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Herewith, a rallying cry, and feel free to circulate please!
The Yonkers Planning Department has just issued an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on their rezoning and Master Plan for the entire Yonkers downtown area. This initiative began over a year ago, and included a considerable amount of public outreach and solicitation of community ideas on the design: traffic patterns, open space and parks; historic preservation sites; and the locations in which the public was happy with the notion of tall buildings. The Planning Department led an extremely comprehensive and cordial process, but the results are not what many of us were hoping to see.

While some of the public preferences are evident in the plan, what started out as a well-balanced, liveable plan has ended up with a shocking lack of preplanned open space. At the very least, when the downtown is being rezoned in perpetuity, we should give consideration to one major park (think the Great Lawn in Central Park) and a series of vest pocket parks. This is it - it's the opportunity, the moment to bring some lost grandeur and liveability to our metropolitan lives and the heart of our city.


Ergo - please take an hour from your busy lives to attend and speak at the required public hearing on the EIS, THIS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1 AT 7 PM IN THE CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS, 4TH FLOOR, CITY HALL. 


The more public outcry, the more likely that the City Council (Lead Agency on this project) will take the time to truly study the EIS and possibly add open space to the rezoning map before they approve it. Less public outcry will result in a rezoned downtown as per the current plan, and probably a future battle with developers on whom we would have to depend for a bit of public open space in their privatized building plans. Let's not let that happen!!


You can glance through the EIS here: . It's enough to look at the maps  if you don't want to read all of it. ALSO NOTE THAT THE PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD IS OPEN UNTIL NOVEMBER 14. YOU CAN EMAIL A COMMENT BY NOVEMBER 14 TO if you can't attend on Tuesday.


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