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4. Calculations are below:

School district:
Current Proposed
Assessed property value: $0 $0
Millage rate*: 0 0
Homestead tax credit: $0 $0
Property taxes: $0 $0
Household income**: $0 $0
Income tax rates: 3.07% 3.7%
Income tax: $0 $0
Sales tax: 6% 6.6%
Estimated sales tax*** $0 $0
Total tax: $0 $0

*Proposed millage rate calculated by dividing current real estate revenue by current millage rate to determine the value of a mill. Wolf's plan includes a lump sum for some districts to offset real estate taxes. Value of sum is divided by mill value to determine property tax millage reduction.
**Households earning less than 36,000 per year with two dependents would pay no income tax under Wolf's plan. For individuals, tax forgiveness begins at $8,700.
***Estimated sales tax data developed from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey circa 2013. BLS estimates median expenditures for across a number income brackets. To calculate, we used mean expenditure data for group-level items or services covered by the Pennsylvania sales tax. Does not include individual items that may or may not fall under sales tax that were not included in BLS data (i.e. textbooks).