Springboard Regatta Report

Report by Mike Baldacchino


Friday evening started with a BYOB get-together that happened to coincide with the monthly "meet and greet" the WCSC puts on with beer, wine and hors d'oeuvres.  Invited to a great party to start an interesting weekend!  We talked about the 35+ mph winds that were forecast for Saturday and the 0 mph winds for Sunday.

Well, Mother Nature didn't disappoint us!  All of us were standing on the dock wondering who was going to be the guinea pig to go out in the 18-22 mph gusting to 32+ mph winds.  If one went, we all would go.  Even the race committee watched as Jim Cook bit the bullet and reached out from the dock into the lake where he was summarily knocked down and turtled.  The water temperature was reported to be 58 degrees!  He made it out OK.

The Race Committee put up the postponement flag and then abandoned racing for the day later in the afternoon, as the winds built higher.  Some of the local club members volunteered to take us out in the afternoon and evening on some cruisers and we partied on the lake late into the night as the air slowly died to nothing.  We came back in to campfires in the campgrounds.

The RC moved the start up to 9:00am hoping to get more races in, but the wind was 1-2mph and we were towed out to the start line.  As the shifty air started to fill in to 3-5, we started the first race.  Everyone had their butts in the water on the lee side trying to eke out some boat-speed in the dying and shifty winds.  Mike Baldacchino won the first race having more to put in the water.

The second and third races got better as the wind increase to 6-8.  Jonathan Few had a great start at the pin end, and the rest of us chased him around the course, to no avail.  In the third race, the lead rotated as the patches of shifty air crossed the course.  Justin Annis managed to come from behind on the last leg and beat Barry Klein at the finish.

For the wind conditions, WCSC gave us a great fun regatta.




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