen penguin in the stomach of a frozen manbear! \n\nYour icy thoughts converge into ice! But you must not have been completely committed, since Jake's nose doesn't turn completely to ice. It is lined with ice crystals now though.\n\nJake: This feels fantastic. I wonder what else you could use that wand with?\nYou: I don't know but this is pretty rad.\n<<set $gaveice=true>>\n[[Go back to the hub|head back]] or [[go back to Jake|South]].\n
The lava monster is now flaming! And coming right towards you!\n\n[[Open wide...]]
Gerald removes a rock and starts digging into the ground. Dirt flies everywhere. Then he disappears in a tunnel. You follow him, though the packed tunnels into the main lair. Other mole dogs are sleeping in their tunnels or chasing naked mole rats. It's hard to tell Gerald apart from the other dogs, actually, but he's the only one walking in a straight line. You follow him down the large tunnel to the royal chambers and meet the king of the naked mole dogs himself. \n\nKing Rex: What seems to be the problem here?\nGerald: This human saved me, and wants a can of cheesebacon in return. Do we have any spares?\nKing Rex: Well... I guess that's possible. Go ahead and take him to the store room then.\n\n[[To the store room.]]\n\n
Gerald stands on his hind legs and balances on them awkwardly. "How's that?"\n\n[[Mathematical! Now tell me where I can get one of these cans of cheesebacon|Get me one of those cans of cheesebacon!]]\n
You die of rodent poisoning. Maybe dragons share a common ancestor. [[Go back|Play Dragon Breath 9]].
When Sneezles Attack
You try to catch a vampire berry, but you end up squashing it. It turns out they're completely red on the inside. This won't do at all... you can [[go back|head back]] or go looking for [[Flame Princess]].
You: JAKE. Princess Bubblegum and I made these awesome dark glasses together to help stop your Sneezles attacks!\nJake: WHAT! I can look awesome AND treat my illness AT THE SAME TIME?\nYou: You sure can! Here try them on.\n\nJake puts on the glasses. He looks incredibly cool. You sit together and wait for his next sneeze. The inevitable happens and he lets out a sprinkling of sneezes.\n\nJake: Yep, I'm definitely sneezing less. But I'm not quite completely cured. \n\nJake starts playing BMO since he's only sneezing every other minute now.\n<<set $hasglasses=false>>\n<<set $gaveglasses=true>>\n[[Go back to the hub|head back]] or [[back to Jake|South]].
Cheesebacon is delicious! The salty sour taste of cheese with real bacon flavor! Try it on crackers, potato chips, or cereal!
Princess Bubblegum (PB) is in her lab. \n<<if $gavedye>>\n\nPB: I hope those glasses worked well for Jake!\n\nYou can [[go back|head back]].\n<<endif>><<if $hasdye>>\nYou: Hey PB! I found some charcoal that will totally work as black dye.\n\nYou hand PB the charcoal.\n<<set $hasdye=false>><<set $gavedye=true>>\nPB: Excellent! While you were gone I made a new set of goggles out of some sugar glass from the crematorium stash. Now I think if I just apply this here... Yes! We now have some dark glasses. Take these to Jake and let me know how it goes.<<set $hasglasses=true>> \n\nSweet! You now have DARK GLASSES. They should be in your [[Inventory]].\n\nYou can [[go back|head back]].\n<<endif>><<if not $hasdye and not $gavedye>>\nPB: Hey, what's up?\nYou: Princess Bubblegum! I need your help. Jake has the Sneezles and I need to find the cure!\nPB: Aw, that's nice of you to help Jake. So the primary symptom is sneezing?\nYou: Yes, like every minute. \nPB: Are there any other symptoms?\nYou: You mean like... bad stuff? He seems pretty down, I mean, he's sneezing so much that he can't even play BMO.\nPB: Okay. I think I have a solution. We need to make it so that the only thing Jake can see is darkness.\nYou: That sounds crazy.\nPB: Sometimes sunlight can cause Sneezles! \nYou: Well, we were outside in the sunlight when the attack started.\n\nPB: Exactly. So we need to paint his glasses black.\nYou: Jake doesn't wear glasses... his eyes are just like that.\nPB: Wait, really? Are you sure he doesn't have a monocle embedded in each eye or something?\nYou: Yeah our dad looked the same way!\nPB: Most interesting... So I'll have to make some glasses. I'm pretty sure I can just make another pair of protective goggles from my sugar mold, but I'm not sure how I'll dye them.\n\nLooks like you have to [[go back|head back]].\n<<set $dyequest=true>><<endif>>\n\n\n
You start looking in the tree fort. You find an extra black shoe, but even when you soak it and squeeze it, it doesn't produce any black dye. You don't think you have anything that could produce black dye, but you do have an idea of what might work...\n\nDo you go looking for [[Flame Princess]] or [[vampire berries]]?
The zombie mouse dies! But its vengeful spirit turns into a lava monster!\n\n[[Quick blow gas on it!]]
The Ice King can't decide what to do! Eventually you felt penguins out of his lint collection with Gunter as a model. At least, you think it was Gunter. \n\nIce King: Thanks, these will look great in my entryway! \n<<if not $haswand>>\nIce King: What was it you wanted again?\nYou: Um... some kind of magic wand that makes ice on demand.\nIce King: I think I have something like that lying around here somewhere...\n\n<<set $haswand=true>>\nIce King found the ICE WAND and handed it to you! It should be in your [[Inventory]].\n<<endif>><<set $hungout=true>><<endif>>\n\nYou can [[scamper back|head back]] now since there is nothing else to do here.
One of the peeps now has a stick poking out of it! It uses this new power to dominate over the other peeps. \n\nNow do you want to [[disseminate half-truths]] or [[take a bite]]? Or you could go [[find the Princess|looking for Princess Bubblegum]].
Gerald: Well... to do that you will have to ask the King of the mole dogs. Which means you'll have to come into our underground lair.\n\nYou: Hmmm... Let's do it!\n\n[[The naked mole dog lair.]]
You're inside the tree fort. Jake is sitting on the couch looking miserable and sneezing every few minutes.\n[[Go back|head back]]\n<<if $foundcheese>>\n[[Give Jake the cheesebacon.]]\n<<endif>>\n<<if $hasglasses>>\n[[Give the dark glasses to Jake.]] \n<<endif>>\n<<if $haswand and not $gaveice>>\n[[Turn Jake's nose into ice with the ICE WAND]]\n<<endif>><<if $gavecheese and $gaveice and $gaveglasses>>\nYou: Okay Jake, I think I've done all I can.\nJake: I think my Sneezles are cured!\nYou: Radical!\nJake: Eh, don't give yourself too much credit. Tree Trunks told me that Sneezles usually go away in 6-10 hours. I just didn't want you to stay here and catch them from me.\nYou: Awww Jake! You're always looking out for me bro!\n\nJake: What do you mean "bro"? Didn't we just meet this morning?\nYou: WHAT?\nJake: Yeah, like, what happened to Finn?\nYou: Ummm...\nJake: Are you telling me Finn got replaced by computer-screen-person?\nYou: Well looks like we have a quest for tomorrow!\n\nYou start sneezing.\n\nTHE END\n<<endif>>
<<if not $haswand>>\nYou: Well, if you ever need something, you could tell me and I could help you.\nIce King: Naaaah. You might not be in the mood to help later. \nYou: I could help you now!\n<<endif>>\nIce King: Now that you mention it I do need help with something...\n\nIce King wanders into his ice cave and rummages through a bunch of stuff until he unearths a copy of //Dragon Breath 9//. \n\nIce King: I just can't seem to beat the final boss in this game! Could you do it for me?\nYou: I'll do anything for Jake! \n\n[[Play Dragon Breath 9]]
In the process of attaching the name tag you accidentally puncture the vampire berry! Red juice spurts out. This won't do at all. \n\nMarceline comes out of her house and startles you. \n\nMarceline: They're delicious!\n\nShe looks at your hand hungrily...\n\nYou can [[go back|head back]] or go looking for [[Flame Princess]].
The blackest thing you can think of is a vampire berry, which is as black as a vampire's heart. They usually grow around vampires, so you sneak on over to Marceline's house. \n\nSure enough, the place is crawling with vampire berries. How will you catch them? [[Bare-handed]] or [[with your butterfly net]]?
Since Peeps is a trademarked name these are simply yellow candy marshmallows in the shape of chicks. \nHow do you want to mess with these almost-Peeps?\n\nYou could [[impale one with a stick]], [[disseminate half-truths]], or [[take a bite]]?
The ice wand, which is actually a clear orb with a directional indentation, feels cool in your hand. Instead of making ice with it though, you feel like it could produce different changes in water...\n\nAs you hold the wand over the water, you start imagining it getting boiling hot. So hot that all the bugs disintegrate and turn into nothing. The warmth is hotter than Flame Princess and all of flame kingdom combined! Hotter than a flaming goo ball!\n\nThe hot spring starts bubbling. The insects are gone.\n\n[[Show HSP your awesome work]].
HSP looks at the hot springs you cleaned.\n\nHSP: Thank you very much! I will be obliged to you next time we meet. I hope you can find a way for your friend to stop sneezing and enjoy our hot springs.\n\nYou can [[go back|head back]] now.\n<<set $springdone=true>>\n<<endif>>\n\n
The Naked Mole Dog (NMD) starts furiously opening the can. Then he chugs it all down in one swallow. \n\nNMD: Thaaaaaat was so delicious! Thank you thank you thank you! My name is Gerald. What can I do to repay such a favor?\n\nYou ask him to:\n[[Do a jig.]]\n[[Get me one of those cans of cheesebacon!]]\n
by Rachel Helps\nwith help from Adam Helps
You strain the hot springs with the strainer. You find a lot of dead bugs. \n\n[[Show HSP your awesome work]].
You can't corner the mouse! It walks right under you, and then attacks your weak spot. Instant kill! Your dragon dies. [[Start over|Play Dragon Breath 9]]\n