Welcome to The Daily Davis!  This is the archive of The Daily Davis series of drawings that ran on the main page of the Copacetic Comics Company website from 4 July 2002 through 4 July 2003.

Setting as its primary task the building of a modest yet serviceable bridge between the commercial world of Comics and the institutional world of Art, The Daily Davis combines the intuitive immediacy of interpretive drawing with the necessary immediacy of a daily publication schedule.  At the same time, each individual drawing works at integrating improvisation and composition after the manner of Stuart Davis, in whose honor the series has been named, and whose legacy this series hopes to extend.

The archive is divided into monthly index pages from which each day's individual drawing can be accessed.  Once you have selected an image, you may move forward or backward through the entire collection by employing the links embedded below the image on each page:

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For those of you interested in delving into the theoretical underpinnings of this series, we have provided-- albeit in an unfinished form-- a brief introductory essay.  A revised version will appear in due time.

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To ensure that there is no confusion on this point, let it be stated here that none of the drawings in this series have any actual connection to Stuart Davis:  none were executed by him, nor do any represent copies of his work (OK, we'll admit it:  a small minority of the later drawings in this series [all from 2003] are directly related to specific Davis compositions.); neither does the series have any connection to his estate or any of its representatives.  It is only with the spirit that manifested itself in the art works of Stuart Davis that The Daily Davis is connected.

To learn more about the work of Stuart Davis, you could do worse than to start with The Amazing Continuity: The Drawings of Stuart Davis.

The Daily Davis is made possible by the generous support of and is both ™ & © 2002, 2003 by The Copacetic Comics Company