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Tactical: Managed, ranked by Standard Deviation

for period ending April 30, 2019
Use the table below to compare the performance of all the portfolios in this peer group. You may sort by any column by clicking on the column headings in the gray row.
   Standard Deviation Total Return, annualized
Recipe NameIDCategory1 year3 year5 year7 year10 year 1 year3 year5 year7 year10 year
  Group average9.6%**** 4.2%****
AQR Divers NADANXHedged: Arbitrage2.8%**** 4.8%****
AlphaClone AlternativeALFAHedged: Long/Short25.0%**** 20.7%****
S&P AggressiveAOARisk-Driven12.3%**** 5.0%****
S&P ConservativeAOKRisk-Driven5.2%**** 5.2%****
S&P ModerateAOMRisk-Driven6.6%**** 5.2%****
S&P GrowthAORRisk-Driven9.2%**** 5.1%****
Arbitrage IARBNXHedged: Arbitrage1.3%**** 5.3%****
Am Century Target DateARTOXIncome: Multi7.9%**** 5.0%****
AQR Multi-Strat AltASAIXBlended4.3%**** -12.4%****
Absolute Strategies IASFIXHedged: Abs Return5.5%**** -4.3%****
Dreyfus Alpha IAVGRXBlended9.3%**** 5.2%****
BlackRock Strat Inc OppBASIXIncome: Multi1.7%**** 2.3%****
Ibbotson BalancedBETFXRisk-Driven8.6%**** 3.4%****
PwrSh Sr Loan PortfolioBKLNIncome: Float Rate5.9%**** 4.2%****
BlackRock EmMkt ABLSAXHedged: Long/Short15.0%**** -6.4%****
UBS Dyn Alpha ABNAAXBlended5.2%**** -0.6%****
UBS Global AllocBPGLXGlobal Macro10.4%**** 3.1%****
Robeco Long/Short IBPLSXHedged: Long/Short8.7%**** -7.6%****
Berkshire Hathaway IncBRK.AGlobal Macro16.9%**** 11.8%****
Calamos Convertible ACCVIXIncome: Multi11.7%**** 9.1%****
Invesco Convertible YCNSDXIncome: Multi14.0%**** 10.5%****
Columbia Thermostat ZCOTZXRisk-Driven4.4%**** 7.5%****
IQ CPI Hedge ETFCPIHedged: Abs Return3.9%**** 2.3%****
ProShares Lg CapCSMHedged: 130-3018.2%**** 8.9%****
Calamos Global GrowthCVLOXIncome: Global12.3%**** 1.7%****
Calamos Market Neu IncCVSIXHedged: Mkt Neutral2.9%**** 3.2%****
Gugg Multi-AssetCVYIncome: Multi18.2%**** 5.7%****
Barclays Conv BondCWBIncome: Multi14.6%**** 10.1%****
WisdmTr EM HiYldDEMIncome: Equity16.6%**** 0.4%****
WisdmTr EM SmCapDGSIncome: Equity17.3%**** -4.7%****
Diamond Hill Long-Short IDHLSXHedged: Long/Short14.7%**** 10.1%****
WisdomTree ex-USDLNIncome: Equity15.5%**** 13.1%****
WisdmTr Intl SmCapDLSIncome: Equity13.2%**** -8.5%****
Dodge & Cox BalancedDODBXRisk-Driven11.8%**** 4.6%****
DFA Select Hedged DSHGXGlobal Macro15.6%**** 2.5%****
WisdmTr Top 100DTNIncome: Equity16.1%**** 6.3%****
MFS Target Return ADVRAXHedged: Abs Return4.8%**** 6.8%****
iShares Select DividendDVYIncome: Equity13.3%**** 8.5%****
SPDR S&P Int'lDWXIncome: Equity11.2%**** 1.5%****
EatonVance GlobalMacroEIGMXHedged: Abs Return2.1%**** -0.9%****
Fidelity BalancedFBALXRisk-Driven12.8%**** 9.3%****
Fidelity ConvertiblesFCVSXIncome: Multi13.5%**** 13.6%****
Fidelity EquityFEQTXIncome: Equity16.2%**** 7.9%****
Fidelity MuniFHIGXIncome: Tax Exempt2.9%**** 6.5%****
Nuveen Amer MuniFLAAXIncome: Tax Exempt2.8%**** 6.1%****
Federated Abs Return AFMAAXHedged: Abs Return5.0%**** -8.3%****
FPA CrescentFPACXRisk-Driven13.8%**** 7.9%****
Fidelity PuritanFPURXRisk-Driven12.5%**** 7.7%****
Fidelity StrategicFSDIXIncome: Equity12.1%**** 11.4%****
First Trust Focus 5FVSector Rotation24.2%**** 7.8%****
Gabelli ABC AAAGABCXHedged: Mkt Neutral2.1%**** 2.7%****
Natixis ASG GlobalGAFYXHedged: Abs Return5.7%**** 1.3%****
Goldman Sachs Instl GARTXHedged: Abs Return5.4%**** 3.1%****
Aberdeen Opti AllocGASIXBlended3.7%**** 1.4%****
GMO Benchm-FreeGBMFXGlobal Macro7.0%**** 1.0%****
Goldman DynamicGDIFXGlobal Macro6.2%**** -1.6%****
Leuthold GlobalGLBIXGlobal Macro8.2%**** -5.4%****
GMO Global AllocGMWAXGlobal Macro8.7%**** 1.9%****
Goldman Sachs Strat IncGSZAXIncome: Multi3.6%**** 0.9%****
Hedge ReplicationHDGBlended6.3%**** 1.4%****
iShares Hi Div EquityHDVIncome: Equity13.6%**** 17.0%****
Hancock Horizon InstHHQTXHedged: Long/Short9.9%**** 0.4%****
ETF: SPDR Inc AllocINKMIncome: Multi7.3%**** 5.7%****
Ivy Asset StrategyIVAEXGlobal Macro20.9%**** -10.1%****
IVA WorldwideIVWIXGlobal Macro9.5%**** 1.6%****
iSh MultiAsset IncomeIYLDIncome: Multi7.1%**** 6.0%****
Janus BalancedJANBXRisk-Driven10.2%**** 11.9%****
Jhancock Global Abs Ret IJHAIXHedged: Abs Return4.2%**** 1.7%****
JPMorgan Mkt Neutral AJMNAXHedged: Mkt Neutral4.5%**** 1.6%****
KCM MacroTrendsKCMTXHedged: Long/Short13.6%**** 5.0%****
Inst: Forward SelectKIFYXIncome: Multi11.5%**** 9.7%****
Columbia Div IncomeLBSAXIncome: Equity15.3%**** 14.2%****
Invesco Divers DividendLCEIXIncome: Equity12.9%**** 7.9%****
Leuthold CoreLCORXGlobal Macro6.9%**** -0.4%****
Lord Abbett Float RateLFRAXIncome: Float Rate4.2%**** 3.1%****
Loomis Global Eq ALGMAXIncome: Global12.8%**** 8.1%****
Loomis Global Eq YLSWWXGlobal Macro12.8%**** 8.4%****
BlackRock Global IMALOXGlobal Macro8.9%**** 2.0%****
IQ Hedge Macro ETFMCROBlended5.2%**** 0.6%****
BlackRock Eq DividendMDDVXIncome: Equity15.1%**** 7.2%****
FirstTrust Multi-AssetMDIVIncome: Multi11.7%**** 9.4%****
BlackRock Nat'l MuniMDNLXIncome: Tax Exempt2.6%**** 5.3%****
MainStay Marketfield AMFADXHedged: Long/Short10.0%**** -7.4%****
MFS Global Tot RetMFWIXGlobal Macro8.4%**** 3.4%****
Aberdeen Long-Short AMLSAXHedged: Long/Short18.1%**** 13.6%****
IQ Merger ArbitrageMNAHedged: Arbitrage3.4%**** 2.2%****
MainStay Int'l OppMYITXHedged: 130-3013.7%**** -12.5%****
Grimaldi SectorNAVFXSector Rotation17.6%**** 6.6%****
Neuberger Berman Eq IncNBHAXIncome: Global12.7%**** 7.1%****
Nuveen Preferred INPSRXIncome: Multi6.0%**** 4.1%****
Putnam Abs Ret 100 YPARYXHedged: Abs Return0.9%**** 3.7%****
PIMCO All-AssetPAUIXGlobal Macro5.7%**** -2.9%****
Putnam 700 YPDMYXHedged: Abs Return5.9%**** -2.1%****
DWA Tech LeadersPDPBlended22.1%**** 11.8%****
iShr Preferred ETFPFFIncome: Multi7.7%**** 4.7%****
PIMCO Global MultiPGAIXGlobal Macro ****  ****
PowerSh Preferred ETFPGXIncome: Multi7.8%**** 6.9%****
PowerShares Intl DivPIDIncome: Equity15.6%**** 7.1%****
Principal GlobMultiStratPMSAXBlended3.8%**** 1.0%****
Pimco Income PPONPXIncome: Multi1.9%**** 5.1%****
Principal PreferredPPSIXIncome: Multi5.2%**** 4.6%****
T. Rowe Equity IncomePRFDXIncome: Equity16.3%**** 6.7%****
T. Rowe Summit MuniPRINXIncome: Tax Exempt2.6%**** 5.3%****
T. Rowe Global BondPRSNXIncome: Multi2.9%**** 4.8%****
iSh Global EnergyPWCBlended15.8%**** 2.6%****
Putnam Abs Ret 300 YPYTRXHedged: Abs Return2.9%**** 2.9%****
IQ Hedge Multi-StratQAIBlended4.7%**** 1.5%****
IQ Hedge ETFQMNHedged: Mkt Neutral3.0%**** 2.5%****
RAFI Long-ShortRALSHedged: Long/Short2.7%**** -3.5%****
RiverFront GlobalGroRLTSXGlobal Macro15.7%**** -4.0%****
MultiAsset ETFRLYHedged: Abs Return11.5%**** -3.1%****
Hundredfold SelectSFHYXBlended6.1%**** 4.3%****
Sound Mind InvestingSMIFXMomentum17.7%**** 0.7%****
Schwab Div EquitySWDSXIncome: Equity16.9%**** 5.2%****
Schwab Hedged EqSWHEXHedged: Long/Short9.2%**** -1.1%****
Schwab BalancedSWOBXRisk-Driven11.7%**** 7.6%****
FundX Tact UpgraderTACTXMomentum4.0%**** 2.3%****
Thornburg Inv Income ATIBAXIncome: Global10.2%**** 6.1%****
Thornburg Inv Income YTIBIXGlobal Macro9.8%**** 6.0%****
T. Rowe Retire BalancedTRRIXIncome: Multi6.6%**** 5.2%****
Vanguard LifeStrat GrowthVASGXRisk-Driven12.5%**** 6.1%****
Vanguard LifeStrategyVASIXIncome: Multi3.8%**** 5.7%****
Vanguard BalancedVBIAXRisk-Driven10.9%**** 10.0%****
Vanguard EquityVEIPXIncome: Equity15.1%**** 10.7%****
VALIC Global StratVGLSXGlobal Macro10.3%**** -1.3%****
Vanguard STAR InvVGSTXRisk-Driven11.1%**** 6.7%****
Vanguard Hi Div YldVHDYXIncome: Equity14.9%**** 10.2%****
ValueLine AssetAllocVLAAXRisk-Driven12.9%**** 16.8%****
Vanguard Market NeutralVMNFXHedged: Mkt Neutral5.6%**** -7.9%****
Vanguard Managed PayoutVPGDXIncome: Multi8.1%**** 3.3%****
Vanguard Target RetireVTINXIncome: Multi4.9%**** 5.2%****
Vanguard Wellington InvVWELXRisk-Driven9.9%**** 9.2%****
Vanguard Wellesley AdmVWIAXIncome: Multi5.8%**** 8.4%****
Vanguard Wellesley InvVWINXRisk-Driven5.8%**** 8.2%****
Vanguard LT Tax-Exempt VWLTXIncome: Tax Exempt2.8%**** 6.6%****
WF Asset AllocationWFAIXRisk-Driven11.0%**** 9.9%****