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Alcohol: How do you measure up?

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How does alcohol affect your life? Answer these questions for personalized feedback on your drinking habits.

About You Talk about yourself


I am a

How much I drink

thinking you

Typically, I have this many drinks in a week.

0 drinks

Within the last month, this is the most drinks I've had in one day.

0 drinks

Within the last month, this is how many times I've drunk more alcohol than I planned to.

0 times

Within the past two weeks, this is how often I've had at least four drinks in one sitting.

0 times

I think this percentage of other college students have at least four drinks in a sitting.

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I drink so I can...

Choose up to three responses that best apply to you.

Because I drank, I've...

Select how often you've done each in the last twelve months.

At least 2x
At least 4x

damaged property

embarrassed myself

performed poorly on a test or paper

done something that I've regretted

missed class

hooked up with someone I just met

felt hung over the next day

argued with a friend

passed out

severely overslept

had unplanned sex


had unprotected sex

water glass

When I'm drinking, I...

Complete this sentence by choosing the responses that best apply to you.

You: a personalized summary of your choices

Based on your responses above, this page provides insight into your alcohol use. As you review your responses, think about how your alcohol use may affect the goals you're set for the next few years. Remember, only you can decide if you need to do something about your drinking.

Number of Drinks per Month

You have about   drinks every month. That's xx (%) more than the average college student's 20 per month.

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is a pattern of drinking that brings a person's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08 or above in about two hours. This typically occurs when a man consumes at least four drinks and when a woman consumes at least three drinks in this timespan. You said that you binged 0 times in the last two weeks.

Motivations for Using Alcohol

You chose as the reasons you drink.

Alcohol-Related Consequences

You chose as the consequences of your drinking.

Based on your responses, you have experienced consequences from drinking. You have also engaged in risky sexual behavior while drinking.

Protective Strategies

Well done, you're already taking steps to protect yourself when drinking! Based on your responses, you .

You are currently engaging in no strategies to reduce your harm when drinking. It is important to use strategies to protect yourself.

Your Wheel of Fate

This wheel shows what might happen to you after a night of drinking, based on your profile.
Grab, drag, then release the wheel - or just click "SPIN" in the center! Are you feeling lucky?

Are you satisfied with your outcome? Click Start Over to change your choices to see how things can be different!