Papers Published by the

Chicago Literary Club


Although not sequentially correct in some cases, the numbering shown on papers published by the Club has been retained.  In some cases titles of papers as published differ from their titles as read.  The year shown is the year of publication. Papers available online are shown as links (underscore with blue text). Online papers are scanned from original sources and shown as an Acrobat (pdf) file.


1.                           A True Love Story.  By David Swing.  1894.

2.                           A Deserted Village.  By Henry Sherman Boutell.  1894.

3.                                               The Value of Mental Impressions in the Treatment of Disease.  By William Thomas Belfield.  1896.

4.                                                 A Local Phase of Labor Combination.  By Samuel Henry Wright.  1900.

5.                                                 A King of France Unnamed in History.  By Charles Edward Cheney.  1902.  with Appendix I and Appendix II.

6.                                                 Some Religious Views.  1905.

            A Catholic’s Contribution.  By Edward Osgood Brown.

            Fundamental Religious Truths Applied to Life.  By Loring Wilbur Messer.

            A Non-Ecclesiastical Confession of Religious Faith.  By Louis Freeland Post.

            The Message of Judaism to the Twentieth Century.  By Joseph Stolz.

7.                                                The Second Norman Conquest of England.  By Charles Edward Cheney.  1907.

8.                                                 A Quarter—Century of English Literature, 1880-1905.  By William Morton Payne.  1908.

9.                                                John Milton.  By Charles Joseph Little.  1909.

10.                                             Our Defective American Banking System:  A Diagnosis and a Prescription.  By Frederick William Gookin.  1909.

11.                                             The Icelandic Sagas:  Their Origin and Character.  By William Newnham Chattin Carlton.  1912.

12.                                The Barefoot Maid at the Fountain Inn.  By Charles Edward Cheney.  1912.

13.                                A Belated Plantagenet.  By Charles Edward Cheney.  1914.

14.                                Robert J. Walker, Imperialist.  By William Edward Dodd.  1914.

15.                                William Vaughn Moody.  By Edwin Herbert Lewis.  1914.

16.                                De Senectute.  By Edward Osgood Brown.  1914.

17.                                Inaugural Address.  By Charles Bert Reed.  1914.

18.                                Albrecht von Haller: A Physician—Not Without Honor.  By Charles Bert Reed.  1915.

19.                                The Valley and Villa of Horace.  By Payson Sibley Wild.  1915.

20.                                Pseudo—Humanism.  By John Daniel Wild.  1915.

21.                                An Early Literary Club.  By Payson Sibley Wild.  1916.

22.                                Pessimism and Optimism:  Fresh Treatment of an Old Subject.  By Victor S. Yarros.  1916.

23.                                The Land of Lost Causes.  By Francis Warner Parker.  1916.

24.                                Illinois State Parks.  By Theodore Jessup.  1916.

25.                                The Last Pagan. By James Westfall Thompson.  1917.  Addenda: Proem.  Notes.

26.                                The Work of Tagore.  By Edwin Herbert Lewis.  1917.

27.                                On the Hades Golf Club Portico.  By Payson Sibley Wild.  1919.

28.               Dante Six Hundred Years After.  By Merritt Starr, Kenneth McKenzie, Ernest Hatch Wilkins, Theodore W. Koch. 1921

29.                                Duke.  By Charles Bert Reed.  1922.

30.                                Gabriele D’Annunzio: Poet of Beauty and Decadence.  By Rudolph Altrocchi.  1922

31.                                Megistotheos and My Animula Vagula.  By Payson Sibley Wild.  1923.

32.                                Flaubert and George Sand in Their Correspondence.  By Henri Charles-Edouard David.  1924.

33.               A Day Under the Big Top:  A Study in Life and Art.  By Irving K. Pond.  1924.

34.               Cain.  By William Westfall Thompson.  1926.

35.                                Reminiscences of the Anarchist Case.  By Sigmund Zeisler.  1927.

36.               The Secularization of Domestic Relations:  Nineteen Centuries of Church Versus Sex.  By Arthur James Todd.  1928.

37.               Fashion.  By J. Wendell Clark.  1930.

38.               Interviewing the Authors of the War.  By Bernadotte Everly Schmitt.  1930.

39.               Humanism.  By Edward Scribner Ames.  1931.

40.                                Marcel Proust.  Henri Charles-Edouard David.  1936

41.                                The Princes of Thurn and Taxis.  Ernst Wilfred Puttkammer.  1938.

42.                                Murder in the Tower.  By Charles P. Megan.  1940.

43.                                La Douceur de Vivre under the Reign of Terror.  By Henri Charles-Edouard David. 1941.

44.                                God’s Country.  By Earle Astor Shilton.  1942.

45.                                Inside Germany, 1914-1918.  By Max Rheinstein.  1942.

46.                                Garlic and Old Horse Blankets.  By Sanford R. Gifford.  1943.

47.                                Luck and Witless Virtue  vs. Guile:  In Which an English Clergyman Proves the Nemesis of John (“Jake the Barber”) Factor, Alias J. Wise, Alias H. Guest.  By Thomas Chalfont McConnell.  1943.

48.                                One Word After Another.  By Warren Sturgis McCulloch.  1945.

49.                                Tolstoy, Dostoevskiy, Tourgenev.  By George Halperin.  (Three papers published in one booklet.)  1946.

50.                                The Strange Case of Thomas Wolfe.  By John R. Heath.  1949.

51.                                Faith and “The Works” in the Trial of David Swing, Heretic.  By Charles Yeomans.  1949.

52.                                “It Takes a Thief. . .”  By Wendell J.S. Krieg.  1949.

53.                                Clive Staples Lewis.  By George F. Cassell.  1950.

54.                                Atomic Energy: The Next Hundred Years.  By Thorfin R. Hogness.  1950.

55.                                An Ecclesiastical Autobiography.  By Edward Byers Wilcox.  1953.

56.                                The Past of a Delusion.  By Warren Sturgis McCulloch.  1953.

57.                                The Notorious Colonel Blood.  By Ernst Wilfred Puttkammer.  1953.

58.                                He Needed No Wings.  By Leslie Monroe Parker.  1955.

59.                                Mary, the Wife (of Abraham Lincoln): A Drama Adapted for Television.  By Frank P. Breckenridge.  1955.

60.                                K.M.  By Douglass Pillinger.  1955.

61.                                Boots, Shoes, and Notions.  By Earle Astor Shilton.  1955.

62.                                Diesel and Docile.  By David S. Oakes.  1957.

63.                                Stroke of Flame.  By E. Lloyd DuBrul.  1957.

64.                                Mau Mau.  By Ernst Wilfred Puttkammer.  1957.

65.                                Brown and Smith: A Socratic Dialogue.  By Stanley Pargellis.  1957.

66.                                The Natural Fit.  By Warren Sturgis McCulloch.  1959.

67.                                The Reluctant Conservative.  By Walker B. Davis.  1961.

68.                                Once in a Lifetime.  By Earle Astor Shilton.  1963.

69.                                Slavery. By Roger W. Shugg.  1964

70.                                Retrospect and Prospect.  By Martin D. Stevers.  1964.

71.                                A Golden Vessel of Great Song.  By Douglass Pillinger.  1964.

72.                                Henry Blake Fuller.  By Joseph A. Matter.  1965.

73.                                The Art of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.  By Theodore Silverstein.  1965.

74.               Harun al-Rashid.  By Percival Bailey.  1966.

75.                                The Don.  By David Willard Maher.  1967.

76.               Crescendos and Dim Innuendos.  By Seymour S. Raven.  1968.

77.               Wyndham Lewis:  A Man Against His Time.  By Henry Regnery.  1969.

78.               He.  By Cyril O. Houle.  1970.

79.               Bernard and Peter.  By Lester King.  1973.

80.                                A Centennial Celebration (with The Fortnightly of Chicago).  1973.
                 More Than Ninety-Five Years Later.  By Douglass Pillinger.
                 Culture for Women.  By Mrs. Ellen Mitchell.
                 More Than Ninety-Five Years Later: An Irreverent Perusal of Intellectual and Social Culture.  By Mrs. Albert Crewe.

81.               I Sonnetize My Life’s Iambic Prime.  By Franklin C. Bing.  1974.

82.               Our Most Famous Lady.  By Willard L. King.  1975.

83.               Concezio Di Rocco.  By Anthony J. Raimondi.  1976.

84.               Migration and Nemesis.  By Orville T. Bailey.  1977.

85.               Chance Favors the Prepared Mind.  By Orville T. Bailey.  1979.

86.               Dulce et Decorum.  By Csaba Hegyvary.  1980.

87.               KYRIE ELEISON: St. Catherine, the Holy Mountain and the Child in the Raspberry Bush.  By Peter Edge.  1981.

85.                         No Questions Asked.  By Samuel Fifer.  1981.

88.               Hiatus.  By Ralph Fujimoto.  1981.

86.                         Churchill in the War Rooms.  By Marc B. Grayson.  1982.

89.               A Jew Among the Indians.  By Mel Marks.  1983.

90.                                The Invisible Advocate: Richard V. Gilbert.  By Hugh J. Schwartzberg.  1984.

91.                                Outdoors.  By Anthony S. Zummer.  1984.

92.                                Will of Iron, Flesh of Stone.  By Leonard Reiffel.  1984.

93.                                A Prophet Without Honor in His Own Country: Francis F. Browne and THE DIAL.  By Henry Regnery.  1988.

96.                                    Sheep, Goats, and Chinese Encyclopedias.  By Harold Hungerford.  1989.

97.                                    The Menehune.  By Manly W. Mumford.  1989.

98.                                    Words. By Clark. L. Wagner.  1990.

99.                                    Adventure for Two.  By Todd S. Parkhurst.  1990.

100.                                Day by de Senectute.  By Herman H. Lackner.  1991.

101.                                On Working Out.  By Dennis M. O’Dea.  1994.

102.                                Conversation.  By Harold Hungerford.  1994.

103.                                The Legacy of Daedalus.  By Roger E. Ball.  1994.

104.                                Painted Windows.  By Robert K. Larson.  1994.

105.                                Anchors Awry.  By Roger E. Ball.  1995.

106.                                To Edit or Not to Edit.  By Henry Regnery.  1995.

107.                                Zona.  By Leonard Reiffel.  1996.

108.                                The Secret of the Spring.  By William H. Beauman.  1997.

109.                                Cityscapes.  By Philip R. Liebson.  1997.

110.                                Meyotzi.  By L.F. Barry Barrington.  1997.

111.                                The Unobservable Force.  By Manly W. Mumford.  1997.

112.                                Across the Boundary.  By Roger E. Ball.  1998.

113.                                Hero.  By Leon A. Carrow.  1998.

114.                                Charlie.  By Anthony J. Batko.  1998.

115.                                Sons and Fathers: The Education of Telemachos.  By Amy Apfel Kass.  1999.

116.                                Paternity, U.S.A.  By Frederick D. Malkinson.  2000.

117.                                Predators.  By Dennis M. O’Dea.  2000.

118.                                The Importance of a Hat.  By John S. Wilson.  2001.

119.                                Hearts and Flowers.  By Robert M. Karton.  2001.

120.                                How Sweet It Is. . . .  By Philip R. Liebson.  2002.

121.                                Why We Get Sick.  By Robert L. Perlman.  2003.

122.                                A Good-Hearted Man.  By Robert W. Carton.  2003.

123.                                “Who’s There?”  By Clark L. Wagner.  2003.

124.                                Four Score.  By William E. Barnhart.  2004.

125.                                Notes from a Road Show.  By C. Anderson Hedberg.  2004.

126.                       Reflections on a World Lost.  By Leo Melamed.  2005.
127.                       Carp Wars. By Clark L. Wagner.  2005
128.                       Saluting. By Sherwyn Warren.  2006
129.                       From Meri to Milt. By C. Steven Tomashefsky. 2006

130.                       Border Crossing. By Patricia A. Nell.  2006
131.                       Reporting to God. By David W. Maher. 2007.
1322.                     How Sam and Dave Helped Save Bill. By Paul T. Ruxin. 2007.
133.                       The Good King and His Heirs. By Arthur J. Diers. 2008.
134.                       America’s Last Natural Man: The Story of Ishi. By Stephen P. Thomas. 2008.
135.                       Easter Egg Chickens. By C. Steven Tomashefsky. 2010.

136.                       These Boys’ Lives. By Warren C. Haskin. 2010.

137.                       Death. By Clark L. Wagner. 2010.

138.                       Whaddya Know? By James E. Thompson. 2011.

139.                       Widow’s Walk. By Gayle E. Guthrie. 2011.
140.                       Transformations. By Philip R. Liebson. 2012.

141.                       Three Bears. By James H. Andrews. 2012.

142.                       Cold Beet Soup. By Donald E. Chatham. 2013

143.                       Baroque Idol: The Little-Known, Barely Remembered, Oft-Disregarded Origins of Reality TV. By Suzanne L. Wagner. 2013

144.                       The Length of Each Broadcast News Paradigm Is Shorter Than the Preceding One. By Robert H. Jordan, Jr. 2014

145.                       Our Literary President. By Joseph R. Ornig. 2014

146.                       FDR, Dr. Bruenn, Etc. By Sherwyn E. Warren. 2015

147.                       Clubbing. By William E. Barnhart. 2015

148.                       The Chicago Armory Show. By Joel S. Dryer. 2017

149.                       A Roll of the Dice. By C. Steven Tomashefsky. 2017

150.                       Nimble Words. By Francis A. Lackner, Jr. 2016

151.                       The Life and Times of Harry McInhill. By James M. McMenamin. 2016

152.                       The Rise and the Fall of Chicago’s Bowen Brothers. By John K. Notz, Jr. 2016

153.                       Perception at Elsinore. By John L. Tuohy. 2020

154.                       On the Downbeat, Please. By Michael J. Koenigsknecht. 2020

155.                       La Bataille D’Hernani. By Peter V. Conroy, Jr. 2020

156.                       Gatsby in Chicago. By Dean N. Yannias. 2020

157.                       Unsolved. By Elaine Loeser. 2020

158.                       The Story of Camp Ellis. By Stephen P. Thomas. 2020