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Wrist hurts from typing, weight loss supplements that work fast - Test Out

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JWZ's my wrists and welcome to them is my default What You Should Do™ advice for anyone with an RSI problem.
If you are feeling pain in your actual joint, like sharp local pain in the bones of your wrist, then try icing it.
Try air typing to get a good sense of the heights you need for your chair and desk and keyboard and mouse. By all means, switch your mouse to the other hand -- it may slow you down, but it may save your wrist.
One thing I have learnt from my experience with RSI is that it can take quite a lot of time and mental & emotional energy to find out how to deal with your particular problem.

I am also in recovery from a serious RSI injury which left me using Dragon Naturally Speaking for a short time, as I was unable to do, well, anything, with my hands.
My main problem is tendonitis, which manifests as extreme aches and pains in the wrists and lower arms. You could wind up with permanent nerve damage that would prevent you from being able to type at all, or, worse, even dress and feed yourself. I use really light ones for my wrists, and work on heavier ones for everything else, and it keeps my wrists much happier. Now I switch mouse hand every 2-3 weeks and it really prevents my arms from becoming too irritated.

I would suggest you examine your entire day, looking for ways to remove strain from the arm in question.
I used to get them all the time; then they stopped about the time I took a break from computer work.

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