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Zercher squat from floor, how to get a great six pack - For You

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The Zercher squat was developed by Ed Zercher, a well-known powerlifter and strongman from St.
Of course, few guys have the flexibility to start the Zercher squat from the floor, so you might try starting your Zerchers from a low rack. Basically a combination deadlift and squat, the Zercher squat works the legs, glutes and lower back. Many of these authors or lifters come from the idea that if you’re not moving away as far as you possibly can then you are somehow cheating. It allowed me to deadlift 700lbs off the floor, after a short training cycle using it and in a lift that I probably have the worlds worst leverage for.
It made my muscles hard as a stone and gave them a density you can’t get from standard training. The great thing about these is that you can probably lift anywhere from 50-200% heavier that your normal deadlift max. I got this tip from my good buddy Jordan Syatt (who is an absolute BEAST at deadlifts in his own right). For beginners or those who just don’t want to squat for some dumb reason, you can start with close-stance leg presses.

There you go – 3 articles on how I, and plenty of others, manage to pull such a ridiculous amount of weight off the floor.
I want to leave by saying that everyone – from you, your mom to your grandma, should be deadlifting. I come from a place that says I want to be able to move every ounce of weight I can in every range of motion and in every direction possible.
Variations of this training have allowed me to push my drug free, raw, starting at the bottom position squat up from 700lbs to 1,000lbs.
You’ll want to do it all the time because it’ll make you feel like the shit when you pull multiple plates off the floor.
There isn’t much to it, you put a bar on your back, use a hip width stance (like the one you’d use on your deadlift), squat down till you’re seated on a box or bench, then explode up.
Having said that, it’s completely ok to use aids that alleviate the pressure such as towel wrapping the bar, Fat Gripz in the right position, squat foam pads etc. What I love about it is how the load is in front of you like a front squat, but it’s also lower. Rumor has it that Zercher’s home gym lacked a squat rack, so he would load a barbell on the floor, squat in front of it, hold it in the crook of his arms and lift the weight with his legs and lower back.

This is why you can bring in a national male gymnast who weighs 150lbs and has never lifted heavy weights in his lift, throw on 300lbs on the bar, ask him to pull it and I guarantee that piece of iron will come off the floor with ease.
You can also kind of imitate the position of a deadlift by bending over during the eccentric phase of the Zercher – almost like doing a good morning. Otherwise, reading it would have been trying to drink from a fire hose while wearing a thong. It made me hit harder from the extension power gained from upper-body lockouts and the torso, hip and leg snap from lower-body.
Suffice to say, if you can manage heavy Zerchers, then you can manage some heavy pulls off the floor. They have a narrow, short-term view of strength and they simply don’t have the experience and hands-on effort and understanding of how to use partial movements to create not only full range strength in competitive or development producing lifts, but a walking-around strength that literally bleeds from every pore of your body. Both of whom gained 30 to 40 pounds of muscle, were able to lift 1,000 pounds in a partial movement and deadlift over 500 pounds in the full movement and both could do 500 bodyweight squats in less than 20 minutes without specializing on them.

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