Flex belt and other ab belts reviews:- How do they work and how to best use them for weight loss?

Hi there. This is Sarah and in this article, I'll review and explain how to make Flex Belt work for you. In my opinion, it is the best ab belt I've come across and reviewed among all similar options. I'll explain more below.

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Before I begin, I hope you know what are "ab flexing" or "ab toning" belts and how they're different from those terrible obscure looking 80s electronic machines.

The Flex Belt has succeeded in generating quite a buzz around it and becoming such a favorite and popular option for superstars, sports and fitness gurus and everyone. Here I'll try to explain  ‘how to really make your Flex Belt cause belly fat loss and build abs’.

About Flex Belt and ab belts

The Flex Belt is an EMS gadget, made to sculpt and enhance your abdominal muscles. EMS means "electrical muscle stimulation" and The Flexbelt actually transmits a low level electrical signal to your ab muscles that triggers them to briefly "squeeze" and then loosen up.

You are able to adhere to various built-in training programs, but to a greater extent they all incorporate wearing the belt, plugging it in, and then getting it to stimulate (or vibrate) your abs for about 30 minutes and they say you can be doing other things while on it.

Although, I must admit, if you want to do other things while putting it on, you need some practice to "not care" that TheFlexBelt is working while you're doing what you want.

The entire bundle appears like it's professionally created - it doesn't feel at all cheap.

The overall technology seems to be robust and durable.

 - Seems to be a longer lasting product

 - The belt has 3 electric nodes - one in middle, and one each on left and right.

 - The Flex belt comes with sticky pads - They stick to the nodes on one side, and they actually stick to your belly on the other.

 - The gel pads come with plastic seals for better protection and hygeine. They seem to be good for 30 to 50 uses and that sounds plausible to me. I've used it nearly twenty times, and they still seem to have their "stick."

How does it feel?

So, how exactly does sweating your abs with TheFlexBelt feel? In the beginning it seems to be really irritating - I don't like the cold, sticky pads on my skin and next the constant electric powered jolts appear strange.

Even though it's not so bad - like every little thing, you take time  to get accustomed to it, despite the fact that I still can't quite "study" a book while this is running.

I have a hard time concentrating and can only do simple things. What really matters, though, are the results. I do feel like my muscles are getting a little bit of tone, and they feel a bit tightened, much like they do after a good abs workout for a few days.

That's the thing, though: I have decided that I'd actually rather just focus on work out rather than trying to read a book while Flex Belt is on. It feels better doing it, and I think the results are more impressive.

I also tried to do meditation while wearing it. I know it sounds funny and stupid, but somehow I feel it was a good idea. i could focus on the vibrations and actually visualize the fat burning off my belly.


How does it work?

The technology of EMS uses gentle electrical waves to relax and contract muscles. It’s been utilized since a long time to relieve muscle problems, you will find a lot of scientific studies done in it and scholarly papers on this topic, just a few conclusions include:

    EMS substantially enhances health and fitness of inactive adults after 6 weeks

    EMS creates a physiologic effect comparable to mild-to-moderate aerobic exercises

    4 weeks of EMS made it easier to substantially enhance basketball players isokinetic power and squat jump results

    12 weeks of EMS increased rugby players isokinetic power, deadlift strength, squat jump, and drop jump by up to 15%

    After 3.5 weeks of EMS on individuals who had complete knee arthroplasty there seemed to be an important improvement in quadriceps muscle strength and activation

    Muscle mass loss can be halted by using EMS

    Although, you don't burn away a whole lot of calories carrying out "EMS workouts"- but it can dramatically enhance tone, exactly like exercise would.

Flex Belt stimulates the ab muscles and the best part is there are a variety of Flex Belt programs you can do to encourage abs toning and "muscle confusion" as doing different kinds of workouts results in better chances of losing weight otherwise what happens when you do the same workout again and again, your body gets accustomed to it fairly quickly and develops a resistance to the effects of exercise.

Some advantages and pros of using Flex Belt-

    Decent and effective results

    Effectively targets abdominal muscles and core muscles (in my opinion it can be perfectly used as a "core enhancing belt" as well)

    User friendly and comes with a novice instructions to assist you in getting the best from it

    Short sessions, 5 times a week

    Enhanced core strength has several benefits on body and overall health     

    Eliminates back and neck injuries common with crunches

    Perfect for starters and experts alike

    FDA cleared and medical-grade

    Recommended by celebrities and fitness professionals

    Discounts are available

Does it work ? User reviews Amazon 5 star review

The flex belt is fantastic. I have back problems and it is tightening my abs and relieving pressure on my spine. I feel healthier and look forward to my belt sessions. Try it. You have 6 wks to see if it works. I saw it working before then.

What will you get when you order?

Flex Belt
LCD remote/battery
Gel pads with plastic seals
AC adaptor
User manual (with full details on how to wear the belt, charge the handheld remote, position the gel pads etc.)
Belt extension
Travel bag

 This product is tested, trusted and overall safe to use!

Based on medical-grade technology and approved by the FDA,  with nearly 30,000 likes on FaceBook and positive reviews on Amazon and with 2 million customers, The Flex Belt has become quite a reliable trusted brand.  They got good customer support as well, and you can ask them any number of questions presale although their website is full of information, hints & tips !

 Tips on effectively using The Flex Belt

1). Do some cardio prior to using TheFlexBelt and in between

This is my personal favorite way of using TheFlexBelt. You'll do these aerobic exercise before and in between "The Flex Belt" workouts that follow the abs routine.

Start with 30 seconds of any continuous-motion exercise you choose. You can jog around an indoor track,  check out any item of cardiovascular machine you can get; or do a little something as simple as jumping jacks, shadow boxing, skipping or running on the spot.

To be honest, swimming is the best cardio for abs.

Add 15 seconds to 1 minute to your aerobic exercise each time you do a workout. So, after one week, you'd be atleast 2 minutes of cardio before and 2 minutes of cardio in between.

If you love doing cardio, it will definitely help.

This will warm up your body and better prepare your core muscles for electric signals and will mainly burn off the fat that will expose the Abs, which is the main thing you want.

2). Clean your stomach

Remove any dead skin if you have got on stomach before wearing TheFlexBelt.

3). Start with highest intensity that you can bear

And work your way up!

4). You can use Flex Belt twice daily but ensure there is an interval of atleast 8 hours between 2 sessions especially if you are doing cardio along with it.

5). You can use a hand sanitizer to clean the gel pads and don't forget to always cover them with plastic seals after usage.

6). Just after using Flex Belt, you can do one exercise which is my personal favorite and in my opinion one of the most effective workouts for burning off that belly fat and building abs - it's called "mountain climber workout". It's slightly tough but I've seen some amazing benefits of using this one along with Flex Belt.

Only try this workout if you are comfortable with it, don't blame me later on!

7). Try portion control

See, dieting is more crucial than you might imagine when it comes to cutting that belly fat and getting sexy abs.

However, not many know that "portion control" is rather much more efficient than dieting. And you can always out-eat your exercise!

The mistake I committed in the beginning was I would do around 1 hour of (intense cardio plus flex belt plus "mountain climber workout") each day, eat piles of vegetables but yet the fat only came off at a snails pace.

I figured that with all the exercise I was doing that I could eat what I wanted and still lose weight, certainly all the healthy food I wanted. The only thing getting sore was my jaw from chewing so many vegetables.

What I didn't realize is that eating healthy food and exercising a lot was only two thirds of the equation for reducing bodyfat and your waist, the missing part was "portion control" !

So, Reducing bellyfat requires:

        Flex Belt
        Eating healthy foods
        Portion control

And portion control is very little unpleasant compared to diet and deprivation. Portion control for a lot of us fitness enthusiasts is just ensuring we eat enough!

I've many dieters friends. What I've observed is that most people fail in their quest to reduce bodyfat not because they eat too much but because they don’t eat enough!

At the beginning of their diet programs, they are thrilled, dedicated and eager to lose the fat quickly - too fast.

They dramatically cut their calorie consumption which in turn causes two problems, first they burn off muscle and secondly they feel starving.

For a week or two they are really excited that they are shedding pounds so quick but then the sensations of deprivation kick in up until the tipping point, they go off the diet and binge.

If you want to lose bodyfat, the correct caloric reduction is ten to twenty percent - no more. You simply can't depend on a table in a book to determine the number of calories you should consume as there are too many factors that determine how many calories your body needs in a day.

Everyone has a different metabolism, different nutrients needs and so on. So don’t reduce your intake too much!

My mantra in life is "keep things simple"! And tweak or customize according to your needs. And if it's taking lots of effort, you're doing something wrong. Observe closely and fine tune your strategy. I use this mantra all the time and with Flex Belt as well. :)


The Flex Belt conclusion and other ab belts

There are lots of abs exercisers and stimulators out there - some are good but a big hassle to try while some are "pure garbage".
Although it's difficult to target abs and oblique muscles lots of people including me have seen really good results with Flex Belt after around 8 weeks of use.

If you try the tips I mentioned here in the manner I've described above (you should lose some inches off your belly and your abs should begin appearing too). It’s slightly uncomfortable as first but you'll get used to this simple but very effective method of toning your abs pretty fast.

Although it’s not a miracle cure and you need to take care of your eating patterns and other exercise for best results. I'd say, all in all it's a good electronic abdominal belt!

Flex Belt vs Slendertone vs Contour Ab belt - Which waist trimmer belt is best?

All these 3 belly burner belts toning systems are practically identical.  They are all FDA approved and are safe.  

They all utilize EMS technology to tone, enhance, and firm your mid-section.  They all include GelPads.

The main difference appears to be in the product quality. 

There are wonderful testimonials and positive product reviews for all three; but interestingly, the Flex Belt is more powerful than either the Slendertone or Contour since its intensity levels go up to 150. 

The intensity is crucial for really sweating out your abs and toning your timmy.  Besides you  would like your weight loss belt to last a reasonable length of time and Flex Belt seems to be mure durable.

As your ab muscles strengthen, you will have to increase the intensity so Flex Belt should be the choice here.  Lower intensity levels imply weakened ab contractions, which essentially boils down to lesser quality results.

The Flex Belt is capable of supporting the highest waist size at 52”.  The Contour Ab Belt and Slendertone is capable of holding up to a 47” waist.

Remember that along with using these ab belts, it is recommended that  you follow the tips here if you need to lose weight..

Also If you are searching for something which is a bit more unobtrusive, I would suggest buying the Flex Belt or Slendertone instead of Contour Ab belt.   

There are a number of characteristics that make the Flex belt a much more sophisticated ab toning and waist trimmer belt as compared to the Slendertone belt.

The battery pack of the Flexbelt is present externally which makes it feasible for users to charge the battery again, while electric battery in the Slendertone can not be recharged since it has an built-in battery pack. 

Flex belt can even be strapped around larger waists and comes with lots of extensions to enhance its usability.

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- Best, Sarah.



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