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The ANSER Institute for Homeland Security is a nonprofit public-service research organization examining a new set of national security challenges. Initiated and funded by ANSER's Board of Trustees in October 1999 and formally established in April 2001, the Institute believes that preparing for these new challenges will require a determined, integrated effort at every stage of the process: deterrence, prevention, preemption, crisis management, consequence management, attribution and response.

The ANSER Institute for Homeland Security is leading the debate through executive-level education, public awareness programs, workshops for policy makers and online publications: a weekly newsletter (with 13,000 subscribers) and the Journal of Homeland Security, which features articles by senior government leaders and leading homeland security experts.

Key Institute Personnel

Dr. Ruth David, Ph.D.
President & CEO (ANSER)
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Col. Randy Larsen (USAF, Ret.)
Director - ANSER Institute
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Peter Roman, PhD.
Senior Fellow
Former Chair, Political Science Department - Duquesne Univ.
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Col. Dave McIntyre, PhD.
(USA, Ret.)
Deputy Director
Former Dean, National War College
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Alan Capps
Journal of Homeland Security
John Wohlfarth
Research Analyst / Editor-in-Chief
Homeland Security Newsletter

Sonita Almas
Operations Manager

Steve Dunham

NOTE: Please direct all comments for Institute staff to the following email address: homelandsecurity@anser.org

ANSER Institute for Homeland Security
Board of Advisors

Dr. Jay C. Davis
(Chairman - Board of Advisors)
National Security Fellow
Lawrence Livermore
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Mr. Michael J. Bayer
U.S. Army Science Board
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Dr. John Gannon
Vice Chairman
Intellibridge Corporation
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Admiral Harold W. Gehman Jr.
United States Navy (Ret.)
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Dr. John Hamre
President & CEO
Center for Strategic and
International Studies
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Mr. Phil E. Lacombe
President, Information and Infrastructure Protection Sector
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Dr. Joshua Lederberg
Rockefeller University
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Ms. Judith Miller
Partner, Williams & Connolly LLP
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Dr. Michael C. Moriarty
Vice President, Research
Auburn University
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Dr. Tara O'Toole
Johns Hopkins Center
for Civilian Biodefense
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