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"TorGuard is an excellent choice for file sharers"
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TorGuard is an anonymity service aimed at both regular users and BitTorrent downloaders who want to privately download while "blinding" any spies from tracking what they do.

Usually, people looking for a VPN want to encrypt their traffic to avoid any 3rd party from logging their activities, for example on a public hotspot, and to get a new, anonymous identity on the Internet to block anyone to reclaim their privacy on the Internet.

This is one of the providers with the lowest monthly fees, promising to not log anything. How can their service be rated in comparison to other players in the market?




- Setup is very simple, be it for proxy use in torrent clients such as uTorrent, Vuze and BitTorrents official client, or for the VPN. While similar services don't offer too much help when it comes to proxy setup, TorGuard provides users with a simple to use software that does the job for you.

Basically, you just enter your username, password, preferred torrent client, any hit the "Apply" button. It can't get any easier.

- Download and upload speeds can be described as very fast: especially when using torrents we weren't able to notice any decrease in speed, a rarity among anonymity services. Competitors such as BTGuard typically slow you down quite a bit, but TorGuard feels as if it wasn't even there.

Regarding streaming and video sites such as YouTube, Hulu and similar, we could play even HD videos without even the slightest lag, another feature that we would count as a strong pro.

- No waiting time after initial signup: You get your login data and tutorial for setup almost immediately, with no delay such as with some competitors.

- Unblocking restricted websites and services such as Facebook or Skype, for example when you sit behind a firewall or live in a country with restricted access to the Internet, is as easy as connecting to any server. Everything you need to do is fire up the software and hit "connect", that's it.

- No risk of leaking your identity in case the VPN connection drops when you use the Torrent proxy.
Usual VPN services offer a so called "kill switch", blocking any Internet access in case of a VPN connection problem, but that disables your whole Internet access. This is why we strongly recommend combining the VPN and torrent proxy: you get encryption and a failsafe. If you really want to save a few bucks you can opt out of the VPN and only use a SOCKS proxy but we do not recommend that.

- Pricing is very low: it starts at $3.95 / month if you only choose the SOCKS proxy and pay for a year in advance, goes up to a very moderate $9.99 for monthly paid VPN and proxy.

- All important protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, IPSec and SSTP are supported, so you can use almost any device, including tablets and smartphones, to securely connect to their servers.



- Some spelling errors on the site don't look very professional. They should really fix those as it makes their otherwise excellent service look bad, something they definitely don't deserve.



Torguard is a very capable service for both file sharers and people looking for general anonymity and encrypted Internet access. With prices well below the usual you see in the market, they are perfect for users on a tight budget. From beginner to experienced, this service can only be recommended.
Website preview: Some of our readers asked us for a way to check if they actually reached the real TorGuard website, so here is a live preview


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