2002 - 2004 PFC IS BORN The PFC crew travels to Los Angeles, New Orleans, and New York City recording musicians live outside. Mark has the idea to layer musicians from different cities on one track - the precursor of Songs Around the World. > IMAGE GALLERY

PFC Blues
2005: The birth of “Stand by Me” and Songs Around the World The crew begins work on "Stand By Me," the first Song Around the World. > IMAGE GALLERY

Bring It On Home
2006: Barcelona PFC explored the various styles of music and culture in this great melting pot of a city. This sound is at the heart of our Songs Around The World.

Don’t Beat me Around the Bush
2006: South Africa PFC crew travels to South Africa. > IMAGE GALLERY

2006: India / Nepal PFC crew travels to India and Nepal. > IMAGE GALLERY

2007: First PFC Band Concert The PFC Band shares a stage for the first time ever to raise funds for PFC Foundation. > IMAGE GALLERY
2008: Ntonga Music School PFC Foundation builds its first music school in Gugulethu, South Africa > IMAGE GALLERY

Ntonga Music School
2008: Israel & Palestine PFC crew travels to Israel and Palestine. > IMAGE GALLERY
2008: Stand by Me Premiere Mark Johnson premieres "Stand By Me" on Bill Moyers Journal on October 17th and video is being released on YouTube on November 7th.
2008: Release of “Peace Through Music” Feature documentary, “Peace Through Music” is released.

Peace Through Music
2009: Release of "Songs Around the World I" First album of Songs Around the World is released.
2009: Udayapur Music Program, Tintale Village PFC Foundation opens music programs in Kathmandu and Udayapur District, Nepal > IMAGE GALLERY

Udayapur Music Program
2009: PFC Band plays Glastonbury PFC Band plays Glastonbury Festival in England with special guests Tinariwen and Vusi Mahlasela. > IMAGE GALLERY

2009: Cuba PFC crew heads to Cuba with Jackson Browne. > IMAGE GALLERY

La Trova Band
2009: West Africa The PFC crew travels Senegal and Mali to work with Baaba Maal and Tinariwen. > IMAGE GALLERY

2010: Bizung School of Music & Dance PFC Foundation builds the Bizung School of Music and Dance in Tamale, Ghana. > IMAGE GALLERY

Visit The Music School
2010: Grandpa Elliott’s “Sugar Sweet” released PFC releases Grandpa Elliott’s first studio record, “Sugar Sweet”. > IMAGE GALLERY

Grandpa Promo
2010: École de Musique de Kirina PFC Foundation builds the École de Musique de Kirina in Kirina, Mali. > IMAGE GALLERY

Baaba Kirina Dedication
2010: Italy PFC crew reunites with Roberto Luti in his hometown of Livorno. > IMAGE GALLERY

Dark Was the Night
2010: PFC Band releases Live CD/DVD PFC releases CD/DVD chronicling the band’s 2009 International Tour. > IMAGE GALLERY

PFC Live Promo
2010: PFC Band plays the Tonight Show > IMAGE GALLERY

Stand by Me - Live at the Tonight Show
2010: Brazil PFC crew travels to Brazil and begins work on a new Song Around the World, “Satchita”. > IMAGE GALLERY

2010: Katari, Hari Kul, and Mitrata Music Programs PFC Foundation begins supporting music programs in Katari and Kathmandu, Nepal.

Mitrata Nepal Music Program
2010: Colombia PFC crew travels to Colombia continuing to work on new Songs Around the World. > IMAGE GALLERY

La Tierra del Olvido
2010: Jamaica PFC crew meets amazing friends and musicians in Jamaica. > IMAGE GALLERY

Gimme Shelter
2010: Intore Culture & Music Program PFC Foundation begins supporting Intore Culture & Music Program in Kigali, Rwanda.

Intore Culture & Music Program in Kigali
2010: Tintale Village Mother's Society PFC Foundation begins supporting the Tintale Village Mother's Society in Tintale, Nepal.

Tintale Village Mother's Society
2010: Japan PFC crew travels to Japan to work on a new Song Around the World, Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” > IMAGE GALLERY

Redemption Song
2011: 1st Annual PFC Day Musicians and music lovers around the world join together to celebrate the 1st annual Playing For Change Day! > IMAGE GALLERY

2011: United The PFC crew travels across the U.S., South America, and Europe to produce “United” in partnership with the U.N. > IMAGE GALLERY

2011: PFC 2 Released PFC2 CD/DVD released! > IMAGE GALLERY

PFC2 Trailer
2011: Morocco PFC Band performs in Morocco, and the crew welcomes local musicians into the PFC family. > IMAGE GALLERY

Morocco Souvenir
2012: 2nd Annual PFC Day The 2nd annual Playing For Change Day is even more successful than the previous year! > IMAGE GALLERY
2012: Clarence Bekker’s album, “Old Soul,” released PFC releases Clarence Bekker’s album, “Old Soul.”
2012: Argentina Crew travels to Argentina, home country of PFC Co-Producer Enzo Buono. > IMAGE GALLERY
2012: Australia The PFC crew travels to Australia and connects with incredible musicians, including Kim Churchill. > IMAGE GALLERY

Loving Home
2012: Mexico PFC crew travels to Mexico, meets beautiful people and amazing musicians! > IMAGE GALLERY

Mexico Lindo
2013: Australia PFC returns to Australia-- this time with the band! > IMAGE GALLERY

I'd Rather Go Blind
2013: Congo PFC travels to Congo with Jason and Mermans, who are reunited with their families for the first time in 8 years! IMAGE GALLERY

Baby Ndombe
2013: 3rd Annual PFC Day PFC Foundation partners with the Marley family foundation, 1Love.org, for our 3rd annual PFC Day. > IMAGE GALLERY

3rd Annual PFC Day
2013: Khlong Toey Music Program PFC Foundation supports a music program in Khlong Toey, Thailand.

Our Mind is Halfway
2013: Star School Music & Sports Program, Rwanda The PFC Foundation launches Star School Music & Sports Program in Kigali, Rwanda. > IMAGE GALLERY

Star School Music & Sport Program
2013: Afro Fiesta's album released PFC releases Afro Fiesta's new album. > IMAGE GALLERY