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Workout songs, shoulder bursitis causes - Within Minutes

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I always love Hanson on my workout playlist, but lately I’m obsessed with Hot Chelle Ray.
Some days the music does nothing for me, yet some days I know I would not make it through my workout without it!!! Our ultimate playlist of the top workout songs we love to sweat to includes a whopping 100 songs.
I like to play my music loud in my headphones and I will admit I have quite the eclectic assortment of workout songs ranging from Taylor Swift to Avicii. I’ve recently revamped my playlist and thought you all might want to see what songs power me through!

I am still listening to Raise Your Glass – Glee version too, for some reason I find it a great pump up song. There are some songs that I get sick of really fast… but Moves Like Jagger still gets me excited every time I turn on the radio.
Love that song actually have 2 versions on my ipod oh maybe youre too young to remember that song! Also I keep on meaning to add some Glee songs to my playlist – I don’t have any on there yet!
I love a little Black Eyed Peas as well, they usually help me to get pumped up through a workout!

With so many eclectic options in one place, you're sure to find some new songs to add to your shuffle.
After sifting through data across 8 million users, 360 million hours of streaming and more than 25,000 workout playlists, 8tracks put together a 6 hour and 36 minute playlist of the very best workout songs of 2014.

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