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Wry neck treatment, back left shoulder pain - For Begninners

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All our treatments are in complete privacy in an individual treatment room, on a one to one basis. Acute Wry Neck due to facet joint (small joints between each of the vertebra on the sides) dysfunction is generally caused by a sudden movement. Acute Wry Neck due to intervertebral disc injury is of more gradual onset and pain may be first felt on waking from sleep. Fixed neck deformity, usually holding the head bent to the side and turned away from the painful side, this is unable to be corrected due to joint being 'locked'. I'm glad to hear that your silkie's wry neck was gone within a week by using baby vitamins and vit E but I think that Prednisone is an option for others like myself whose bird has been having wry neck for 5 months.   I can say that I have used every single thing (except Prednisone) that I have read on BYC and other sites but nothing has worked. I totally agree with you Three Cedars Silkies.  A vitamin deficiency is not the only cause of wry neck. Yes this treatment worked perfectly and I got another case of wry neck after my first healed.

And for those struggling with wry neck I'd like to say don't give up it can be successfully treated. Throughout her treatment we used a syringe or an (without needle) eye dropper to give her water (about 5 cc's) three to five times per day as she was not able to drink from a bowl.
We must advise that her recovery was slow (about 3-weeks) and during the treatment she did not appear to show any improvement until she seemingly "snapped out of it" completely.  Now she free ranges in our yard with the rest of the girls and you would never know that anything had ever been wrong. Great story Bonnie!  Thanks so much!  I hope others read this thread and don't lose hope that this is treatable!  My first round with this hen was much like yours - she could only flop around backwards with her head between her legs.  After about 8 days of it I was ready to throw in the towel, only to wake up with her almost totally normal the next day!   It is such a wierd thing!    this treatment is taking longer, and she is not as bad as I caught it almost immediately, but she is older as well, so they obviously all have their own timing! She's going on her second week of treatment and is now able to walk forward and eat and drink on her own so she's making wonderful progress too!
His treatment basically includes vitaminE selenium vitaminB polyvisol liquid children's vitamin without iron and predinsone for brain swelling. So I urge people to please treat there birds and do not cull them even older birds with severe wry neck can be brought back!

Have patience and do the treatments and they should return to normal in around 3 to4 weeks. I'm glad you reopened this old thread because I'm hoping my story can also help those with severe wry neck!
The Alan Stanford treatment worked like a miracle on my severe case of wry neck.I urge people who have a severe case to try it!

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